Barnaby calls it quits

ESPN Insider reports that Matthew Barnaby has decided to retire and will be making an offical statement sometime in the next few weeks.

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  1. tacitus says:

    One of my fav players since he scored 111 pts and 448 penelty minutes while being Daigle's winger before that draft. Good luck to him

  2. Matty_G says:

    I never liked him, but it's a shame that a player has to call it quits at such a young age because of injuries.

  3. Kashin says:

    I hated him when he was with the rangers a few years back, but he was the funniest player in the league and did his job very well

  4. SabresFan220 says:

    I hope he signs a 1 day contract with Buffalo to retire as a Sabre like he should. He'll always belong in Buffalo.

  5. ferron says:

      Why now! Why not five years ago?

  6. thiefage says:

    i heard when he announces it, he's going to have "retired" written on his front two teeth.

  7. lukeleim says:

    All UFA NHL team:

    Jan Bulis – Michael Peca C – Mike Johnson
    Alyn McCauley A – Patrik Stefan – Anson Carter
    Jeff Friesen – Josef Vasicek – Vladimir Orszagh
    Ville Nieminen – Jamie Lundmark – Adam Hall
    Chad Wiseman – Josh Green – Jeff Heerema
    Yared Hagos

    David Tanabe – Danny Markov A
    Brent Sopel – Andy Sutton
    Joe DiPenta – Robert Scuderi
    Joey Mormina – Richie Regehr
    A.J. Thelen

    Curtis Joseph
    Alex Auld
    Brian Finley
    Yutaka *****ufuji

    Young team, could compete in a couple of seasons after some high draft picks.

  8. senators101 says:

    He's not that young, he's 34.  He wasn't any good, but guy really stuck up for his teammates.

  9. cecilturtle says:

    Barnaby was never one of the biggest, toughest, higher skilled, players in the league…  But Barnaby had a simple talent for drawing penalties that he used to perfection.  Any opponant's hand or stick that came anywhere close to Barnaby's face, caused an instintive reflex action resulting in Barnaby's head jolting violantly backwards…  So far backwards that if this were ever attempted by any other player, that player would have surly broken their neck… If not have their head come completely off their shoulders!  It is also my belief that this said reflex action is directly responsible for his teeth never being knocked out.  Anyway, I wish there was a statistic for penalties taken vs penalties drawn…  Barnaby would surly have all time plus #'s in that catagory!  Good luck Barnaby, I must admit I was always surprised at how well he pretended to be a second line player whenever one was needed and was called upon to move up. 


  10. cecilturtle says:

    I thought his Euro-contract was up at the end of last year???  Did Toronto already sign him???


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