Battaglia to Ottawa, Irbe's future, and other notes…

The Raleigh News and Observer reports:

With Sami Kapanen gone and Irbe on his way out, more changes could follow before the March 11 trade deadline.

The New York Rangers’ deal for Alexei Kovalev makes it less likely they will be interested in Jan Hlavac, but the Ottawa Senators have been poking around the Canes lately and may be pursuing Bates Battaglia.

While Battaglia has had a miserable season, the Canes are still enamored of his long-term potential and would want a similar caliber player back in any deal.

Defensemen Aaron Ward and Sean Hill could also be made available to a contender for the right price.

Other Canes’ News:

The Canes are really trying to get a deal done for Arturs Irbe. Although he is willing to go to the minors, assistant GM Jason Karmanos said late yesterday: “The fact that he cleared is a pretty good indication there are 29 other teams that don’t want to pick up his contract. Hopefully, somewhere down the line for Arturs’ sake there’s something that can be changed so another team is interested in picking him up.” The Canes are not planning to renig on their previous plans of recalling Patrick DesRochers and sending Irbe to Lowell, but I would look for an Irbe deal to be worked out before the March 11 deadline.

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8 Responses to Battaglia to Ottawa, Irbe's future, and other notes…

  1. Genius says:

    Hey Miks, I was talking to u about this last night.

  2. Genius says:

    tsn’s couchmaster reports that the sens are also interested in getting Adam Graves.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    Graves to Sens is a great move provided he can bang and crash for the playoffs.

  4. wingerxx says:

    Graves is very cool, as a Ranger fan, I’ll always stick up for the guy, but I don’t think he is what the Sens need. He is more of a quiet kind of tough…I think the Sens need a guy who can genuinely bang some people around, make it tough for opposing teams in the playoffs. I’m thinking a big boy like Sandy McCarthy, who can score a few points for ya and scare some opposing players. But hey, if Ottawa managed to get Gravy, he always finds ways to help his team, so it would be cool.

  5. saiklo says:

    I do not think the Sens need anything but the fortune of not running into the Leaf’s come playoff time.

    They are built and coached so meticulously well that any big shakeups could have a negative affect.

    Why mess up a good thing with a player that is not preforming up to par this season?

  6. mikster says:

    Sure did!

    I still think they need someone…. meaner.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    Mikster said that also, but I think the Sens need someone with the grit and confidence that comes with having won two cups. McCarthy disappears for long stretches of each game (and season). Watching him live at MSG, I’m no longer impressed. I want to see Graves in the thick of it again, like everyone who follows the Rangers knows, Graves is a good guy. There is a dearth of bangers with any real playoff experience. The only ones that I can think of are not with a contender right now are Graves, McKay, Simon and to an extent Barnaby or maybe Sean Hill.

  8. rrudd says:

    the only thing really worth talking about in regards to the canes is, DID YOU SEE AARON DOWNEY ROCK JESSE BOUERICE THE OTHER NIGHT???

    WOW. a real thing of beauty!

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