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The New Habs; Did Gainey Win or Lose ?

Much debate going on since July 1st in Montreal (and around the league) about Gainey’s move. Did he do the right thing ? Are the Canadiens better or worse than last year ? Should we label them as winners, or losers ? Here’s my take on it.

Salary Arbitration 2009

New York Rangers right winger Nikolai Zherdev and Detroit forward Jiri Hudler are among the 20 players who will enter salary arbitration, the NHL Players’ Association said Sunday night.

NHL News and Rumors – July 6, 2009

Wild waiting on decision from Saku Koivu

Leafs chase Monster’s mate

Monster praise for Leafs

Predators won’t get paid if Steve Sullivan hurts back

Best playmakers in the NHL

It’s a pleasure I have to make lists about any category of players. You probably remember my list about the best defensive d-men or about the best d-corps. I thaught about writing one about the best offensive d-men, but with Markov and Kaberle in play, it would be too dangerous ;) Maybe one day!

July 5, 2009 – NHL News and Rumors Roundup

Clerical error could cost Hawks

Quick tidbit on Alex Tanguay

Whither Sundin? Friday’s signing may mean there’s no more room last season’s prized free-agent acquisiton