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Tampa Bay Trying to sign Boyle

Tampa is speculating that the Lightning may be working on a new contract for Dan Boyle.

Devils looking to make some trades

The New York Post is reporting that the clock is ticking on devs deal

Thrahsers Shopping Hossa but his price is too high

According to Pat Hickey of The Gazette, the Atlanta thrashers may be having a difficult time trying to find a trade partner in order to deal Marian Hossa.

N. American or European?

Yesterday, Ovechkin, Malkin, and Alfredsson were 1, 2, 3 in NHL scoring. The first time in recent memory where three Europeans (including Russia here) have held the top three spots. If we were to make a team of the top 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies of each, which do you think would be better? If you were rooting for a N. America vs Europe (including Russia) team, which would you choose? Which would prevail?

The rosters are found below.

Change the way playoff teams are seeded, please!!!

Okay, I started writing a comment on one of the trade deadline threads and I think it should be a discussion unto itself. Picture this, let’s say you’re a Rangers fan, you finish with the 8th most points in the East this year, let’s say 6 points more then any team in the South East division, and you don’t get to make the playoffs because the division leader from the Southeast gets bumped up to 3rd place.

Why Brisebois?

I’m going to write this story in the past tense because most of you will read it after the Tampa Bay Game. This is not a bashing of Patrice Brisebois, god knows he gets enough. Its merely an observation and some FACTS!

Deadline Sellers

Its roughly 2 weeks away from the trade deadline and it is time to start weeding out the buyers from the sellers. In the West the playoff race isnt as tight as the East. St.Louis is 8 points out of 8th place which is very tough to come back from in 2 weeks which in my resoning makes them sellers.

So here is a list of those 4 teams UFAs that have trade value

Montreal need two make 2 moves… Zus Prospal

After Saturday’s game in ottawa, it’s clear that we don’t have a shut down line, and secondary scoring.

Montreal needs to make a couple of deals that won’t hurt there current roster and there future.

If I were Gainey I’d look at aquiring 6’5” Michal Handzus from L.A. Handzus has a 3 years “12 millions” remaining on his contrat, however he is a great 2 way centerman. I remember his ”Zussss” days as a Flyer.

Mike Comrie on the trade block?

The New York Post is speculating that the often moved Mike Comrie may be on the go again before the trade deadline.

Anaheim Ducks – Forsberg and Blake News

The LA Times and Brian Burke are quashing speculation that Peter Forsberg has any intentions to go the Ducks.

Born to be Wild

We’re coming close to the trade deadline. In a few weaks, NHL teams will not be able to make trades anymore. So now’s the time for many teams to choose. Buyers of sellers? The Minnesota Wild must ask themselves this question. The answer may be easy for many. They’re 1rst in their division and 3rd in the western conference. BUYERS!…..but let’s be honest. Even if they rent a few players, they don’t really have a great chance at the cup.

Sens and 'Canes: 4-Player Deal

TSN is reporting that the Ottawa Senators have completed a 4-player deal sending Joe Corvo and Patrick Eaves to the Hurricanes for Mike Commodore and Cory Stillman.

Stamkos Hopes To Become A Maple Leaf!


Yep, you guessed it. The projected top and best prospect for the 2008 Draft has now officially made it known he wants to become a Toronto Maple Leaf….