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Tavares Era Begins

The New York Islanders have not won a playoff series in 16 years and have been a rather futile franchise with mismanagement, constant coaching changes and ownership issues.

But all that seems to be forgotten with the addition of 1st overall pick John Tavares. It is now his time, his team and his era and the Islanders are hoping that brings some renewed promise and hope to a team that has struggled for almost 2 decades.

Cap Strapped Stars Should Still Hang Tough

After a while of free spending, the now suddenly frugal Dallas Stars have a strict budget to work with thanks to the issues owner Tom Hicks is dealing with.

But yet this should not stop them from being a fairly dangerous squad this coming year as they’ve built up a good core of young players where some have already shown excellent promise.

The missed playoffs led to a major shakeup off the ice and it is now up to a couple of former Stanley Cup winners to bring Dallas back to the second season.

NHL Trade Rumors – September 11, 2009


2. Kings: We aren’t part of a Heatley trade

3. Will Leafs cough up to get Kessel?

4. Canucks hoping Sundin will return

5. Sources: Kessel doesn’t plan to negotiate with Bruins

Things Wildly Different In Minnesota

After 8 years of doing things one way, the Minnesota Wild decided change was needed. Gone is Doug Riseborough, the man who built the Wild from the ground up. Gone is Jacques Lemaire, the man who brought some success with his defensive first approach, but a style of hockey branded as boring. And gone is the only player they’ve had who cannot be considered boring: Marian Gaborik.

With all this sweeping change, there is hope that with a fresh mind and new approach, this team can take things to the next level.

Ovechkin and the Russian Olympics

BIG time issue for the NHL considering they might drop out of Olympic participation by the time the Olympics are held on Sochie, Russia.

Ovechkin Quote: “I don’t care… I’ll go play in the Olympic Games for my country. If somebody says to me, ‘You can’t play,’ see ya.”

Apparently Kovalchuk, Malkin and others would fallow him to Sochie, Russia.

NHL News and Rumors – September 10, 09

Sides still fighting with Coyotes auction looming

Landing Kessel won’t be easy

Heatley interests Sharks

Jackets Full Of Promise

The Columbus Blue Jackets finally broke the threshold that was a playoff berth and finally had a taste of the 2nd season. It was a long time coming for the Jackets, the last of the latest expansion teams to make it.

Now, they are looking to build on that success and there is a real positive feeling this team will be a force to be reckoned with for years. They have become a relatively stable franchise and by re-signing star Rick Nash to a long term deal, the proof is there that the Jackets have finally arrived.

NHL News and Rumors – September 9, 2009

Devils may try Elias at center

Kessel pursuit resumes

It’s down to two: Jim Balsillie vs. NHL

Panthers Stuck In Neutral

The Florida Panthers have seemingly been stuck in a rut the last 8 years. The team has missed the playoffs in each of those years and may be poised to do that again this season.

While they did finished tied for the 8th spot, losing out in a tiebreaker, they may be hard pressed to build on the solid year without their top player who left as a free agent, and once again more uncertainty off the ice. They are still awaiting to hire a permanent GM, but cannot until they resolve the ownership issues.

Bruins and Kessel still at impasse

Kevin Paul Dupont

Opening Night now slightly more than three weeks away, speedy Bruins winger Phil Kessel remains without a contract, putting into doubt his statement last month that he would have a new deal in place by the start of the 2009-10 season.