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Push for the Playoffs or Begin the Re-Building Mode?

I`m sure everybody saw the firing of, head coach, Steve Stirling coming and many even predicted it would happen sometimes this week…

More Montreal trade talk

La Presse is reporting in an article today that Bob Gainey is very close to a trade. Unlike other rumours, however, the Montreal newspaper believes that the Canadiens are in talks with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Phoenix Coyotes Mid Season Report

Phoenix Coyotes


12th Place in Western Confrence

5th in Pacific Division

Stirling Fired as Isles Coach

According to several sources, NYIslanders’ coach Steve Stirling has just been fired.

Within the next hours…

According to Montreal’s sports channel RDS, a trade could be done within the next few hours between Montreal and Colorado. Usually, they don’t report rumors on their site but this time they put it and took it off right away… However no names were mentionned.