Avery chirps to Blake about his cancer…

While there is no audio proof from the game on Saturday, it appears that Sean Avery (while chirping in the opening skate against the Leafs) made some disgraceful comments to Jason Blake about his dealing with cancer.

Howard Berger mentioned on the fan 590 that he spoke with a Ranger about what Avery said to Blake and that Ranger confirmed that Avery did in fact make derogatory comments to Jason Blake about his having cancer. Berger (today – November 12th) spoke with Blake at the morning skate and asked him if that was true and Blake responded with a disappointed “I’m not going to comment” Berger said it was very clear that something cancer oriented was said in a derogatory manner by Avery. the Rangers player even said “I wanted to strangle Avery for what he said”.

This is the only time I’ve ever experienced the thought of actually hoping that someone chops Avery’s head with their stick. I hope that the next time Avery plays the Islanders or the Leafs (Islanders because I’m sure someone he’s friends with will want to punish Avery for his comments…perhaps that’s wishful thinking) that someone pounds the crap out of him…he’ll deserve every bit of pain he feels because none of it can compare to the mental stress that Blake is going through and doesn’t need to be reminded of let alone made fun of before a stupid hockey game…as much as we’re all huge fans of hockey and the NHL; it’s still just a “game” that you “play”.

Avery should be suspended and be made to issue a public apology.

Personally, if I saw Avery on the street; it would take everything in me not to pumble this kid…I’m not saying I’m the Incredible Hulk but I wouldn’t be worried about Avery in any way possible.

Anyway, this is strictly frustration talking and I realize some may be a little too far but it is NOT COOL to chirp at someone about their family and definitely not about someone’s battle with staying alive.

I appreciate the way Avery plays, I really do, he makes the Rangers a better team and the stats since he joined them prove it…but there is a line and he went way beyond that on Saturday.

I know there will be some goons out there that reply to this saying “what’s said on the ice stays on the ice” but there is a line and Avery has gone too far. What he has apparently done is absolutely DISGUSTING and he should be punished for this.

I want to hear your comments, am I over-reacting or am I right to say he might just be the only player in the league who deserves a stick to the head for his comments.

If CaptainAvery reads this it should get interesting.