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No Guarantees in Atlanta

After guaranteeing a playoff appearance, GM Don Waddell had to eat crow as his Atlanta Thrashers once again failed in their attempt to make the big dance for the first time. The team had some hard luck with injuries, especially in goal, that partly caused their demise.

Your Eastern Conference Playoff Predicitons

Here are last year’s playoff teams, with division winners, points and W-L record. Every Year there is a surprise team – last year we had pre-season duds Sabers, Rangers sitting at the bottom of most experts list, and Carolina as a playoff team without any experts picking them to win the STANLEY CUP. Surprises come every year, so the playoff picture will change next year. Pick your teams.

Vishnevski Staying In Anaheim

According to the Anaheim Ducks have accepted the arbitration award for defenceman Vitaly Vishnevski. It was believed that Vishnevski would be traded before his arbitration award had to be accepted or he would be let go. Now that the Ducks have accepted his award it is believed they will retain Vishenevski rather than trade him, although trading him to make cap space may be an option.

Cap Crunch! Potential Fantasy Pool Impact

By Darryl Dobbs

Boy, those New Jersey Devils are sure in a lot of trouble, aren’t’ they? For the second time in as many summers they find themselves over the cap, but this time is much worse than the last. This time, GM Lou Lamoriello is pressing right up against the ten percent over-the-cap limit that the NHL allows teams in the summer – and his leading scorer from last year has yet to sign.

Best and Worst Aquisitions of the '06 summer

alright so there have been a lot of aquisitions since the end of the season, but i’m thinking who are the five best and the five worst, and here is my opinion

My Leafs Line Up


1- Sundin, O’Neill, and Steen- If Steen improves like he should he could be the scoring winger for Mats and if o’Neill returnes to a 20 to 30 goal scorer and if Mats stays healthy this would be a great scoring line.

Up to now, who has been the most overpaid player ??

Hi guys,

Since the beginning of July, lots of players signed, but a lot of them were overpaid.

We all tought or almost that the salaries would decrease a bit with the salary cap, but it didn’t seem to, it even worse I think.

Here is my standings for the most overpaid players.

Oilers Survey

Canadiens Survey

Leaf Survey