Art Ross Trophy Predictions

The Freakshow here, with my predictions on how I see the scoring title coming about this year.

With all the player movement and rule changes, it’s going to be an exciting year. Hopefully the officials hold up their end of the bargain and call the obstruction penalties like they’ve been promising for the past, what, 5 years? The “no red line” rule is going to be HUGE for scoring more goals (poor defensemen). AND, with the smaller goaltending equipment, I’m liking the Grant Fuhr/Marty Brodeur type of reaction goalie which there aren’t a lot of anymore compared to the plethora of butterfly, positional goalies out there.
Yep, I’m thinking of investing in red light bulbs this year.

Here goes:

Predicted top 2 scorers by team:


Anaheim- Fedorov, Sykora

Calgary- Iggy, Amonte/Langkow (not sure)

Chicago- Daze, Ruutuu??? (I honestly have no idea)

Colorado- Hejduk, Sakic/Tanguay (pick one)

Columbus- Nash, Zherdev? (is he gonna break out?)

Dallas- Modano, Guerin

Detroit- Datsyuk(RFA), Zetterberg(RFA)/Lang

Edmonton- Peca?/Smyth?/Dvorak?/Rocky Thompson? (Wow do the oilers ever look brutal this year… I’m thinking Pronger may lead this team in scoring)

LA- Demitra, Roenick/Frolov

Minnesota- Gaborik, Daigle (I know, laugh it up.. I think the way he played last year he’s gonna light it up this year)

Nashville- Kariya, Walker

Phoenix- Doan, Nedved/Comrie/Hull/Johnson (this team might surprise a lot of people.

San Jose- Marleau, Sturm/Dimitrakos

St. Louis- Tkachuk, Weight/Boguniecki

Vancouver- Naslund, Bertuzzi/Morrison (I’m really curious to see if Bertuzzi comes back as the banging & crashing SOB as he used to be or if he comes back as a ***** playmaker scared to hurt anyone again)


Atlanta- Kovulchuk(RFA), Heatley(RFA)

Boston- Thornton, Murray/Zhamnov??

Buffalo- Drury, Afinogenov?? (Buffalo’s team blows)

Carolina- Whitney, Brindamour/Brendl??

Florida- Stumpel, Huselius

Montreal- Kovalev, Koivu/Dagenais

New Jersey- Mogilny, Elias(RFA)/Gomez

NYI- Satan, Yashin/Kvasha

NYR- Jagr, Straka

Ottawa- Hossa(RFA), Alfredsson/Spezza

Philadelphia- Forsberg, Gagne

Pittsburgh- Palffy, Recchi/Koltsov (maybe Crosby?)

Tampa Bay- Lecavalier, St. Louis(RFA)

Toronto- Sundin, O-Neill, Nolan(HAHAHAHAHA)/Lindros(HAHAHAHAHA)/Allison(HAHAHAHAHA) …man does Toronto ever suck this year

Washinton- Ovechkin?/Zalesak? (Not a clue)

Unrestricted Free Agents

Lemieux (will obviously play for Pittsburgh, but hasn’t officially signed yet)



Okay, now I’m going to try and look at these players and seriously eliminate any players that I honestly feel won’t make it to the elite numbers this year….






























St. Louis







Top 8 from each Conference(no particular order):


















Lecavalier/St. Louis (can’t decide)



Now top 10 (not in order)









Lecavalier/St. Louis


Here’s how I rank these 10 players this year

1. Lemieux

2. Iginla

3. Naslund

4. Forsberg

5. Lecavalier/St. Louis

6. Hejduk

7. Kovalchuk

8. Datsyuk

9. Heatley

10. Nash

Heheheheh… can’t wait to hear your comments on this one!

Freak out.

84 Responses to Art Ross Trophy Predictions

  1. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Ok FYI Lindros Nolan Allison O’Neill and Sundin have put up (within the past 10 years) better numbers the Roberts, Nieuwendyk, and Mogilny (sometimes) and are by far better than Gagne, Forsberg, Knuble, Handzus, and Primeau

  2. AVSFAN4LIFE90 says:

    The convict and the flop aren’t going 1 and 2. That’ll never happen in todays league, especially if they play on the same line. Theres only 1 puck 2 go arund, and they should be more worried abot who’ll play D then who’ll score (Nux got no blueline)

  3. Marky2Fresh says:

    You said you would predict 2 players from each time, but on some you predicted up to 6 players, your bound to right if you do that.

  4. monley89 says:

    wow what a meaningless post on something so unpredictable, go write something about the leafs, waste of my time to read this garbage

  5. pens_fan says:

    and yet its not a waste or your time to post here??? interesting…

  6. pens_fan says:

    if you dont like the topic then stay the ***** out of it

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

    I am sorry but 95 points is not going to do it this year, I am thinking atleast 120-maybe 140 points will do it. On a side note wouldn’t it be nice to have Mario play 60 games and see if he can’t win the scoring title, I think he would. And Just to stir the pot I am going on record as saying if Mario was even close to healthy during his whole career he would have broke most (if not all) of Gretzky’s records, that’s right I think Mario is and was a much better player than Gretzky. Let the fight begin.

  8. zatornator11 says:


    Anaheim- Fedorov, Rucchin

    Calgary- Iginla, Amonte

    Chicago- Ruutu, Arnason

    Colorado- Sakic, Hejduk/Tanguay

    Columbus- Nash, Zherdev

    Dallas- Modano, Boucher

    Detroit- Lang, Zetterberg/Datsyuk

    Edmonton- Peca, Smyth

    LA- Demitra, Frolov/Roenick

    Minnesota- Gaborik, Rolston

    Nashville- Kariya, Sullivan

    Phoenix- Hull, Doan/Nedved

    San Jose- Marleau, Cheechoo

    St. Louis- Weight, Tkachuk

    Vancouver- Naslund, Bertuzzi/D Sedin


    Atlanta- Kovalchuk, Heatley

    Boston- Zhamnov, Thornton

    Buffalo- Briere, Dumont

    Carolina- Whitney, Stillman

    Florida- Jokinen, Roberts

    Montreal- Koivu, Kovalev

    New Jersey- Elias, Mogilny

    NYI- Satan, Parrish

    NYR- Jagr, Nylander

    Ottawa- Hossa, Spezza

    Philadelphia- Forsberg, Carter

    Pittsburgh- Lemieux, Crosby

    Tampa Bay- Lecavalier, Richards/St. Louis

    Toronto- Sundin, Allison/O’Neill

    Washinton- Ovechkin, Zubrus



    1. Naslund

    2. Bertuzzi

    3. Kovalchuk

    4. Nash

    5. Forsberg

    6. Heatley

    7. Lemieux

    8. Crosby

    9. Hejduk

    10. Iginla

  9. lukeleim says:

    this post was horrible. but here are my predictions anyway for fun

    1- Forsberg (if he stays healthy)

    2- Jagr

    3- Sundin (playing the best hockey he’s played in years)

    4- Richards

    5- Sakic

    6- Thornton

    7- Palffy

    8- Nash

    9- Hossa

    10- Naslund

    11- Kovalchuk

    12- Lecavalier

    13- Tanguay

    14- Hejduk

    15- Bertuzzi

  10. Flanker_Leader says:

    well, D doesn’t have much to do with this discussion! but the thing is that now that ‘every team is equal’, talent is going to be evenly distributed throughout the league instead of stacked in few teams, diluting all the teams. but as i mentioned, since the canucks have the benefit of experience playing with each other more than most teams they should be able to ‘clean up’ more often compared to previously, especially when comparing ‘Goals For’ over the last few years (canucks were always near tops). for example the canucks will be near the same team they were last year, while it would seem that the avs just got weaker losing forsberg and foote, and plus they have a new coach who has to impliment a new system so getting organized will likely take much of the season, and they have no veterin goalie (not that the cloots is much better, at least playoff-wise). in comparison the canucks can get down to business immediatly!

  11. lukeleim says:

    ps. with the new nhl format you never know! this year is going to be so different.

  12. lukeleim says:

    oh and another thing … their wont be as much scoring this year as some are led to believe. A 100 point season isn’t out of reach but it won’t increase dramatically.

  13. Beattie says:

    1. Joe Thornton – Boston Bruins.

    Best player since the lockout hands down. The B’s have a solid team that should compete and with these rule changes and Thornton’s playmaking ability – watch out!! I am curious to see who plays on his left side with the departure of Knuble. Samsonov would be great but Bruins should even out the lines and place him on the 2nd unit. Powerplay though!!??

    2. Mario Lemieux (If he plays 65+ games) – Pittsburgh Penquins

    This guy still has the best hands in the game. With the talent around him and the hockey vision he has oh its gonna be beautiful! Lets just hope he can stay healthy. With teams adjusting to the obstruction calls and if the refs actualy stick to it = more powerplays: Super Mario on the powerplay with ziggy, sid the kid, gonchar, maybe reechi on point – sub in leclair in front…

    3. Peter Forsberg – Philadelphia Flyers

    He doesn’t have the supporting cast that he had in previous seasons with Colorado but Forsberg will be a dominate player none the less. Another question is if he can stay healthy?

    4. Markus Naslund – Vancouver Canucks

    Consistant point producer over the past few seasons. I though there was a chance Naslund might move out of Van. but with him and Bertuzzi back with no suspension… The new rules compliment Vancouver’s game as well so that should work in Naslund’s favor.

    5. Jarome Iginla – Calgary Flames

    My favorite player in the West. Iginla may have a better shot at winning the Richard trophy but I have to put him in my top 5… The Flames also made some decent additions to surround him. With him locked up for a few years in Calgary and banking some serious dough he should be ready to play some hockey!!

    Also watch out for:

    Jaromir Jagr

    Joe Sakic

    Dany Heatley

    Ilya Kovalchuk

    Martin St. Louis

    Vincent Lecavlier

    Zigmund Palffy

    Rick Nash

    Mike Modano

    Robert Lang

    Pavel Datsyuk

    Alexei Yashin

    Marian Hossa

    Daniel Alfredsson

    Patrick Marleau

    Group of Dark Horses or guys to make big jumps:

    Daniel Briere

    Sergei Samsonov

    Nikolai Zherdev

    Martin Havlat

    Jason Spezza

    Tyler Arnason

    Sidney Crosby

    Alexander Ovechkin

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    I love how not a lot of people have mentioned Jaromir Jagr in all of this…

    I know I may be biased, but come on, he’s still one of the most dangerous players in the world from the Blueline in, and if you saw him on at the world championships on his line with his fellow future Ranger linemates, Martin Rucinsky and Martin Straka, you’d know that Jagr was the most dominant player in the tournament, leading the Czechs to the gold.

    Jagr is happy, and a happy Jagr means a motivated Jagr… and for all of those who watched him in Pittsburgh, even during the life after Lemieux… you know how dangerous JJ can be.

    Jagr’s my pick for top scorer. I know I’m biased, but with the rule changes and a more wide-open and offense oriented game, how could this guy NOT be in the top 5?

  15. Shevy says:

    Crosby wont have an easy time here in the nhl when teams can throw a bertuzzi, thornton, pronger, blake at you to shut you down and possibly take you out. Unless he adapts fast this could be an average rookie campaign for him especially since all teams have been given the heads up with all the hype. Im guessing 50-60pts this year…and then elite numbers his 2nd year when he puts on some muscle to adapt to this league.

  16. Shevy says:

    Mario Lemieuxs still UFA…wonder how much he’ll put himself down for…if he says he makes the veterans minimum…the pens could likely aquire another player..

  17. eric_empire says:

    Every time Jersy is mentiond I see the name Elias and Mogilny…But with Almo back I think thet the top Point scerer with the Devils might Just be Scotty Gomez…

    And have everybody forgot about a certain Zach Praise!?!

    By the way Elias will probably not play before X-mas.

  18. CaptainInsano says:

    I agree that when he’s on his game he’s easily one of the most dangerous players in the game … in the history of the game even … I just get the impression that he’s a moody prima donna sometimes.

    There’s a difference between playing for your country and playing for a team that is not in a playoff race.

    If the Rangers fall out of the playoff race, what incentive would he have to work his butt off? He’d still be the team’s #1 RW next year and still be the highest paid player in the league whether he scored 60 goals down the stretch or 6, so why would he push himself and risk pulling his “precious” hamstring or groin just so the Rangers can finish 12th instead of 13th?

    Having his Czech mates around might lift his spirts for awhile, but if the Rangers start to falter, I don’t see him being much of a force. Other guys might be playing for a job next year or for bigger contracts, I don’t see what he’d be playing for. You don’t need to play for pride when you can sleep on piles of money at night. He’ll still score because he has so much raw talent, I just can’t see him as a top 5 scorer.

    So for the sake of Ranger fans and the game of hockey, here’s hoping that the Rangers at least stay competitive because:

    a) Jagr is one of the most exciting players when he wants to be.

    b) New York is a darn big market and this game needs all the exposure it can get after the lockout.

    And the scary thing is that if they do pull off a miracle and are contending for a playoff spot, they actually have cap room …

  19. Deke says:

    That was one of the most PAINFUL articles EVER posted on this site ! Period.

  20. NemiNA says:

    I’m going to hold you to that at the end of the year.

  21. NemiNA says:

    yeah thats what I’m sayin!

  22. NemiNA says:

    HAHAHA! Little scared of the Flyers are you? HA! Don’t worry, you’ll be eating your words come march!

  23. NemiNA says:

    If Gomez playes on a line with a scorer. He had 70 points in 04, mostly assists. No one knows what Parise will be capable of.

  24. NemiNA says:

    If a Leaf leads the league in scoring, then I will give all of you 1 dollar each.

  25. NemiNA says:

    HAHA! I love how you put Freak Out. People complain about how this article was a waste of their time, but THEY READ IT! HAH! If you don’t like the article, then click the “BACK” button. Then click “Submit News” on the top of the page. Then type about an issue that strikes you. Then we will all read it and say how much of a waste of time it was.

    When I joined this site 4 years ago there was not nearly this much complaining. We all need to just CHILL!

  26. eric_empire says:

    No one knows what Parise will be capable of.

    Thats what I mean…

  27. TheCoach says:

    You forgot Havlat.

    I think with top line minutes this year, he’ll be among the top scorers.

  28. Tops04 says:

    Is that Scott Thornton?

    Joe thornton has never shut anyone down

  29. Aetherial says:

    The admins make stupid-ass decisions on posting stuff with any sort of bashing in it.

    I pointed this out already… I have not had an article posted since. Oh well, no biggie. I stand by my words that some choices have been simply stupid.

  30. 93213 says:

    You’re totally jaded….

    It’s between Iggy, Naslund and St.Louis.

    With Iggy having Amonte on his line his numbers can only grow from where they were with Conroy.

    Naslund depends on how well Bert does, but these guys rack up number like most people breath.

    St. Lous is a bit of a long shot but between him and Vinny I’d pick him.

    Kovalchuk and Heatley will be somewhere in the top 15 but I doubt both of them will be up inthe top 10 there just aren’t enough points in a year.

    It’s interesting that you didn’t include any Sens in your top ten. They have so many regular season snipers one of them will be there.

    What about the Maurice Richard trophy?

    To me this is where Nash’s name belongs, let’s face it he isn’t going to be assisting on tons of points.

    It should be an intersesting year for goalie’s pride….

  31. 93213 says:

    As much as I hate to agree with this statement, it has merit.

    If these two go back to playing the way they have, and if scoring is up it isn’t hard to imagine them both being up in the top five if not top ten easy.

    Just imagine if Sakic was between them…

  32. Shevy says:

    he was the take you out…im sure he’d make a dirty hit on crobsy

  33. allthewaysanjose says:

    Talking about the sharks here, why in the world would you have any reason to believe the Niko Dimidrakos will out score Jonathan Cheechoo. No Way. Never.

  34. Damian78 says:

    Elias will have another good year, the question though is when will he be back again. Hep A is going to cut short the number of games he plays. 38 Goals last year just 3 shy of the 3 who shared the Richard Rocket Trophy: (Iginla, Nash, Kovalchuk) I hope he at least puts up 25 goals and a comparabel number of assists.

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