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Leafs In Desperate Need Of A Trade?

This can only be good news for us leaf fans who want to rebuild. After last nights game in Washington the leafs have lost their third veteran defencmen to an injury. After trying to skate backwards in the 1st period on the pathetic Washington ice, defencemen Ken Klee twisted his ankle.

A ''Quinn''essential Mistake

The biggest problem in Leaf land is not an lack of talent (it is argueable that the Leafs have as many prospects in their system as any other team), it is Quinn’s “loyalty to a fault” to certain players on the Leaf roster, and his refusal to make the tough decisions on behalf of the players.

Devils To Retire Legendary Scott Stevens #4 Tonight

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) – Through 22 seasons and more than 1,800 NHL games, Scott Stevens stuck to the same simple recipe for success.

Olympics Vs NHL

Who do players owe it to? Should they be forced into representing their country at the upcoming Olympics? Or should they have the choice of declining on playing at the Olympics.

Why are NHL Players in the Olympics??

I know it’s been a topic before but, I’m sorry I have to bring it up again. Some people don’t even think about this as even being a subject but, we need to discuss it.

I want to know what the NHL fans think.

Should players be allowed or should they NOT be allowed to play for the Olympics?

My take on it… NHL players should not be in the Olympics at all… here’s my reasoning.

What the leafs gonna do in the summer?

The leafs havent 1 atleast 1 cup in 30 years how horrible is that well during the offseason they better be working. The leafs have much problems like maybe goaltending and even defence. In the future we will have excellent goaltending becuase were gonna have Pogge, Rask, and Racine in our hands. The leafs should do better.

Eastern Conference more mud than studs

Looking at the Eastern Conference teams is a gaze down a muddy and dark road. It is difficult to sort out the good from the bad and I have a feeling divisional play will determine the winners and losers. So many teams in the East are involved in trade rumors that it should be mentioned, a big trade could change everything.

Best and Worst NHL Team at the draft!

Which Team has the best scouting staff.

The criteria, the most active players in the NHL drafted by a specific team. Regardless of where they play now.

Nolan Sweepstakes?

Who is going to be intreasted in Nolan? His agent claims he is going to be ready to make a comback soon.

Decision Time for Niedermayer

Anaheim Ducks defenceman Scott Niedermayer has a major decision over the next week to make. Niedermayer has been dealing with a minor knee injury that minor surgery and a couple of weeks rest will take care of. The injury does need to be addressed, the problem is when should he address it?

Olli offered a deal

according to…

A source close to the Florida Panthers front office told the Palm Beach Post that the team has made captain Olli Jokinen a four-year, $16 million offer and are waiting for a response.

What Do The Leafs Do?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a cup in 30

years, and at this rate it could be another 30 before it happens again! The Leafs have a number

of problems they need to address in order to fix this
team for the long term, the Leafs could go for a cup
in 2-3 years if they do all of these things:

Olympic Predictions!

Turin is only a couple weeks away, and I’ve got some predictions that many of you will believe is crazy, so I figure, I’ll do what I did in the playoffs and make my predictions, and prove you all wrong, while I didn’t play the HTR playoff game thing, if I remember correctly the only series I called wrong was Philly-Tampa, and I believed Philly would beat Tampa and win the cup. One series off, eh not bad…

GM MacLean Signed long-term deal by Columbus

So much for the rumoured demise of president-general manager Doug MacLean in Columbus.

The Praba Insider- Jackman wants out?

Penguins defenseman Ric Jackman has been a healthy scratch for 12 of the team’s first 52 games, and if the trend continues, he wants out, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Jackman, whom the Maple Leafs traded to the Pens on Feb. 11, 2004, has registered five goals and 19 assists in 40 games.

What we need to win the cup!

For the past 6 years we’ve bought our teams, where are we now. If we want a cup we’ve got to build our team.

Richards On His Way Out?

according to Tampa Bay’s Brad Richards is getting a lot of attention.

S.O.S. Leafs Need Defensive Help NOW!

The last 10 games for the Leafs have been somewhat of a joke, and an embarrasment. Even though, they beat Florida, thats not anything to boast about.

Lets examine there problems, and what needs to be addressed.

Aucoin out 4-6 weeks with dislocated shoulder

Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Adrian Aucoin has a dislocated right shoulder and will be out of the lineup for four to six weeks, the team announced Tuesday.

Aucoin suffered the injury during Sunday’s game against Calgary when he fell with his right arm extended as he hit the ice. (according to

MCcabe is back to the game!

Brian MCcabe is now back from a groin injury, he will be playing tonight against the Lightning maybe the Leafs can win a second.