Backup Bananza!!!

Last years hiring in NYI of Garth Snow as GM may have been funy enough for most people, but now they put the toping on the cake. That’s right, the Isles hired Mike Dunham as their new goalie coach! Although some people may argue Snow did a good job for the Isles, there comes a time when it just gets ridiculous.  Maybe if Toskala plays good this year, Raycroft may be able to find himself a job! Hey, he may even pull for head coach! All joking aside, maybe Dunham can help improve DiPietro’s play, and show him something he may have picked up in his 10 years in the league. Link:

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    I don't see why this is so ridiculous.  I don't think that Snow has been great or terrible has the Islanders GM, but for all we know, Dunham could turn out to be a great goaltending coach.  The NHL coaching ranks are filled with guys who didn't exactly light the world on fire in their playing days. 

  2. Hockey_Insider says:

    But they hired him straight from the NHL as a backup.

  3. goldman says:

    Ridiculous???Why???I think it's a good move he knows todays NHL shooters and how the game is played under the new rules. He is a real team player and always worked hard.Get a life Hockey Insider!!

  4. Hockey_Insider says:

    "maybe Dunham can help improve DiPietro's play, and show him something he may have picked up in his 10 years in the league."
    And what is ridiculous is that the Islanders are putting their backup goalies in the front office! If they were looking for a goalie who knows todays shooters and how the game is played then they could have signed a much better talent, in Curtis Joseph. Cujo has already said that he become a goalie coach if he was offered. And just to let you know, if you plan on arguing in the future, you don't have to use insults to prove a point. Especially on a hockey site. When you resort to insulting people on a hockey site it shows that you probubly have a low self confidence, and are looking to raise it.

  5. Rabid_Badger says:

    I'm with you H-insider.  The Islanders front office is in turmoil and I don't see why anyone wouldn't be baffled by this hiring.  What's next?  Bob Essensa and Red Light Racicot in the head of scouting and assistant coaching positions?  I suppose Dunham should be givin a chance; but when you see other teams with guys like Tretiak and Melanson as goalie coaches it doesn't inspire the greatest in confidence. 

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Being a goaltending coach is not exactly a front office position.  Hey, you have to start coaching somewhere. 

  7. wingerxxx says:

    Gotta start somewhere.  It's not like Dunham is going to be making front office decisions.  And Snow is not exactly incompetent.  He is a colossal upgrade over Mike Milbury. 

  8. dewdrop11 says:

    If memory serves me correctly, Dunham and Snow were a goaltending tandem in their college days….so this is really not that shocking at all. Dunham was never a stellar goaltender or flashy…but a good positional one who knows the game…so it may work out just fine for them.

  9. goldman says:

    Isn't telling someone they have low self confidence just as insulting as telling some to get a life? Guess it's OK if your doing it. Anyway I really don't see your point Snow is doing just as good as most GM's. The Smyth trade thought costly was a good move. He did a good job replacing what he lost last season. He didn't over pay and throw out 7 year contracts. Right now the Isles are good they have plenty of cap space and a good farm system. Tell me whats so wrong with Isles moving backup goalies to the front office? Any hockey player will tell you goalies are the smartest players on the ice. Your just jumping on the band wagon making fun of the Isles hiring Snow. He is trying to put together a hard working team that will bring the Isles back to the 80's team that ruled the hockey world. I could see if you had some points on what snow has done so wrong but you don't. And having talent doesn't mean crap as far as coaching goes. Cujo never took the leafs to a cup so what makes him so special.

  10. Rico420 says:

    Uhmm..I don't really see how this is totally ridiculous, I mean he's a goalie, and actually wasn't totally terrible as a goalie and may be a good's not like the Isles brought in Mr. Dressup as a goalie coach.

    It's not totally ridiculous I mean atleast Dunham played in the NHL, a guy like Francois Allaire (the best Goalie coach in the league) never did, and I think that San Jose Sharks goalie coach Vladislav Tretiak never playe a game either…

    Why does everyone insist on making jokes about the Isles? Guess what they did last year..made the playoffs and the Habs and Leafs didn't.

  11. morrissey says:

    Nothing wrong with this, Dunham was a decent NHL goalie and if not plagued by constant injuries would have had respectable career.  And anyway, playing skill has little to do with coaching skill – Gretzky anyone?

  12. tancred says:

    Like the others have said, I don't think there's anything wrong or unusual about this.  Steve Yzerman is working for the Wings now.  Brett Hull works for the Stars.  Marc Bergevin works for the Hawks.  I'm sure there are other examples.  Retired players seem to go right to work for their former clubs quite often. 

  13. Jrugges2 says:

    Having your former backup goalie be your GM, I repeat GM, thats GENERAL MANAGER is a bit more of a big deal because GM is way way more important than a Goalie coach, also Duhnam was a  goalie so hell I don't see nothing wrong. He played the position so he should know something about it.

  14. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I was hoping for Jim Carey to become their new goalie coach

  15. Hockey_Insider says:

    All of your little arguments can be solved by using cites from my paragraph: ” but now they put the toping on the cake.” So correct me if I’m wrong, but I said that this isn’t as big as Snow as the GM. secound, he didn’t play his position well. Third: He came right oput of the NHL like Snow!!! That would be like the Leafs hiring Scot Clemonson next year as their new GM and then the next year hiring Raycroft as their goalie coach.

  16. Hockey_Insider says:

    Stevie Y was one of the greatest players to play the game. Plus he retired and then joined their organization. Brett Hull was also one of the best of all time. So I really don’t see how you can compare legends to mike Dunham?! As for Bergevin, he last played in 2003, and he had some good years. Mike dunham was a career backup/ third string. heck, he even played third fiddle to “Dubie”! But the problem with this is that when you hire two of your backups, two years straight, you lose your credibility.There are many better people they could of gotten for the job, but they decided to go with thier backup.

  17. Hockey_Insider says:

    Tretiak was an amazing goalie, but no Russian players could get into the NHL at that time. As he displayed in the 72 Summit series, he was one of the best goalies in the world. He has lots of experience, and makes a great goalie coach. Other goalie coachs like Francois Allaire may not have played in the NHL but they are specialists at what they teach. A lot of head coachs never played hockey. But there aren't any backup goalie coachs either. Get the connection. And BTW, The Isles made the playoffs because New Jersey wanted them in the playoffs, because they knew if they had to meet the Leafs, the Leafs would cream them, because the Leafs had dominated them in there past games. So, the Devils put out none of their best players and put Clemonson in net.The Devils barely tried and were still able to bring it to a shootout – laughing all the way! The Isles got a cheap ticket to the playoffs, but then their ride stopped at first round.

  18. goldman says:

    The leafs and habs could have made it in but they didn't win when they needed to. The Isles beat the leafs with three games to go. If the leafs had won  they could have made it. Did you watch the Isles Devils game? Clemonson played very good. If the Devils were not playing they wouldn't have scored with a second left on the clock. They would have left the score 2-1. Your  telling me Madden who scored both goals didn't want those goals on his stats? They have pride and always want to win. You know very little about hockey as all can tell by your dumb comments. As you can see nobody agrees with you on this matter. All you keep saying is they could have hired a better goalie coach. The way they played in the NHL has nothing to do with coaching. Would you rather have a coach with talent or a coach that knows the game and has good leadership. Again talent doesn't make a good coach it makes a good player. The leafs would cream the Devils? They couldn't cream the Isles to make it to the playoffs. But they would have creamed the Devils. You make us all laugh!

  19. mojo19 says:

    But isn’t Jim Carey canadian? It has to be American goalies in NYI
    Snow – Dunham – Dipietro. Dubie is on his way out.

  20. antmonkey says:

    first of all, the term is "icing on the cake" and I don't know wtf "toping" is. In english, there are two p's in topping. But, shitty english aside, how does hiring a goalie to be a goalie coach become controversial? It doesn't matter how long the guy is out of the league, as long as he can spot a goalie's weakness and teach them how to improve then he will do a good job. If you remember correctly, dunham had some good seasons when he played with nashville. Sure he hovered around the .500 mark when he was there, but that's pretty good for an expansion team. After he left there he was lost in the shuffle of good competition and injuries, but he has always had good positioning and they old saying goes "those who can't do, teach". It's only natural for a guy with good fundamentals and a mind for hockey to move into the coaching ranks.

    I do agree that snow's hiring was a bit surprising and his trade for smyth showed why ppl were surprised to see snow hired. Trading 3 1st rounders for smyth to play 20 games with you? c'mon!

  21. antmonkey says:

    on-ice ability doesn't translate into front-office ability.

    career backup? ummm no, just end-of-career bakup lol. He may have been a low-end starter, but he was a starter nonetheless. before he got riddled with injuries, he was a good enough goalie to keep nashville afloat while they waited for vokoun to develop.

  22. antmonkey says:

    honestly, he does make some good comments but other times he makes comments that turn his name into a joke.

  23. antmonkey says:

    I'm a fan of cujo, but he never seemed like the type of goalie a guy would like to coach. He always wanders from his net, always looks out of position, he was just lucky enough to have the athletic ability (and sheer luck) to allow him to make some amazing saves during his career. He also has issues with his rebound control at times. Cujo was a great goalie in his prime, but IMO dunham was the better positional goalie playing the angles and staying in his net. Coaches have to teach their players to be safe and consistent, not risky and flashy.

  24. habsoverserver says:

    mr dressup was awesome. 

  25. SensShark says:

    Well I gotta say that when Snow retired and became GM and then signed Dipietro to that ridiculous contract, I was having a laugh. But he got Ryan Smyth and hasn't been that bad.

    I guess they really are building from the goalie out….

  26. antmonkey says:

    true, but trading o'marra nilsson and a 1st rd pick for smyth to play 20 games was totally a milbury move (at least snow got them to the playoffs though)

  27. zdeno_duchesne says:


  28. Hockey_Insider says:

    "Coaches have to teach their players to be safe and consistent" thats what you just said. I hope your not one of the ones pulling for Dunham here, or that would just make no sense what so ever.

  29. tancred says:

    I wasn't comparing the relative greatness of each of the players.  Simply the fact that those players I mentioned retired, and then joined one of their former organization in some sort of player assessment and/or office capacity.  And Dunham was a starter in Nashville and even for the Rangers for a while there.  Maybe he wasn't the best, but a starter all the same.  He retired yesterday, and then joined the Islanders as their goalie coach.  No big deal.  

    Mike Ricci and Bryan Marchment just did the same thing a week or so ago with the Sharks.  That is my point–players retiring and then joining their former teams in some capacity seems to be quite often, and so I don't see why you are ribbing the Islanders so much for doing the exact same thing with Dunham.  
  30. wingerxxx says:

    In hindsight, it was a move worth making.  The bad thing was not being able to resign Smyth.  And Milbury probably would have traded a whole lot more than two prospects and a pick to land Smyth. 

    To Snow's credit, there were a lot of GM's that didn't even know that Smyth was on the market.  It was a gamble, and given Smyth's track record, it was worth taking. 

  31. Wings19 says:

    I agree with you that Dunham may make a good goalie coach. You never know. But Cujo was an awesome goalie and i think can still provide a good 30 – 35 games for a hockey club and even if the Maple Leafs didnt have a net for the opposing team to score on they still coundn't have won the cup. They haven't won the cup in 40 years so were all the goalies in that period of time shity?

  32. goldman says:

    Of course you left out risky and flashly

  33. crazyamazin says:

    i think this is a good move. too many people hack down garth snow too much. That deal he gave dipietro is going to look like gold in the next 5 years. he’ll be one of the leagues top 5 goalies and will only be making like under 5 million a season… i don’t excactly remember the contract terms, but anyways, i trust garth snow… he’ll show the way. i think he also did a great job at the trade deadline last year! paid a bit for smyth, but took the right steps to try to advance his team in the playoffs.

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