Ave's Looking for Help

After going 0-5 to start the season, Abishier has the Aves brass looking for better back-up help, now and for the future.

Reports out of Colorado state both President and GM are not so sure Abishier is the real deal, and reports of a deal that would send Tanguay to NYI for Ibister have now also included Depietro going back to the Aves. rumors of the Aves looking to sign Dafoe were quickly squashed by Lacroix stating they are looking for someone who can learn from Roy, but also replace Roy once he retires(which will not be too far off in the future). There are a few options out there, if they can not find a young goalie in a trade they might look for a vetran presance to plug the holes. It is difficult for a goalie to come in behind the legend of Patrick Roy, a lot is expected of him, but after going 0-5 it has the Aves questioning their goaltending.

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  1. Forsberg21 says:

    That sounds like a good trade to me. I just hope the two guys don’t turn out to be busts. It seems as though the Isles have given up on both Isbister and Dipeatro, and probably for good reasons, but teams have given up on good players before, only to see them become stars. Look at Bertuzzi who was traded for the same reason. Aebischer could still be a good goalie though, but his problem is consistency, and slow starts in games. Maybe all he needs is regular playing time to get in a groove, that he will never get as long as Roy is still playing. Tanguy’s value should have gone up by now since he is scoring again.

  2. saksfan says:

    Why would the Avalanche want Dafoe? He would cost too much for the backup spot.

    I don’t know if PL is ready to give up on Abby yet, but here is a trade idea, This is not a rumor that has been published:

    To COL: Isbister, DiPietro, Scatchard

    To NYI: Tanguay, Aebischer, 5th/COL/03

    Forward Lines only:

    Forsberg – Sakic – Vrbata

    Isbister – Reinprecht – Hejduk

    Nedorost – McAmmond – Scatchard

    Messier – Shantz/Larsen – Keane

    Scratches: Aubin, Shantz/Larsen

    I don’t know if PL would do that but that looks okay. I don’t know if Mad Mike would do that either, its a trade idea. I’m not a big fan on trading Tanguay but if Lacroix decides to do that, what could I do? Be an Islanders fan? I doubt PL would make any more large deals until the deadline if he does. I wouldn’t evaluate this team again until around the 25-game mark, since the Avalanche got their first home win yesterday! Woohoo! Now keep this up.

    Also what the team needs is a sixth defenseman that can play more than four or five minutes a night. Possibly Scott Hannan, San Jose Sharks? He is a physical stay-at-home defenseman who is faster and more skilled than what the Avalanche have now as the sixth/seventh defenseman(Bryan Muir, D.J. Smith) and can play around 8-10 minutes a game, which would take off a little bit more off from Blake and Foote and give Colorado six good defensemen.

    These are approximate numbers:


    Blake – 27 minutes

    Foote – 27 minutes

    Morris – 24.5 minutes

    Skoula – 19 minutes

    de Vries – 20 minutes

    Smith – 4 minutes

    Would this work?

    To COL: Scott Hannan, 6th/SJ/03

    To SJ: Brian Willsie, 4th/COL/03

    Then the time would look like this:


    Blake – 26 minutes

    Foote – 25 minutes

    Morris – 23 minutes

    Skoula – 18 minutes

    de Vries – 19 minutes

    Hannan – 11 minutes

    Don’t bash me on this.

  3. mikster says:

    Do NOT get Isbister!!!!

    I’d take Tanguay over Izzy any day.

  4. Fx says:

    Good analysis. I was thinking Isbister would be on Forsberg’s line to make room for him on the ice but Sakic and Forsberg together is lethal.

  5. MossRocks says:

    Not a bad trade you’ve dreamed up. A couple of things… The draft pick would have to be higher than a 5th, because the deal is very slanted towards the Avs and why would the Isles want Aebischer?

    Hannan is a pretty good young defenseman who won’t be given up for a nobody like Willsie and a swap of useless picks.

    You asked not to be bashed and this is the best I could do.

  6. Lapointefan says:

    Faceoff.com iPietro


    While DiPietro clearly remains Milbury’s hottest trade commodity for proven offensive help, the organization also is in no rush to make any decisions about his long-term future.

    With Osgood and Snow each entering the final season of his contract, DiPietro remains valuable insurance for the organization for this season and beyond.

  7. CreeDog says:

    Hannan? Not a chance. He’ll develop into much more than a 5/6th D. Try Aki Berg or go get Rick Berry back.

  8. Avalanche114 says:

    This is actually really well thought out and makes a lot of sense. I don’t know if the Sharks would part with Hannan and a draft pick for Willsie and a draft pick, but who knows. Maybe the young gritty winger will flourish there. As for the Islanders trade, I like it alot! I love Alex Tanguay as a player but it is time we moved on as we did with Drury. Reinprecht, Vrbata and Nedorost keep the team deep. Isibister would be a great physical pressence and Scatchard could help in the veteran leading department. As for DiPietro, I’m a fan, Aebishcer looked terrible recently..i like it..

  9. DaAvs says:

    Bah. I have to disagree with this assestement. His 0-5 starting included two overtime losses. He didn’t play anything spectacular. But don’t put those games on him. You can’t stop all the 2 on 1s the Avs have been giving up. They’re throughly been destroying their opponents in time in the opposing zone and in even strength. Just PP/PK, as well as odd man rushes are getting them beat.

  10. saksfan says:

    It’s a trade idea…Tanguay is probably almost as good or better than Isbister and Scatchard combined, so the 5th would be thrown in. Isn’t Osgood on the block? Snow and Aebischer could share time, or the Isles could sign Dafoe. Brian Willsie still has potential, he scored 7-7-14 in 56GP last year. Scott Hannan is a good young defenseman but yes, I think I made that idea a little slanted towards the Avs. My mistake.

  11. saksfan says:

    Aki Berg?? Why would the Avs need him? Besides, we don’t need a $1.2 million defenseman on the third defense pairing.

  12. RangerSteve says:

    Just to stir the pot a little, we all saw the rumors of Anson Carter heading from Edmonton to the Island for Isbister. The Oilers are a low budget team, as we all know, and tend to trade their talent away because of monitary reasons and always seem to get people to step it up. Salo’s going to be a free agent at some point, could anyone see Edmonton hopping in and trying to get both Izzy and Dipietro?

    Just thought this up, please don’t bash just an idea.


  13. wayne2 says:

    Good suggestion,i believe as of now Carter is worth Isbister and Dipietro as they both are underachievers.

  14. Forsberg21 says:

    I wish the Avs never gave up Berry. He looked like he would develop into a physical force on the blue line, and could be relied upon as a defensive defensman.

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