Battaglia Waived

Sportsnet is reporting that Bates Battaglia has been waived by the Leafs as of 2007.12.10

Maybe they are making room…

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  1. leafy says:

    He was pretty good last year, but somehow turned into a big stiff during the summer.

    Whether this is a prelude to a trade is hard to say.  Maybe the leafs are just cutting their losses with this move.  Who knows?

  2. Hockey_Insider says:

    Wow, what a trade this opens up: Battaglia was making .625  so the Leafs would have roughly around 2 mill to spend, but then they still have to think about locking up certain players already on the roster. So if Leafs fans re expecting a trade, think small…like Aaron Downey small.

  3. leafy says:

    If JFJ had dumped Raycroft back in July as I originally suggested, the Leafs would now have close to $4 to spend.

    We'd be in position to explore the option of acquiring a high impact player.

  4. rcichard03 says:

    he was ok last year but i think the leafs lost hope in him… what we do need is wozi off the blue line … i see no good in him anymore… they should cut him as a loss and pick up a decent defender

  5. Pronger44 says:

    My post was more in-depth then this crappy one. No one wants Battaglia, he's a Leaf, and his good days are long past.

  6. leafy says:

    Think that's strange?  I wrote a beautiful article on a rumor involving Martin St. Louis that got buried in the Leafs section.

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    they are making room…for colaiacovo coming off the IR, and possibly recalling tlusty later in the season.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    ah, another anti leaf fan behind the times. the days of the leafs being the oldest team in the league are long gone. battaglia's best days are about 5 years behind him….

  9. jarcpitre says:

    This move is just simply getting rid of some salary, every little bit helps. I believe there will be a few more players to follow in the near future.

  10. BrianColangeloNHLGM says:

    Great suggestion, i never heard anyone else say that too, ur brilliant, we should send a message to JFJ asap to let him no.

    Im guessing your a little kid so im gonna be nice to ya, but in big business such as that the leafs partake there are various politics that are involved, and it is very hard for a GM in the bigs to admit that they made such a big mistake just one year after it happened. Putting Raycroft on waivers just further cements the fact that he made a horrible trade

  11. leafy says:

    Read the links below, stupid.  Pay close attention to the comments from 4-5 months ago….as you can see, my suggestion that Raycroft is worth next to nothing was ridiculed at the time by many people on this site.

    Now, fast forward 5 months later, tell me where I was wrong.


  12. 92-93 says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if this was a move that is trying to clear room for a trade (i said last week in one of my proposals that Belak, Battaglia, and Woz might need to be waived to enable any deal for a major name player from out West).

    more likely, however, is simply that Battaglia's play has dropped from last year where he was a solid 4th liner, AND the leafs are fairly healthy right now (knock on wood).

    in any case, i do believe that we have seen the last of Bates Battaglia with the leafs this season (i believe he signed for next season).

    i could be wrong but i just have that feeling.


    as for tonight's game (3 minutes left in the 2nd as i speak). I am liking the Steen-Stajan-Devereaux line. getting better with each game. Steen and Stajan may not have the flash that Wellwood has (although we've seen some pretty goals and passes from Steen), but they get the job done more often than not and that's pretty good considering their age.

    speaking of Kyle Wellwood – simply amazing. like Kaberle, sometimes his decisions (especially in his own end and in the neutral zone) are frustrating and downright detrimental ones. but the kid has creativity. Antropov continues to amaze.

    i still dont like the way the leafs get caught in their end from time to time. for some reason, these past few games they have not really paid the price too often for running around in their own end. but they will soon enough and have often in the past.

    for every Wozniewski bright point (neat little pass on the first goal), there are quite a few negative ones (howabout TB's first goal where he just let the guy go).

    SEND HIM DOWN – take Belak with him – and call up Kronvall. later on this season (i.e. March/April), call up Stralman and Tlusty and give them some big minutes after they've honed their games a bit in the AHL.

  13. jarcpitre says:

    Yes, it was a nice win and nice to see Kilger get 2 to get all lines going. Blake almost scored last game and got one the game before, so hopefully he is turning things around as well, I love that line. Anyway the Leafs are playing much better and their record shows 5-1-1 in the last 7, now we hit the road for 7 straight. Carlos is reported as returning around 22 Dec, which I do believe that Woz is the odd man out, I believe he would clear waivers, who would take em.

  14. leafsfan86 says:

    blake did score last game.

  15. mojo19 says:

    BrianColangeloNHLGM, you have no right to be condescending to Leafy, I think you should apologize.

  16. mojo19 says:

    ya, can't wait for Carlo to come back.

  17. mojo19 says:

    Leafs played great tonight. Kilgers first was a softie, but besides that you can't blame Holmqvist on a deflection right in front of him by Blake, a Sundin breakaway, or Wellwood cross crease to Antropov, can you?

    And no chance for Denis on 2 identical goals either.

  18. I-BE-LEAF says:

    This was done as a special request for Bates as he's always wanted to play on the same line with his brother.  Once he clears waivers, he'll finally have that opportunity when he's sent down to Columbia to join Anthony with the Inferno.  See, doubters, dreams can come true!

  19. 92-93 says:

    my apologies for beating a dead horse here but this is the kind of post that i've made last season and the season before that …

    why in the world would anyone dump on Nik Antropov and the way he has played since the lockout????
    people keep saying that this year is super-different for the big guy compared to previous years and no doubt he has put up better numbers so far. but in the previous two injury-riddled seasons, when he has been healthy he has been super-solid. AND YET, people were still criticizing the guy (some, believe it or not, were criticizing him for being injured – very bright indeed).
    again, i think a lot of it has to do with Don Cherry and how his views often dictate the opinions of many Canadian hockey fans – and lowers them.
    of course we're not all brainless sheep and we can think for ourselves, but it seems all-too-easy to adopt Cherry's ra-ra-Canada-is-the-best-go-home-Euros attitude and let it cloud our judgement and assessment of players. 
    heck, this past offseason, when Antropov signed a $2 million dollar contract, there was a HUGE uproar, not just on this site but on a whole bunch of other sites as well (not surprisingly, publications and stations like AM640 and the Sun thought it was a huge mistake – i say not surprisingly because they are the Cherry-equivalents within their respective fields).
    i simply dont understand it. there are so many players on this leaf team who can be criticized by players like Antropov and Coliacovo (oft-injured but solid when healthy), or Steen, or Poni shouldnt be at the top of the list considering what they do on the ice and their salaries. they are BARGAINS i assure you. 
  20. NHLSlayer says:

    Just send him back to the NBA, nobody in Canada cares about that…

    This is the same guy who thinks a valuable BASKETBALL GM would know the first thing about Ice Hockey!

    Next, he'll be suggesting that we take another basketball guy, and make him the NHL Commissioner…..oh, wait, nevermind…

  21. leafsfan_251 says:

    The leafs should make a trade involving raycroft and kubina… back to the lightning for st. louis….. we all can dream!!!!!   however, they really should trade kubina and raycroft to tampa bay, tampa is looking fora  bit of goaltender help and maybe tampa can get that from raycroft, and by teh looks of things last night, they need some defensie help from kubina, cause the leafs arent getting any!

  22. leafy says:

    What can you do Mojo?  Some people come on here trying to pick a fight for no apparent reason.  Hopefully it's just growing pains and nothing more.

    Great game by the Leafs last night.  Of course I missed it, as I had to attend a Christmas party.  I only saw the scoreless 1st period, but missed all 6 Leafs goals.  I was so upset.

  23. the_word says:

    I think the negative reaction to the Antropov resigning had more to due with the sentiment that the Leafs needed to change directions rather than resign a lineup that had just missed the playoffs.  I guess JFJ's lack of creativity works out for him sometimes.  I can only imagine the reaction had he let Antropov walk and light it up with another team.  That being said, resigning Antropov was a gamble as his health is always an issue.   His talent should have never been in question.

    Coliacovo could turn out to be the best contract on the team if he can get back on the ice, however he is yet another high risk/high reward defenseman.   Although he's a huge asset and promising talent, his style of play is the last thing the Leafs need right now.  It be nice to see him force Woz out of the lineup though.

  24. TML51 says:

    As much as I'd like to hope that this is for some upcoming trade, I think they are just cutting dead wieght.  (Hmmm….shouldn't JFJ be in with this lot…despite the Leafs recent improved play, I still think he's gotta go!)

    I'm almost wondering if Raycroft is next…$2 million a year riding the pine.  That's gotta sting.  However, I'm almost willing to bet if he were put on waivers, no one would take him anyways. 

  25. ottislu says:

    I was listening to after the horn the other night after the leafs had won their fourth in a row, and Andy Frost, who unfortunately has to remain management friendly , is able to egg these people on a bit and sometimes puts common sense to the side, but people were actually calling in saying the leafs were going to win the cup.  I couldn't believe it! and these are the same people saying that Antropov is the second coming of the leafs franchise!

    A brief history of Nik Antropov: Drafted in 1998 he was considered to be highly talented centerman with size (remember, when size was good?), captain of Kazakhastan at the world juniors (one of the only times their country has made it into the tournament) he joined the Leafs as a 19 year old in 1999.  Since that time he has been considered "injury prone".  We aquired him through the draft with won rebuilt knee, but when has injuries stopped a leaf aquisition?  He now has two shoulders and the other knee redone.  His most glorious season as a leaf, 2002-2003 where he played in 72 games and scoring a paramount 45 points.  But over his 8 years with the leafs he has played as little as 10 games and averaged just 45 games a year.  That is why we blame him for being injured, because he has never played a full season in his life and barely can get through half a season.  While we watched nik antropov tear up the league with points we've watched talented youth like Brad Boyes, Alyn McCauley, Mike Johnson and draft picks such as Michael Cammeleri and Mark Stuart go to other teams. Jason Smith for Johnathan Zion and Kris Vernasrsky? Okay Kevin Lowe, Stevie Sullivan anyone? –  No payments ever. He has been rumoured to have been in the early Eric Lindros deals, Vincent Lecavalier and the Chris Pronger deal often packaged with Tomas Kaberle, but management has always felt "he has too much talent" and instead of developing some youth, we've developed….this guy. 

    Myself, I call him the big ugly, he skates ugly, his number is ugly and, well he's big and ugly and the name goes with his game.  Luckily for the leafs though, he is having a career year and is now in his prime (age of 27) and worth as much as he was back in those early deals.   If that puck off of his wrist against Boston didn't scare leaf fans enough, I don't know what else will.  Plus, JF has just been patching holes of the sinking ship the last 3 years.  Do people honestly believe the leafs are one or two players from a Stanley Cup?  Comeon!  I've said they'd make the playoffs this year and they'd put together a few win streaks to keep them above .500 but there are no Niewendyks, Roberts, Curtis Josephs, or Andreychucks, Gilmours, Elletts and Potvin;s (of the good ol'days).  I'd trade Antropov for Nikolai Borchevsky in a second. This team is held together with over priced offensive defenseman, overpriced and overrated natural centerman playing every position from wing to defense with few playing center I might add.  And two goalies that will be good backups throughout their careers.  Let's trade Nik Antropov before he hurts himself for a couple picks.  We need picks now more then ever, the team needs to rebuild before it will ever resurface and lastly, the 2008 and 2009 drafts will be the strongest in years.  Mostly because Taveres will be coming hrough but next years crop will be sweet with Stamkos and Doughty.  In 2009, we might even be able to draft the last of the Staals (Jared).

    Anyway, look up the guys stats and watch a leaf game before you get behind this dud.  If  he went ot another team and won the HART, I'd still say good riddance. 

    Another thing as well, do you think with all the fans booing Nik, game in and game out, giving him death threats, booing him during the Canadian National anthem that now as a top 6 forward for the first time in his career he'll want to take less money to play in TO? Get Real..

  26. leafy says:

    I could not agree more on Raycroft, we're stuck with his salary.

    I guarantee you that if you said the exact same thing 5 months ago, people would have called you stupid, moron, idiot, etc.  I know, because it happened to me.

  27. mojo19 says:

    haha, ya it was a fun game to watch. Sundin is absolutely amazing. Obvious I know, but I have to mention it.

  28. mojo19 says:

    hahaha, Nik Antropov is awesome. He played great (as usual). When I told Paul Maurice that I got my Nik jersey before everyone loved him he was impressed and said "Nik is such a great player"

  29. NHLSlayer says:

    Has this guy watched a hockey game in the last 15 years?

  30. Pronger44 says:

    Wahh wahhh wahhhhh you suck baby, grab a bubba and go for a nap leafy you whiny momma's boy.

  31. leafy says:

    Who's whining, stupid?

    If you were on this site 5 months ago, you would know that I predicted Raycroft has virtually no value, even though many people disagreed.

    Read the links below, and pay close attention to the comments people wrote 5 months ago.  And tell me, where was I wrong?


  32. ottislu says:

    Raycroft is a plug, slow, out of position, horrible glove and blocker side, his upside is he won the calder trophy.  Then again, so did Sergei Makarov and Samsanov.  I was happy when the leafs got him, but then the first game I saw him play said uh-oh.  He has never in his career won the leafs a game, the leafs have always had to outplay the other team for a victory with him in the net.

    Heres what I say:

    Trade raycroft to the oilers for a bag of pucks and a 40 gallon drum of oil.  We can use the bag of pucks to practice our power play, because it needs pruduction in consistency.  We then can bring out our 40 gallon drum as a back-up to Toskala.  Now you may say, 40 gallon drum? But, it'll never be out of position and will therefore always be able to recover to the center of the net.  We can then use our pucks on the 40 gallon drum for practice and with the way oil is going these days, it's value can only increase!

    It's win win!

  33. ottislu says:

    Yeah, what happened to this guy? Prime age for a hockey player is typically 27-33.  Look at Vinny and Joey if you disagree.  Bates is 32 today, Happy Birthday Bates, but how did this guy go from having a 100 point season 5 years ago to not even cracking the leafs lineup.  And our lineup is full of players nobody wants or wanted, allah Devereaux, Kilger, Pohl, Belak, Gamanche.  All waived by their respective teams (or for few considerations if you want to argue about Pohl). 

    On another note, age wise the leafs are the 8th oldest in the league and if you don't take it right down to the month, they are tied for the fourth oldest team in the NHL.  So this idea of "New Blood" isn't really happening in comparison with the rest of the NHL

  34. leafy says:

    LMAO!!!  That's awesome. lol

    You're absolutely right, I like you're proposed trade involving a bag of pucks and drum of oil.  Only I think Edmonton would be getting ripped off.  Hahaha!

    Yeah, your assessment of Raycroft is 100% bang on.  In case you weren't around, last year I fought some major battles with several people on this site.  There were some people who actually thought Razor is a good goalie and made all sorts of excuses saying that he's only 27, he's gonna get better, blah, blah, blah.   How stupid do those arguments look today?

  35. ottislu says:

    Well they had to give him a shot and let him run with the ball for a while.  He was coming back off the knee injury and everyone was hoping it was his "confidence" that was the problem and maybe a bit of conditioning.  But the more I watched him the more I lost my confidence in him.  Like I said before, hoping Aubin or Pogge or the waterboy could step in.  He's not good, end of story.  The worst thing is he played 72 games last year!  That's almost Marty Brodeur or Roberto Luongo numbers! and he STILL never won the leafs a game when they needed it.

    But regardless, the only way to move forward is to forget the past.  And unfortunately, we have a lot of past that needs to be forgotton.

  36. leafy says:

    Very well stated.

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