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Chara Gets a New Deal is reporting that the Ottawa Senators have re-signed their star defenseman Zdeno Chara to a 2 year 9.5 million dollar deal, thus avoiding arbitration.

What Would You Do?

This is a hypothetical exercise that is being concieved based purely upon my lack of anything to do at work(because I am so good at what I do that I did it all already… I swear). That and the fact that I think it could be pretty funny. What else do we really got to do, these UFA’s don’t seem to want to create much news. It relies on a simple premise given a set of extreme cir*****stances.

What would you do if your team won the cup in 2005 and…

What to look for- Bruins Edition

The Boston Bruins is a team that has relied on drafting and smart trades. With a potential cap, the Bruins can once again perhaps see a Golden Age.

McCabe re-signs with Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed their go-to defenseman on Thursday. Bryan McCabe signed a multi-year contract before his arbitration hearing on Saturday….

Isles on a signing spree

Over the past week the Islanders have re-signed five of their key players

Fans Side with NHL regarding CBA

According to TSN, of the 928 Canadian hockey fans surveyed, 83% said they would stand by the NHL even if a lockout wiped out more than half a season as long as it results in a reduction of player salaries and a better deal for smaller clubs.

56% of those think that the NHLPA are the ones that need to compromise.

Doormats No Longer!!!!

I would just like to comment on the up and comers of the NHL.

Once upon a time you could count Atlanta, Tampa, Florida, Calgary, and to a lesser extent the San Jose Sharks as two free points on the calender. Well fellas it’s safe to say you can’t count on those guaranteed points anymore.

What The Future Holds

“The New York Rangers have not made the playoffs in the last 7 years, and throughout these 7 years the Rangers were acquiring veterans that were past there prime, players like Lindros, Bure, Messier. And finally the Rangers have a new approach.

Carolina Very Interested in Allison

Carolina have today further demonstrated their interest in injured superstar center Jason Allison, requesting him in Raleigh to undergo medical examinations in light of his injury-riddled past. This puts the Canes in the running with the Edmonton Oilers in the race to get his signature. Allison’s agent has stated that he would have a real interest in playing for the Hurricanes. The most difficult part for these teams interested in Allison though, will be gauging a salary agreement, considering his massive injury history weighed up against the stellar numbers he posted last time he was playing.

Best Uniforms of All time

It’s off season. Leaves all of us a lot of time to think about hockey, without anything new going on.

So, here is my list of the NHL’s ALL TIME best uniforms.

I’m sure yours will follow…

A look at what the Rangers could do.

The Rangers after 8 years of spending big cash on aging veteran players, they have finally decided to end the madness and start from scratch. They are now focused on building through the draft and giving the chance for their young prospects to play and rebuild the entire organization.

Not so fast Dallas, Hull to the burg?

To all those who have read the Brett Hull is as good as a star rumors, it wont happen, at least not until after Tuesday.

Hull Close to Signing with Stars

TSN reports that Brett Hull is set to sign a one year deal with Dallas worth $2.2 million. Hull’s agent says the Stars are “serious about getting Hull.” Armstrong, Tippet, Hull and Hull’s agent are set to meet sometime next week to discuss a contract.

Spliting time between 4 goalies.

The Rangers have found a way to split their 3 top goalie prospects time apart and still have a starting goalie with Duhnam.

The question is who out of Lundquest, Blackburn, and Montoya will get a shot at number 1 in the 2005-2006 season?

Pronger Stays A Blue

According to the St. Louis Blues have re-signed norris trrophy winning defensemen Chris Pronger to a 1 year $10 million dollar contract.

Match `Em Up!

Below are sets of players going one on one with each other. Who do you feel will win?

Top 15 Best Players for the Next 5 Years

Below is 15 NHL players that I believe will be most valuable for the next 5 years.

(Ranked from best to worst)

Canucks Sign Morrison

The Vancouver Canucks announced Tuesday that the club has re-signed forward Brendan Morrison to a one-year contract worth $3.55 million US.

Most underrated goalies

Being a former Jr. goaltender, I thought it would be cool to pay homage to some of the most underated goalies I’ve seen past and present.

I’m sure, you will have a ton of your own opinions.

It's Official Blake's Out Of The World Cup

Hockey Canada confirmed Monday that Rob Blake would not be able to play in the World Cup of Hockey with an official announcement on Tuesday.

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