Are the NHLers Scabs?

Many of you have seen the recent article by former NHL goaltender Corey Hirsch. Hirsch, who earns a living playing hockey in Europe, has been displaced by an NHL goaltender who took an overseas job to stay in shape. Hirsch points out the NHLers are pushing out people who earn far less than them and are essentially destroying the careers of these hockey players.

“Some of these players should have a talk with my pregnant wife and kids who moved their lives to Europe, only to watch me sit in the stands game after game because I have been bumped by an NHL player,” Hirsch writes. “There’s a good chance I may not play a game this season.”

The NHLPA better soon realize that they have no friends in this battle and that they will only be collecting negative publicity throughout the lockout. I think that playing in Europe is a lousy thing to do but I realize they need to keep their skills at peak level in case the season actually does materialize (fat chance).

It’s tough not to be sympathetic to Hirsch’s position.