Avalanche Doubters Beware!

Alot has been said about the Colorado Avalanche that needs to be stopped. Like their goaltending situation, Defense and 3rd/4th Lines“Colorado’s goaltending won’t get them far in the playoffs… They can’t win with a two unproven goaltenders.” I hear it all. Don’t jump to conclusions! Wasn’t there a goalie last year, a rookie, by the name of Turco. Didn’t he post a 1.72 GAA the best in the NHL since Terry Sawchucks Days. There was also a goalie named Patrick Roy who suprised everybody in the NHL and fans in his rookie year. No body knew who he was and now he is the best goalie to ever play the game. Aebischer can play in the NHL his stats for the last 3 years are:

-71 games played

-33 wins

-26 losses

-2.15 GAA

His Goals against are better than Brodeurs by 0.01.

Phil Sauve was great in Hershey of the AHL and in the games I’ve seen him in he looks great. So that settles the Goaltending.

Now for the defense. Have you heard of Blake, Foote and Morris they are three of the best Defense in the league. Plus they added Skrastins who is just as good as Devries and has the current NHL record for Games played with out injury or healthy scratches. Also there is Skoula and Liles who is playing great.

Now for the Avs 3rd and Fourth Lines. The Avalanche have Nikolishen, Hinote, Svatos, Battaglia, Worrell, McCormick and Cummings. I know you’ve never heard of alot of these guys. Svatos is looking like a new Drury. He’s fast and has alot of imagination. McCormick got his first 2 points against the Wild on Thursday and works well with Battaglia. Nikolishen is great with faceoffs and Hinote is the fastest player on the team. The new 3rd and 4th lines this year look great and rival some 1st and 2nd lines of some teams.