Avery chirps to Blake about his cancer…

While there is no audio proof from the game on Saturday, it appears that Sean Avery (while chirping in the opening skate against the Leafs) made some disgraceful comments to Jason Blake about his dealing with cancer.

Howard Berger mentioned on the fan 590 that he spoke with a Ranger about what Avery said to Blake and that Ranger confirmed that Avery did in fact make derogatory comments to Jason Blake about his having cancer. Berger (today – November 12th) spoke with Blake at the morning skate and asked him if that was true and Blake responded with a disappointed “I’m not going to comment” Berger said it was very clear that something cancer oriented was said in a derogatory manner by Avery. the Rangers player even said “I wanted to strangle Avery for what he said”.

This is the only time I’ve ever experienced the thought of actually hoping that someone chops Avery’s head with their stick. I hope that the next time Avery plays the Islanders or the Leafs (Islanders because I’m sure someone he’s friends with will want to punish Avery for his comments…perhaps that’s wishful thinking) that someone pounds the crap out of him…he’ll deserve every bit of pain he feels because none of it can compare to the mental stress that Blake is going through and doesn’t need to be reminded of let alone made fun of before a stupid hockey game…as much as we’re all huge fans of hockey and the NHL; it’s still just a “game” that you “play”.

Avery should be suspended and be made to issue a public apology.

Personally, if I saw Avery on the street; it would take everything in me not to pumble this kid…I’m not saying I’m the Incredible Hulk but I wouldn’t be worried about Avery in any way possible.

Anyway, this is strictly frustration talking and I realize some may be a little too far but it is NOT COOL to chirp at someone about their family and definitely not about someone’s battle with staying alive.

I appreciate the way Avery plays, I really do, he makes the Rangers a better team and the stats since he joined them prove it…but there is a line and he went way beyond that on Saturday.

I know there will be some goons out there that reply to this saying “what’s said on the ice stays on the ice” but there is a line and Avery has gone too far. What he has apparently done is absolutely DISGUSTING and he should be punished for this.

I want to hear your comments, am I over-reacting or am I right to say he might just be the only player in the league who deserves a stick to the head for his comments.

If CaptainAvery reads this it should get interesting.

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  1. RangersBaby says:

    Obviously I am a Ranger fan and love avery for what he does because he is very successful doing it.  As everyone always says, hes great on your team and on any other you hate him.  Thats just the nature of the type of player he is, and he has proven to help the rangers a lot.  Now while I do support his play, if he did say something like that to Blake, even though i hate blake with a passion, avery is very wrong.  But honestly, this was not proven and all it does is just spark a lot of conversation.  This is how rumors start and it kind of pisses me off.  Again, if he said it, then he deserves this… but no one should forget this was not proven.

  2. tancred says:

    Just a friendly request to keep politics off the board; it will only start another storm totally unrelated to hockey and/or a country vs. country fight.  Thanks.

    It isn't quite clear what Avery said, but it doesn't sound very nice.  Several years ago, I had heard of an altercation that suppossedly happened between one of my favorite players and an opposing player who was rumored to have a drinking problem.  My favorite player suppossedly asked the other guy if he'd like to go get a drink after the game.  Again, not an overly nice thing to do (if true).  I'm not sure if that would be considered as much as crossing the line as what Avery seems to have done, but it just shows that it does happen.  
  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    is anyone surprised???? kick the bum out

  4. cartino says:

    That's just it! it probably will never get proven and if you bring it up to Avery he'll deny it like every other incident in his past.

    Avery is a decent hockey player I agree and give you that and respect your opinion on him, however personally he goes way over the line. He basically goes with the Mentality of he'll say absolutely ANYTHING he needs to in order to get under someone's skin and get off their game.. whether its towards french canadians wearing visors, black hockey players (refering to George Laroque incident), to low-blow cancer comments, I'm sure he's gone over the line plenty of more times. Bottom line unless it's proven…nothing will likely get done about it.

    He's fortunate Zinedane Zidane isn't a hockey player or he'd get a nasty headbutt for opening his mouth!!!

  5. JuicemaN says:

    Wow…I'd love to see you if someone said that to you and you were suffering from Cancer or someone in your family.

    Think clearly….it's just hockey and it has no place for comments like that.

  6. turdfergusson says:

      I wouldn't kick her outta bed either.

  7. Archion113 says:

    I'm ok with the first 2 suspensions.  I'm not ok with the Jones one mostly because the outcome was the only basis of the suspension.

    too many times do we see players get hit from behind in worst conditions that that and come out of it ok…  the outcome should not be what is looked at but the play itself.  If the Jones hit is a 2 game suspension than that needs to be the manditory punishment. 

    Tootoo got away with one… Reghyr will get away with his hit tonight… Sutton will get away with his…

    The problem lies in this.. if the hit is questionable and without any intent to injure and it does injure the person.. why is that suspendable but the players who TRY to hurt another player but fail at it, aren't suspended?

    I'm ok with tempers flaring and the likes.. thats hockey and i love it when it happens.  The jones hit was tragic, but there are other hits that are happeneing that are worse than the hit and aren't even being looked at. 

    Tonight a the buzzer of the Flyers game Andy Sutton charged Kukkonen from behind, while Kuk's had to other islanders on him.  Kuk's went head first into the boards and all the players went after Sutton.  Only after a half of a minute did Kuk's get up and go after someone…

    I'll post a replay when its on youtube.  Should be interesting.  Already sent an email to the NHL suits…

    I don't want revenge… i want equality… thats all i want… The Downie hit should be illegal whether it causes harm or not… Armstrong/Tootoo have been doing it for years without a tragic outcome… yet…

  8. Archion113 says:

    Only if Neil and Tucker both get kicked out as well.

    I'm sure you'd be ok with that… now that he doesn't do shit for the team… but my point is still valid..

  9. turdfergusson says:

     We should wait till his comments see the light of day before throwing him to the wolves. My guess is that if it was so terrible a comment  it would be in bold on the front page of The Sun.

    …and where the hell does Tucker get off talking shit about him? Can u believe this douche bag?  Avery is what Tucker was 5 years ago only better.

       Is "douche bag" one word or two? 


  10. mojo19 says:

    I'm afraid I don't see your point. I hate Chris Neil with a passion as a Leafs fan, but I don't think he should be kicked out of hockey. Nor do I think Tucker should, they may be similar types of players as Avery, but I have never heard of either of them doing anything along these lines.

    Tucker played against Koivu back when Tucker possibly the biggest pest in the league, and there was never any talk about him saying anything like that to Saku when he was going through treatment. Tucker wouldn't yap to him about it before a game. Tucker applauded Koivu when he returned to hockey.

    Say what you want about Neil and Tucker, they're 100x classier than Avery.

  11. wingsfan13 says:

    if this is true and Avery did say this, i dunno what to do to this guy.  He is good at what he does, and that is getting the other team off their game by talkinng.  avery's actually quite talented when he tries too, and can contribute.  But why would you say what he did to Blake?  Any human hockey player at any level will say they wanted to destroy (fight) a guy, or have him be off his game, and talk shit (i.e. cussing and even mom jokes).  And at the same time any human hockey player will say they never want to see the opponent get hurt.  Its a game, for money or not.  I don't really think there is any punishment available for Avery.  To even toy with someone's disease is not an NHL or Rangers problem.  Its an Avery is a horrible individual personal problem.  Sometimes people say things they don't mean, and I hope this is the case.  Otherwise, some things do stay on the ice, but some things shouldn't be anywhere.  *****c You Sean Avery

  12. Moose161 says:

    This is not the first time thhat Avery has been accused of making a hurtful statement to another hockey player.  Remember when Laraque wanted to pound Avery's face in for making a racial slur.  As far as I am concerned this is why the instigator rule must be erased from the rule book because then players would be held accountable for their actions and things like this would never be said and if these things were said then you would see players like Laraque or Belak take contol of the situation by pounding on a player like Avery. 

    The league better do something about this act whether by suspension or fine because Avery has a history with these situations.

  13. MikeGartner says:

    Quite simply, your statements are assanine.  Please refer to any symbol of court system and recognize there must be evidence before a jury decides.  Removing the instigator tag will also get the beloved Tucker mangled, as well as Blake, as he is quite chippy but isnt one to drop the gloves.  Sure uses the stick in a malicious manner though.  Enough whining.

  14. turdfergusson says:

      Thx bud. just realized now that you used the same word in your post. that's funny. haha.

       Quite a bone headed move if Avery said something to that affect but is a suspension really waranted here?  Not in a good or bad way, he sure is a piece of work eh?

  15. jpmac says:

    Some things are allowed in trash talking.  But if he said what many think he said, that, to me is crossing the line.  That's getting to personal…I hate the Leafs but I personally hope that the next time they play Belak kicks the shit out of him..even though as soon as Belak drops his gloves, Avery will go down faster than whore's panties.

  16. Hoondog2 says:

    Tucker will fight just about anyone, and wouldn't stoop to the level of Avery.

  17. Hoondog2 says:

    If Avery's comments are true, he will get his.  If i were Maurice i would play Belak the next game against Avery, and have him pummel Avery, whether he drops his gloves or not.  The Rangers will tire of his antics as every team Avery has been on naturally does, and he will be shipped to the next circus as the sideshow.

  18. Shorts_Pimp says:

    I hope this guy gets crippled, dies, or forms some other debilitating condition. In my opinion, this cannot happen fast enough, or to a more deserving person. There is no place in hockey for these antics, and I sincerely hope a player steps up and sacrifices their career in order to end his (preferably an enforcer in the latter stage of his career).

  19. mozzy says:

    There is absolutely NO ROOM for this type of behavior in hockey. True competitors would never say something like this to abyone anywhere, in sport or in the street. I know Avery's game and he is valuable in some aspects, but this is ridiculous. He should be suspended, but not for long so he can get back in the league with the blood still boiling so someone can bury him. What a total f*ckin assh*ole! the entire league of enforcers should make a pact to take this idiot out. Hockey players above all else are the most professional players of all sport, and he just tainted that reputation for everyone. I hope he plays the Flyers and somehow gets a Downie Head Busting, Boulerice Cross Checking, And Jones Boarding all at once….Someone beat this guys ass and knock him out of the league pleae…

  20. MikeGartner says:

    Tucker has delivered incredulous amounts of borderline illegal hits in his career.  You laugh fans need to take your heads out of your asses.  Your basing your assumptions, not on evidence, but on a crackpot reporter who supposedly heard, NOT FROM A LEAF player, but a Ranger. 

  21. MikeGartner says:

    Do any of you actually read what your writing?  Do any of you actually have proof that Avery said such nonsense?  Did you see the game?  Did anyone besides Tucker make a run at Avery?  Does it have to be a goon to take out Avery if what he said was so henious? Where is Blake in all this, whom by the way actually initiated the contact?  Why was Maurice ok with the pregame nonsense?  Wow, Leaf fans are quite gullable arent they.  Jones can run a defensemen and leave him out cold, maybe for his career, and we're talking about Avery, who coincidentally owned the Leafs that night, who may or may not have uttered nonsense, but there is no proof, and the only proof is on the back of NOT A LEAF, but an anonymous Ranger, to a crackpot Berger who is Pavlov's dog (ie Eklund). 

  22. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    How is this any different that last year during the Sens/Sabres brawl Adam Mair calling Dany Heatley a murderer in the scrum? Oh yeah, forgot, he's a leaf so the league has to come to a screaching hault. Kipper said on Hockeycentral today that berger is the only person saying this. Kipper also said that everyone he's talked to said nothing about Cancer. Tucker and Blake, the 2 people involved, no commented on the issue. Berger's just blowing smoke up peoples asses, and guess what, it worked.

  23. mojo19 says:

    If Avery said comments about Blakes cancer (which he most likely did), I wouldn't expect Blake to go after him, why would you? Blake tries to ignore that aspect of his life as much as he can. And the reason he's not commenting on it is because he would prefer to not make an issue out of his condition. He wants to play and be treated no differently right now. He doesn't want his kids hearing about it at school and he doesn't want to turn on the TV and see people talking about it.

    This is why the Leafs aren't commenting on the cancer, specifically and just saying "Avery crossed the line". Just so you know. Don't write back to me MikeGartner, I won't respond.

  24. mojo19 says:

    Well you're probably wrong. The leafs are just going by Blakes wishes not make a big deal about his condition. But yeah, Adam Mair crossed the line too, not as bad as what Avery did but bad none the less.

  25. habsrock99 says:

    If it is proven Avery said it (Audio proof) then a 2-4 game suspension will happen. Every provable incident of this nature (Again, audio proof) comes with a 2-4 game suspension.

  26. habsrock99 says:

    The thing about the Jones incident is that the NHL was going by their own standard. They viewed the play as a hockey play and it was pure bad judgement/bad timing on Jones' part. But, because the NHL has a certain standard on hockey plays, they had no choice but to suspend Jones for his 3 games. It was a play very much like Erik Cole a few years ago when Colby Armstrong knocked him into the boards head first, breaking Cole's neck. Armstrong received a 3 game suspension as well.

    They could not, in any circumstance, justify Armstrong's suspension had they not given Jones his suspension.

    As for Andy Sutton's hit on Lasse Kukkonen, I fully, 100% agree with you, Sutton should be suspended. He shouldn't get the "standard" 3 games, I believe 6 games would be sufficient, maybe 10 seeing as the game was practically over and Kukkonen had 2 other Islander players on him.

  27. Archion113 says:

    Dunno why i vented like that.  Was just frustrated.

    But yeah Andy Sutton's late hit really needs to be looked at.  There was literally less than a second in the game… no time to be charging players from behind and driving their faces into the board…

    Nothing will happen though.  Mark my words.

  28. Oil-Life says:

    This is disgusting.  Totally wrong and uncalled for.  He should be ashamed to play on a line with a player such as Brendan Shanahan who has such class.  I'm a big Oiler and Ranger fan, but that is horrible.  Good for Tuckers for going after Avery.  I've never been a fan of Tucks but 100% great job for going in there to back up your teammate.  Horrible on Avery's half though like that is sick.

  29. eastversewest says:

    So it all turned out to be mostly a hoax.  Shanny talked to Blake and Tucker and they said it never happened, according to blueshirtbulletin.com.  So all of you people who wished death and bodily harm against another human being, no matter who it is, really need to put things into perspective.  Yes, Avery is a pest, and yes he has said so inflammatory things in the past, but to wish him death or bodily harm over a comment… come the hell on.  You all are just as bad as you thought he was.  Get a grip on reality and let the game be what it is… a game.

  30. eastversewest says:

    So there is no room for making a comment which did not physically harm anyone but it is okay to wish bodily harm upon someone… you are worse than you think he is…. o yeah guess what it never happened  gotta love that Toronto media.

  31. PrairieFire says:

    Typical Leaf Fan Mob Mentality… If something happens to a Leaf Player…Gawd forbid we get the facts first…nope straight to the guilty verdect and then string him up…

    It seems to me that Tucker is exactly the same player as Avery and if Avery were a Leaf…you would all be bandwagon jumpers

    Close this thread…it's an embarassment!

  32. mojo19 says:

    Considering Leafs, Habs, Oilers, Rangers, Flyers etc. Have all been saying the same things about Avery, its hardly "Leaf fan Mob Mentality." This issue is much more then that.

    Also there was another article in the Toronto sun today on pages S2-3, stating that the NHL is now looking into the situation as one of the games officials (linesman) also heard Avery's remarks.

  33. erkey3 says:

    The NHL is probably getting increased exposure in the United States over the last couple of days regardging this incident.  I expect, while they will say the act is unacceptable, that they and U.S. sports media outlets would very much like to see this drag on a bit, to keep some types of fans south of the border interested.  Could be an interesting game Dec. 6 in NY.

  34. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Regardless of if the comment was actually made or not, Avery still deserves to have his career ended for spouting racist comments, and inciting fights during warm-up on purpose. Not to mention all of the other comment we as viewers do not hear. As well, how is it possible that you can claim that the incident never happened? Obviously Avery isn't going to come out and admit that he made defamatory comments, because he knows his career would be put in jeopardy, and he would be a marked man in the NHL (not that he won't be regardless). Additionally, why is it that Jason Blake, Darcy Tucker, as well as an undisclosed New York Ranger teammate corroborate this claim if it were so ridiculously exaggerated, or did not occur at all? This seems almost identical to the Zidane/Materrazi incident, in which the comments were at first downplayed, and then subsequently revealed in their entirety. Avery is nothing but a hooligan who prides his game on diving and trash talking, and there is no room in the game of hockey for people of this nature. In my opinion, those are dirty tactics, and if bodily harm can be considered a dirty tactic in a game which has its basis in physical play, I say fight fire with fire.

  35. RangersBaby says:


    Just to set the story straight I think everyone should read this.  As I have said in an earlier post, this is so ridiculous that now all of these false accusations are being made, and it makes avery look much worse.  His style of play has been very successful for the Rangers, and yeah he is a pain in the ass to every other team, but he did not go as far as the whole debate suggests.  Everyone should get a grip on this situation and realize that this lengthly thread has been the result of nothing that reflects any kind of truth.  
  36. habsrock99 says:

    If it does get over-looked, it'll be because of the whole Avery incident. But I hope Sutton does get suspended.

  37. PrairieFire says:

    Like I said Toronto Leaf Fan Mob Mentality…you are so stupid that you said it yourself…it was in the TORONTO Sun…

    This was false accusations that were media driven…and you and your cohorts jump all over it…cuz it happened to your beloved DH Tucker…who in himself taught guys like Avery how to be a pest…

    The reason the NHL looked at this incident…is because Avery crossed the line…the RED line dummy…if you do that prior to game time you get fined…

    Idiots…all of you!!!

  38. PrairieFire says:

    Like I said Toronto Leaf Fan Mob Mentality…you are so stupid that you said it yourself…it was in the TORONTO Sun…

    This was false accusations that were media driven…and you and your cohorts jump all over it…cuz it happened to your beloved DH Tucker…who in himself taught guys like Avery how to be a pest…

    The reason the NHL looked at this incident…is because Avery crossed the line…the RED line dummy…if you do that prior to game time you get fined…

    Idiots…all of you!!!

    PS…loved McCabe's gaffe tonight

  39. senators101 says:

    That’s actually a really good point you made there about the Adam Mair calling Heatley a murderer. There is no difference. And that’s if Avery did in fact call him that. Apparently, Avery said he didn’t refer to cancer as he has had close family die because of the disease. Whatever. Nobody has proof that he said it, and all of a sudden, it becomes a media circus and Avery looks even worse than before. The media, however, didn’t have a field day with Mair, as far as I can remember. This is because it is the leafs, ur right.

    I’m not even sure why Blake skated over there anyways. Avery’s job is to agitate people and he was doing that with Tucker, 1-on-1. 2 agitators going at it. If Blake didn’t show up, I don’t think anything would have happened.

  40. tancred says:

    Yep, Avery denied making any comments regarding Blake's cancer.  Maybe he's telling the truth, maybe not.  But why is there a descrepency in the fines?  Rangers fined $25,000; Leafs fined $10,000; Avery fined $2,500; and Tucker fined $1,000.  Is the NHL simply fining the Rangers and Avery more, because they're putting most of the blame on the Rangers and Avery?  Or is the heavier fine perhaps an indication that the league is giving the report that Avery said something in regards to Blake's cancer some credence?  Just wondering what everyone else thinks about this.

  41. turdfergusson says:

      Sigh. Cmon' u guys. I think you deserve an HTR suspension JUICE.


  42. Archion113 says:

    VP of PR sent me an email telling me that the Andy Sutton hit is not being looked at by the league.

    Someone posted his email on hockeybuzz and i've been emailing him non stop.

    Even bashed bettman in a page long email. 

    If you want the email i'll post it.. just let me know..

  43. RangersBaby says:

    The only reason the Rangers were fined more was because it was the second game in a row that there were pregame trash talking occurances.  I am not saying that this is right, but now it is obvious that this whole thing was made much larger than its reality.  I think its NHL.com that has the article suggesting why the Rangers were fined more, I just dont have time to put it up here now. 

  44. habsrock99 says:

    Sure, why not? lol

  45. flamingsenator says:

    for those of u that are saying we all over reacted….i ask u how?

    we all said something BEFORE the avery statement and BEFORE the fines

    half the people that replied said that If it was true….blah blah

    with what all of tucker and belak and company was saying….we all have a right to be looking down at avery

    prariefire….stop trying to act like your mature and open-minded…you going off how its a "mob mentality" by the leafs is an ignorant and hippo critical statement to all of this

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