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Experts Look: What You Want/Think Your Team Will Do In The Offseason?..

Heres your chance to let everyone know what YOU think your team will do this offseason and what would you do if you could call the shots for team….

Final St. Patrick's Day Parade?

As the rumors swirl, and the tension (at least here in Colorado), mounts, let’s examine both sides of the Patrick Roy retirement issue.

Before Entropy Sets In, What will the Eventual NHL work stopage do to HTR?

As the season winds down (much too quickly for some of us – thanks, Minnesota), I’m curious about some things, such as what happens on this site in the “off-season”. I also have some genral questions about people’s attitudes regarding some of the stuff that occurs here on a fairly regular basis.

Top Regular Season Moments

Just want to take a break from this playoff posturing and try something different. My idea: the top regular season moments for your team. May not be the world’s most exciting venture, but it should be good to see everyone’s take on it.

Robinson New Rangers Candidate? Devils Accuse Cheap Slap Shot, Refs Ruining Hock

Devils accuse a cheap slap shot? Was it!?

Devils point finger at ref, refs ruining the game?

….auvoir Patrick Roy? Should he go, yes…no? If so who will be the replacement?

Rangers quiet in coach hunt.

Rumors and a Bit of Gossip!

Hurricane Sergei coming?

Will it be Wesleaf or Wesleygone?

A broken Wing leaving this summer.

Hamrlik a goner?

And…..Martin Brodeur IS the devil himself!

How did you find

How did everyone find this great site?

Latest Trade Rumors, Journalists Have No Logic

Jagr going to the desert?

Felix the Cat leaves Monarchy?

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal gets goofy!

YEA…I'm BACK!!!…So The Buds Lost,, But They'll Be Back For Next Year!

So The Leafs lost….But us fans and the Leafs will have to suck it up, see ya’s next year with our next run at ending 1967…..

What Will the Losers Do? Round Two Discussions

How could the losers of round one react after Round One elimination?

Round Two Discussions….but no predictions from me.


The Philadelphia Flyers have defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in seven games in the opening round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs!!

Series run down.

Well, my I was cautiously optomistic because I thought this might happen. Once again, the Stars defeat the Edmonton Oilers. I told most of you it would go 6 or 7, and the Oilers gave them EVERYTHING they could handle, and most of you would agree, they were a bounce or two away from knocking off Dallas, or at least taking them 7.

Lou Lamoriello to run Bruins???

According to Larry Brooks, Lou Lamoriello is not happy with the current ownership structure in NJ and will take over the entire operation of the Boston Bruins in the off-season. Brooks feels Lamoriello’s ties to the New England area (Lamoriello had a 28-year association with Providence College as an undergraduate, varsity hockey coach and athletic director) and the chance to turn around a franchise looks very attractive.