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Leafs to make McCabe Last offer.

The Leafs will make one last offer to Brian McCabe worth 5.5 million per season (4 years)

If McCabe does reject this offer, I am told he will be traded by the deadline.

What JFJ should do!

First of all, dont count the Leafs out of the playoffs yet. They need to trim the fat. Ship players to playoff bound teams looking for depth. Move Allison, Berg, Belak, Khavanov, Klee, Czerkawski, all for draft picks before they go as free agents next season. Trade Antropov and Stajan to Chicago for Arnason and Bell. Bring up the youngsters on defence (they cant do any worse than the veterans). Sink or swim with this team until next season.

Possibility of making the playoffs…

The canucks playoff hopes may have just been crushed today. Making a bad day worse, on the day Canada was eliminated, Ohlund got driven into the boards against the Swiss and may have broken ribs or maybe a shoulder too. Salo was also injured today, with what is suspected to be a “severly dislocated shoulder.”

What The Leafs Should Do Wheather JFJ Likes It Or Not?

Let’s be realistic the leafs are not going to win the cup, so why should they give up so much future for a player that will only get them into game 7 or round 1? Oneill, Lindros, Czerkawski are the only players on this team that if they are not playing with sundin do not fit anywhere else. Of all 3 czerkawski is the fastest, probably the only one with speed, he has the fastest slapshot of all 3 and more accurate. Lindros is the biggest and can through some pretty big hits that can change the momentum of a game. Oneill, no speed, no hard hits, and not that good along the boards, the only reason he has 15 goals is because he is playing with sundin, which is why sundin needs someone better.

Who Will Go Where:Part 2?

There are still many players availible which I haven’t listed in my previous article. Well here they

maple leaf survey

Who Will Go Where?

The March 9th trade deadline is on the horizon and

who will be availible by that date? I have compiled a

list on who is availible:

No More World Cup Of Hockey?

The world’s best hockey players may not compete again until 2010 in Vancouver since there are no plans to hold a World Cup Of Hockey in 2008.

Leafs Deadline Shopping List

The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently seeded in

ninth place in the Eastern Conference. They are only one point behind the Montreal Canadians for the eight and final Eastern Conference playoff spot.

I have compiled a list of the Leafs’ meeds and will say who is availible.

Western Conference Playoffs

With many of us missing Nhl hockey and want the olympics to be over, heres a little something to think on. I already hit the Eastern Conference playoff teams, now its time for me to be fair and take up the west side.

Who is going make the playoffs?

Well with all the deals that are going to happen after the deadline, we have to wonder, who is going to be in the playoffs come April.

Leafs to pick first overall?

A rumor circulating according to, and, is saying that Chicago is offering up Tuumu Ruutu and there first round pick.

In Defence of Bryan McCabe

The crticisms of defencemen Bryan McCabe seem to be a bit excessive and at times unwarranted.

I am not sure if it has to do with the sweater he wears or what but there are alot of things that people do not like about McCabe.

Hasek & Elias Done At the Olympics

Czech Republic star goalie Dominik Hasek is out of the Olympics with an injury that occurred minutes into his first game in Torino. Hasek originally said it was a hamstring injury. But Czech backup goalie Tomas Vokoun later said Hasek told him it was a groin injury.


Russia heads to Turin hoping to build off of their Bronze medal performance in Salt Lake City in 2002. The Russians have a fair bit of experience coming into this tournament, including eleven returning players from their Bronze medal squad. That being said there are some questions heading into this tournament. Many of them centre around whether or not the more experience Russian players will be apt to the challenges of the larger ice surface.


Veteran Swedish players are returning to this tournament on a mission. The image of Tommy Salo taking a Belarus shot off the head and bouncing in is still fresh in the minds of many Swedes. And this time around the questions are still much the same; will the goaltending be able to hold in Turin?

How far is too far?

Each and everyone of us whether it was on a wood floor, a sheet of ice, a grass field, or a slab of concrete still has a love for whichever sport we grew up playing. Over the past two months, something interesting has caught my eye on the athletic playing field. A professional basketball player drops 81 points, a women’s hockey team scores 16 goals in a shutout, and a high school athlete scores a record breaking 113 points. I will also show my own personal experiences playing high school hockey in New Jersey. One highly debatable question remains: How much scoring do we allow before a coach/team/player should be held accountable for it?

What Toronto should do…

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to nordiques100 for a very well written article on the state of the Maple Leafs and the MLSE. As passionate Leaf fans, we hold them in the highest desideratum, and sometimes it peaks our interest to fantasize about players coming to our team to bring the one thing that has been missing for the last 39 years….the Stanley Cup. They are going through what is commonly referred to as a slump, but that is no reason to excoriate them, this happens with all teams, at some point, around the league. It has been close to a decade since Toronto has failed to make the playoffs but I think it may be time to be capricious, to change our game plan so to speak.

Forsberg To Skate Friday

TURIN, Italy (AP) – Sweden star Peter Forsberg will test his strained left groin in practice Friday and expects to learn if he can play in the Olympics.

I turn in my Leaf fan club badge!

The Maple Leafs are done, and someone needs to fire JFJ and Pat Quinn, don’t change many of the players, but management needs to clean house.