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Theo Fleury wants Back

Theo Fleury is over in Ireland and as Sportsnet is reporting doing rather well. He’s cleaned up and has said he wouldnt mind finishing off a carrer in the NHL. Could he make it back?

How to Fix TV

Let me start by saying this: We all know the benefits of broadcasting NHL in HD. Every sport benefits from that because the picture is much better.

My opinion on Luongo

I have watched many of the Florida Panthers games this season and being a big fan of this site i have come to the conclusion that people do not realize just how good Roberto Luongo is.

Gretzky quit Phoenix for family reason

During the game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Minessota Wild, RDS announced that Wayne Gretzky quit his fonction as a coach with the Phoenix Coyotes because of the sickness of his mother. They said that Gretzky leave the Arizona to go in Ontario to live the last moment of his mother…

Devils Making Moves

The New Jersey Devils are preparing for the return of Patrik Elias. He will not be immediately joining the team in games, but as of next week, he should be practicing.

Martin Biron rips off 12th win in last 12 starts

No, it’s not 12 straight wins outright, the 5-0 loss to the Sharks where Noronen started and Biron finished is sandwiched inbetween. But it’s tough to say any goalie in the NHL is playing better than Marty Biron right now, and if there is a goalie playing better his team isn’t bailing him out on an off night and winning games like the Sabres are right now.





Fantasy 2006 All Star Game

As we all know, due to implications in the new CBA the players asked that there not be an All Star Game in years that the NHL participates in the Olympics.

Bertuzzi Stays, Jovanovski Goes

The Vancouver Canucks will not be parting ways with Todd Bertuzzi any time soon.

The NHL Owners Meet To Discuss

The new NHL is posting attendance and revenues higher than expected in most cities.

When the NHL owners meet Wednesday they will have many things to talk about, both negative and positive.