Atlanta to host 2005 All-Star Game, maybe

According to a few sources, the Thrashers will be awarded the 2005 All-Star game. The NHL plans to announce this after the sale of the team is finalized, which should happen sometime in the next few weeks. The relatively new venue, Philips Arena, is likely one of the bigger reasons for this. Of course, with a possible lockout upcoming, this All-Star weekend could be pushed back or even cancelled.
Since many labor disputes (in any industry) don’t really see much progress until a deadline is upon them, it is much too early to say what the outcome of this one will be. All we are seeing now is the posturing phase, trying to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the other side. Despite all the nasty talk, that’s all this has been so far. No more, no less. So jumping to any conclusion is very premature at this point.

But the possibility does exist that at least part of next season won’t happen. If that is indeed the case, the game may be cancelled. And due to the rotation the NHL has, it would be at least a few years before Atlanta is considered again. Actually, not really sure how that works so I could be wrong. Anyone who knows, please feel free to correct my gaff.

I know the game itself is considered to be a side-show by many, and not worth it. But I’m looking forward to the entire weekend and the festivities that it has to offer, if I get the chance to be there. As if I wasn’t hoping enough for this labor BS to be resolved, now I have another big reason. Time for the those who make six or seven digits a year to realize what they already have and what they could possibly lose, and get this thing done.

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  1. TRaPT1307 says:

    I’m still dying to have a game in Detroit. I’d definitely be there…

  2. Primis says:

    Yeah it’s been since the late 70’s (I think) since Detroit hosted one. All of the rest of the Original Six have hosted since then, and new teams and cities keep coming in and crying for one, so they end up getting them as well.

    Ah well. I’d settle for Columbus getting one, at least that’s kinda’ close to Detroit.

    — Primis.

  3. SwiftLEAF says:

    I’m really tired of always seeing the all star game going to cities that have a weak hockey fan base. Other cities deserve it more.

  4. TC_4 says:

    You can see the league’s point on that though. There may be no better way to promote the league then to have it’s biggest event played in a struggling city.

  5. TC_4 says:

    Atlanta is a good place for it. Columbus, Anaheim, Phoenix(probably after Atlanta), Dallas, Carolina, Nashville. All these teams are going to get it in the next little while because A)they’re still new to the league(as new as 10 years ago). B)they’re all have new buildings(yes the Pond is still new). Is anyone else other then me and Thrashers fans pulling for them to win that divison??? I want to see that first line of Heatley – Savard – Kovalchuk in the playoffs. It would be great for hockey in Atlanta! They’re also an offensive minded team which is ALWAYS good for the game.

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