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Nolan rumors flying

Two local papers floated Owen Nolan rumors trade rumors today. Ross McKeon of the Chronic reported that Nolan’s no-trade clause only takes effect if the Sharks reach the later rounds of the playoffs.

Victor Chi of the SJ Mercury reports 2 reputable Canadian sources as saying the Sharks shopped the right winger to 3 different teams.

Nolan is on a 4 game goal scoring streak, but has been hampered this year with back and groin injuries.

Where will Kovalev go? Palffy on the move? Which GM will fish Nolan out of the t

This Kovalev story is becoming an unsolved mystery. Who will be the one in guilt to steal Kovalev?

Where will Palffy Zig-Zag?

Where will the Great White Shark go?

Rumors from the Rangers is that they might clear up their roster if they fail to make the playoffs. My take on that.

Gambler's Table *UPDATE-MAKE BETS*

Ok, I don’t know if i am the only one, but I could not get on the site to check out who placed the bets and so on.

So, let’s forget about the first game and continue with the next game of the week. Everyone still has the 25 points.

I kept the original copy of the Match ups and scheduled games.

Make sure you re-read it.

Also, this post could be updated with changes. If you see: ***UPDATED*** on the title of the post, check it out.

MantaRay report for 1/26/03

On this glorious American holiday known as SuperBowl Sunday, I present: the MantaRay Power-rankings for games ending 1/25/03.


Top Ten:

-Stars, Flyers continue hot January.

-Red Wings stumble

-The B’s are back in town again.

Middle of the Pack:

-Roy lifts AV’s

-Ranger$ in move out of bottom dweller status?

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Watch out for the Yotes

-Pred’s alternate with Sabres….again.

-Could be the last time the Thrashers are #30.


Obstruction, Officiaiting and a Bertuzzi Rant…..

There are three things that stir much discussion amongst the men in my family.

1) Why did they cancel Baywatch? (Briefly, the synopsis of every show: “Quick, we’ve got to disarm the bomb and make it back in time for the big bikini contest.”)

2) My Aunt Effie’s Jellied Carrot and Raisin Salad. (Is it dessert or a side dish)

3) The officiating in the NHL sucks.

Strachan on Hockey Column


Top Stories in the NHL today include rumors on Kovalev to Leafs, that their fans are taking the Kovie situation too far, and the Pens need immediate help, players that can easily fit in with the Pens. Also, Don Cherry said it all last week as he was a solid boost to putting the STOP sticker on the their helmet that may prevent young hockey players from getting crippled. Bob Boughner from the Flames also had some words for Bryden. Sabres to cough up some cash and other rumors surrounding the NHL lately.


Ok, as most of you know, I posted about the Fantasy Gambling Game on HTR a few days ago.

Before I start the game, and then have a zillion questions and confusions by members, I want to do a Demo Week of the game with a bunch of members. Reason is, so everyone will understand it and follow the right procedures.

So, I will have two Divisions, and I need 12 members to participate.


Savard Knew That Hackett Was Going To Boston!


AndrĂ© Savard knew that Jeff Hackett would be going to Boston when he did the trade with the Sharks…

Are the Kings even thinking about trading their leading scorer?

MapleLeafs:The Fourth Period has reported that the Los Angeles Kings are exploring the possibility of trading leading scorer Ziggy Palffy before the deadline, according to Matt McHale of the Los Angeles Daily News. As previously reported by TFP, the Kings owners are not happy with the amount of money the team is losing. Despite satisfactory play, Palffy will earn $7.25 million this year, and has a team option for next year at $7.5 million. He would seem to be the first place to look if ownership wanted to cut costs. The option year of the contract places management in an interesting predicament. If Palffy is not traded before the deadline the team would be faced with either picking up the option after the season, or not exercising the option and let him become a free agent without compensation. Clearly if the Kings have decided that they arent willing to pay $7.5 million for Palffy’s services next year, it would make much more sense to trade him now and get something in return, than to let him walk after the season and receive nothing.

Drury headed back to the strugling Avs

Could Chris Drury be heading back to the avs? Well according to the TFP and CBC Colorado is looking to re-acquire the struggling forward. This means that the avs are admitting that they made a mistake when they traded him. But what do the avs have to send the other way? any ideas? If this went down look for the avs to make a run at the division and make it eight strait.

Bermanisms….NHL Nicknames

OK I have heard enough about McLaren, Kovalev and all the other rumors for now. Let’s have a little fun and see who can come up with the best HOCKEY Berman-inspired nicknames.

Rangers send Islanders to defeat and IR

(Jan. 22) As the Islanders embark on a two-game road trip starting Friday night in Philadelphia, the news of a pair of key injuries came down on Wednesday. Defenseman Eric Cairns will be out up to six weeks with a dislocated shoulder. Chris Osgood is out 3-4 weeks with a sprained ankle.

Rick DiPietro and Ray Schultz have been recalled from AHL Bridgeport.

This is in addition to having top 2 defenseman Adrian Aucoin on IR as well.

It will be interesting to see what Milbury does now. Obviously holding onto DiPietro looks good now, but with 2 of the top 6 defensemen on the shelf for extended periods of time, I wonder if Milbury will look again at the McLaren move now that Isbister is back in the lineup.

New HTR Game

Ok, I was talking to Trademan last night, and we were talking about the site’s progress (now reached another milestone 4500 members). I mentioned, “it has been a while since I have not come up with an idea.” And he replied “oh….yes…..yes it has.” Kind of like a Brittish movie. “Oh…hello…I was just visiting…”. “Oh…ok..I was just…setting up these matches.” “Oh…well….I think I am going to leave now….” “…Yes…I think you better have.”

Then the….