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J.P. Dumont on his way out?

John Glennon reports the Nashville Predators and winger J.P. Dumont hope to reach agreement on a new contract but his rising value could price him out of their market this summer. Dumont is eligible for UFA status in July, and given GM David Poile’s intent to re-sign key RFAs like Martin Erat, Jordin Tootoo, Ryan Suter and Shea Weber, there might not be enough left to retain Dumont, who’s earning $2.5 million this season and is on pace for a 60-point season.

Leafs rumors: More teams pursuing Sundin, Fletcher expected to take control

Toronto also may sign Alfredson-like star for 2008-09

From the latest rumors, the Mats Sundin sweepstakes appear to be getting hotter, as there are now a number of teams interested in the Maple Leaf captain.

One Line Team? Are They A Contender?

Danny Heatley is out with a shoulder injury and Daniel Alfredsson is out for a short span with a hip injury. Since Heatley has been out they went 1-4-1 and haven’t scored as much goals.

So are they a one line team? and are they good enough to bring a Cup to Ottawa?

Recent Rumors from a variety of different Sources

Mats Sundin, Rob Blake, Red Wings rumors and HTR’s Saku Koivu Rant

Briere under investigation by NHL

On July 1st, 2007, Daniel Briere signed an eight-year $52 million contract with the Philadelphia Flyers that would pay $10 million during the current 07-08 season. What he didn’t know is that this decision would spark controversy over six months later.

2008 Philadelphia Flyers

What should the Flyers do for next year. What do you think Paul Holmgren will do to try to keep his young restricted free agents and stay under the cap?

This is what I would do I would somehow either cut or trade Knuble and Kapanen for a bag of pucks somehow clear up Knubles 2.8 Million and Kapanen 1.2 Million of the Cap. Total of 4 Million

Milbury is right??? Ranger Fans SICK OF JAGR PART II

I never thought I’d ever say this… “Mike Milbury is right.” Milbuy: “Jagr looks like he has NO LIFE. Pouting over Nylander won’t help this team.”

He’s pouting over Nylander not being a Ranger and when he’s on pace to score 23 goals…. you have to think it’s time for him to go. But wait a minute he was on a point scoring streak that dropped them 4 spots in the east… wasn’t that everyone’s compliant about my last post?


Gomez living up to his contract?

It has been much publicized that Scott Gomez is under achieving in New York this year. Just recently, I heard Pierre Mcguire say that Gomez better start scoring or he will be out of New York. Frankly I don’t agree with these comments and I think Gomez is having his routine season and is producing on par with this normal production.

Wings potential trade targets for cup run

Wings so far this season have been great for the most part. They are among the best in the NHL in most categories: goals for, goals against, powerplay, penalty kill, shots for, shots against ect… but what stands out to me more this season compared to last season is just how much more consistent the Wings are with their work ethic for an entire game. The Wings have always had plenty of skills on their rosters but that alone isn’t always enough to win especially in the playoffs. With the addition of Bab***** the Wings now try to out-work their opponents to make up for their lack of size and older players instead of just relying on pure skill alone. Last year going into the playoffs the Wings were thought to be too small and too soft to beat teams like Calgary, San Jose and Anaheim. The Wings ended up beating both Calgary and San Jose and gave the Ducks the most problems among teams that faced them while missing 2 of their top 4 defensemen (Kronwall and Schneider).

Whats Next ?

After watching the Oilers get smoked by the Canes 7-2 maybe its time for the Oilers to move some vets and let the kids play.

I wouldnt be surprised if the Oilers move both Dick Tarnstrom and Geoff Sanderson for late round draft picks. Its almost a lock that the Oilers will move Tarnstrom especially with Matt Greene coming back.

More Tanguay Comin' Your Way…

According to Renaud Lavoie from RDS, Darryl Sutter will be in Montreal tonight to watch the game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Hello everyone! I would like to start off by saying when I first logged on to this site, I couldn’t believe the garbage that was written here. At first glance, it seemed like people would just get their “kicks” out of insulting others, which I found both childish and frustrating. However, after viewing the site several times, I realised that most bloggers have excellent hockey knowledge and write interesting, opinionated and well thought-out articles. The bottom line is, regardless of which team or player(s) you are rooting for, there is one common denominator on this site, we are all passionate about hockey baby! I just wish that those handful of bad apples would learn to respond to articles without using derogatory remarks. Hey, I’m a believer in cronstructive critism but be smart about it… I’ll leave it at that.

Canadiens/Flames Rumors, Rob Blake to San Jose? Penguins Rumors

- The Montreal Canadiens continue to have more than a passing interest in Calgary Flames winger Alex Tanguay. Canadiens assistant general manager Pierre Gauthier has been following the Flames like a bad smell, but there is the matter of Tanguay’s no-trade clause. The names of Canadiens being dealt in return range from understandable (Michael Ryder) to highly unlikely (Alex Kovalev or Saku Koivu).