Ave's Looking for Help

After going 0-5 to start the season, Abishier has the Aves brass looking for better back-up help, now and for the future.

Reports out of Colorado state both President and GM are not so sure Abishier is the real deal, and reports of a deal that would send Tanguay to NYI for Ibister have now also included Depietro going back to the Aves. rumors of the Aves looking to sign Dafoe were quickly squashed by Lacroix stating they are looking for someone who can learn from Roy, but also replace Roy once he retires(which will not be too far off in the future). There are a few options out there, if they can not find a young goalie in a trade they might look for a vetran presance to plug the holes. It is difficult for a goalie to come in behind the legend of Patrick Roy, a lot is expected of him, but after going 0-5 it has the Aves questioning their goaltending.