Avery could be in hot water again

Sportsnet.ca — Depending on whether Edmonton Oilers forward Georges Laraque chooses to make it an issue, Los Angeles Kings winger Sean Avery could be in hot water again.

Sources tell Sportsnet that Avery allegedly directed a remark at Laraque during Tuesday night’s game in Los Angeles, which prompted the Oilers to file a report with the NHL last night. However, no official on or off the ice heard anything. As a result, the league has had little choice but to leave the matter in the hands of Laraque to decide whether to file a complaint.

Sources say league officials are continuing to look into the matter.

If Laraque chooses to file a complaint, then the NHL will conduct a full investigation and Avery could potentially face disciplinary action.

For the moment, the matter is being characterized as a “he said-he said” situation.

– Reprinted with permission from Sportsnet.ca