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And so it begins…..the free agency period in Philly

It’s almost July 1st, and that means its free agency time in the NHL. So far, it has been a reasonably quiet period leading up to this point, with very little significant re-signing of impact players, and virtually no trades that anyone would consider important. However, the Flyers are close to making some important decisions towards the upcoming free agency period….and some of them are making me a little nervous

CBA rant: Screw the top 10%

Come January, when we’ve gone 8 months without hockey, here’s what you do: Go up to your bedroom closet, pull out the jersey that hangs so proudly to you left. You know the one. We all have at least one. The one we wear to all the home games, the one that cost over a hundred dollars with the name and the number printed in large white letters. I want you to take that one out of the closet, set it on the floor and urinate on it.

Who's going where New York Rangers Edition

I am having fun with these and I think you guys are too. Without further adieau ….

Team Canada's Depth – East, West and Ontario

As the World Cup continues to approach and rosters are being unveiled, much controversy has been made of the Team Canada roster. Now we all know that Team Canada is in fact very deep and could effectively put forward two or three world-class teams that could win on any given night. But do we really understand or exactly know how deep Canadian Hockey is.

USA on ice

Well theres been a Slovakia post, a Swedish post and two Canadian posts but nothing reguarding the US team that will be announced this weekend. In keeping with the spirit of the “who wants Gretzkys job” post I’ve come up with the south of the border equivalent.