Belfour to Leafs

The Maple Leafs have replaced Curtis Joseph by signing Eddie Belfour to a two year deal.

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  1. mikster says:

    I got this one right too! But, i will admit it was partly a lucky guess. I do believe however that the Leafs see Tellqvist in a Leafs uniform sooner than i think.

    Good choice by the Leafs. They have a goalie who should serve them well. Belfour will be committed to Quinn and the Leafs.

  2. Hockeyboys says:

    Yay. Can’t stand him. I was fearing that he was going to join NYR. But no. Rejoice!

  3. mikster says:

    Also, Guerin should sign with the Rangers this evening or late at night. It will be a hard battle between the Avs, Stars, and Rangers to sign Guerin….so it could take a while. Rangers could be the winners since Guerin is said to stay in the East. But, the Stars will do everything in their power to get Guerin, they can outbid the Rangers.

    Holik was the key to attract other players to sign with the Rangers. Kaspar might like Holik on the line-up and Trottier and Schoenfeld as part of the coaching staff, it could interest him.

  4. Hockeyman93 says:

    I think this was a bad move. Could you imagine if they signed Barrasso too? Befour and Barrasso together……..ahahaha.

    Anyways, I still think Theodore or Burke were much better options, but the Leafs choice to save money. It should be interesting to see how Belfour does in front of the Leafs defense, which is far different than that of Dallas. Tellqvist is not close, and the Leafs said so by drafting Todd Ford, the 2nd ranked Goalie in N.A., in the third round a week ago. Sebastian Centomo played great for St. Johns and is their top goalie prospect.

    Belfour was not the right goalie to sign….mark my words.

  5. mikster says:

    i am retarded and i keep posting forgetting to add things, i want to add:

    Guerin to the Rangers/Stars

    Kaspar to the Rangers/Isle’s/Avs.

    I will be out for a while so, i’ll be clueless if anything happens today. Have fun!

  6. chewy says:

    According to reports, this frees up $17 million total for the Leafs to go out an find other help, Rumor has an offer to Chris Chelios for 2 years at $13 million and an offer of 8.5 million to Geurin, if Geurin falls through the cracks like Holik did they will focus on Fleury. This move saves the Leafs money and gives them a chance to look at the one place they really need so depth and help, on the blue line. It will also give them a chance to replace the departure of Tie Domi, the injuries to Renberg and Roberts, and the potential departure of Reichel back to Europe. This was a smart move by the Leafs

  7. sumthingbruin says:

    Hedging your bets this time ’round eh?

  8. omnipotence says:

    Don’t the Rangers need goaltending? they just lost out on the two best available. If I was a Rangers’ fan, and thank goddess I’m not, I would much rather have Belfour than what else is available.

  9. regdunlop says:

    This was a good move. Say what you want about Crazy eddie but the guy is a winner. And now he has something to prove. the last time a team dissed him was when he left Chicago. Everyone said he was washed up and nuts. He cleaned up his act for a while and won a cup tp prove everyone wrong. In my opinion he is the best UFA goalie out there. The only draw back is he is a little crazy. But He won’t get away with it in Toronto. Traditionalists there won’t let him. Dallas has a history of letting Sports stars get away with acting like idiots….Irvin, Sanders….even Mark Cuban. The leafs never would have won a cup with Joseph. Say what you want about how great he is….He has never done want Crazy eddie has….Win a cup. Toronto is better with him.

  10. Hockeyboys says:

    You don’t understand. I REALLY can’t stand this basket case and would rather have an open net then this waste of an organism. Apologies for any offence.

  11. Hockeyman93 says:

    Let expand on my previous statement. I believe the Leafs could have done better than Belfour, but only via a trade or signing a restricted free agent goalie. With the leafs losing Roberts and Renberg to injuries, Riechel going back to Europe, and Domi gone, the Leafs need to fill roster spots, and thus, can’t really trade what little they have. I truly hope that Belfour can regain his old form, but im not going to hold my breath.

  12. Malurous says:

    LOL, Belfour and Barrasso… that would be one heck of a Ten-years-ago-Allstar team =D

  13. 24boarding says:

    That is the dumbest comment I have seen all day…trying to compare the Stars to the mid-90’s Cowboys after 3 championships. Do you not realize that Belfour walked out on his team while in Boston and was suspended for it. What else can you do with contracts that are guarenteed! Yeah, I will look forward to next March Eddie goes off on someone on the team and takes off…Toronto is the 9th place team in the East and lets see what they do.

  14. keeper_coach says:

    Sure he has psychotic episodes, but they really don’t affect his game. He’s coming off of a sub-par season that could be attributed to many things, so giving him the benefit of the doubt at this salary isn’t a bad move. not to mention, he is a true Canadian. Remember he rented out the old stadium before it was closed so he could skate there with his friends. As said before it also frees up some cash for them to chase bigger fish. I don’t think he’s any worse than any other FA goalie, but he needs defensive support.

  15. Stanajax says:

    You meant ten-years-EGO-Allstar team, no????? 😉

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    Belfour is old and out of gas. The Leafs are screwed in net this coming season if the best they can do is to add Belfour. His best days are behind him.

    I can’t see how this will improve or maintain the level of play of their club.

  17. Stanajax says:

    Come on, the Habs would have quickly matched any offer from the Leafs for Théodore!!!

    They can match it in Canadian dollars, and, they would never let Théo play for an arch-rival.

  18. regdunlop says:

    You should actually read what I wrote. I wasn’t comparing teams. I was commenting on the fans in that area compared to the fans in Toronto and how they put up with certain actions of their players. I don’t think fans in Toronto accept the same behaivour that fans in Dallas would. If you don’t think that players feel more of a responabilty playing in their home country and for a team that has a history as rich as and origional six team like Toronto then you’re a fool. And No I’m not Canadian or a Leafs fan.

  19. chaos83 says:

    My concern is that Ed Belfour, coming off a very bad year, won’t be able to regain any of his old form or confidense in front of a mediocre Toronto defense. He would have been a better fit in Detroit which has a better defense than Toronto.

  20. zednik says:

    Has everyone forgoten that Belfour lost his job to Marty Turco? Toronto has plugged a hole in net but all they have done is down grade because they needed a goaltender in a hurry. You now have a Toronto team that Joseph carried without a savior. Belfour was a great goalie when he had defence in front of him and as anyone can see Toronto does not have a great defence. So Toronto has 17 million to spend on free agents ! wow ! and who is going to sign in TO?

    Kasper? No. Gurien? come on ! Amonte?

    Yeah that would make sence a guys who’s numbers get worse and worse just up Pat Quinns alley. We will see VERY early into next season how importent Cujo was to Toronto. It serves Pat Quinn right he should have paid him when he had the chance early in the season. It seems very clear that Leafs Managment doesn’t want to win its amazing how they spent all day yesterday talking to Holik and ended up 4 Million less then the Rangers they sure are making it look like they want to do something ! Always finishing second in bidding. If any of the big names sign with this team in its current state I would be floored! Cujo is too old so they sign a 37 year old goalie to replace him which will take him to 39 and an option to take him to his 40’s hmmmm Isn’t that what age Cujo would have been if they just would have signed him for four years? I’ll start taking bets on how many games into the season it will take for Cory Schwab to steal Eddies job.


  21. zednik says:

    Statement should have read

    …Many fans stated Cujo was too old,

    and didn’t want him around when he was 38 39 40, So managment turned around and Signed a 37 year old to a two year plus option contract which will take him tio the same age that Cujo would have been if they would have signed him for four…

  22. mightylik says:

    Belfour was not replaced by Turco you idiot. I wish he would have been then my team would have made the playoffs, but the Stars thought they had a better shot at making and going somewhere in the playoffs with the chicken… errr eagle. I loved Eddie but his time has past. He started to show that in the playoffs against St. Louis last season, and this year he was totally worthless. Good luck Toronto, and pray with me that CuJo breaks his neck cause… RED WINGS SUCK!!!

  23. Malurous says:

    Hahaha! Exactly!

  24. regdunlop says:

    Belfour Didn’t “lose his job to Turco”. Dallas knew from the begining of last season that Eddie would be a UFA this summer. They Started giving more and more time to Turco so he would have some experience. This caused Eddie to clash with then GM and Hitch*****. From november their relationship spiraled and he started getting pissed. A lot of players on that team were not happy with Management and coaching and their inflexability. That is why those guys are gone. Belfour is an emotional guy and should rebound well in Toronto.

  25. MR_HOCKEY says:

    Quin said today in a press confrence that Tellquvist will not be EDDIES backup.

    They have offered Schwab a contract and if he declines they will look to another vet for a backup.

  26. BattleOfTheInnerDemons says:

    For Leafs I would rather see Dafoe between the pipes. I am abit worried that Belfour will not do that great of a job, but a fresh start for him, lets hope for a better than last season preformance.

  27. regdunlop says:

    Dafoe sucks. That Guy Has never proven himself. everyone on this site always speaks as if he is an A list goalie. but Has nevere really even come close. he is solid in the regular season but nas never delivered in the Playoffs. I think he reads his own press. Watch what happens to him next year. Nothing!

  28. omnipotence says:

    What he did with the Stars was unacceptable. The year before last, he quit on the team. However, he is easily motivated, and I expect better things than what I saw of him last year and the one previous. I understand the dislike for him now, but I think if he signed with the Rangers and played well behind the Rangers horrible defense, I think opinions of him would change. I do agree, though, that he is 5 cans short of a six pack.

  29. zednik says:

    I don’t know how politics work in Dallas but if the team could make the playoffs with Eddie starting I think they may have done that instead of proving a point and costing themselves a playoff spot.

    The bottomline is Ed Belfour is a 37 year old goalie coming off his worst year where he didn’t start for a team that DIDn’t make the playoffs. Even after Gainey and Hitchballz left he still WASn’t offered a contract again by a team that DIDN’t make the playoffs and some how he is an “good” replacement for Cujo? They replaced Belfour with Ron Tugnutt thats a ringing endorsment of how much they will really miss him or how importent he was to the Stars. I respect what eddie did but he hasn’t done anything of note latley sure he was in Salt Lake but we seem to forget that he was only there because Patrick Roy didn’t want to be. If the Leafs really wanted to make an impact they would have gone with a cheaper goalie in his prime instead of one that is past it. Try and tell me that Belfour will have a better season then Cujo !


  30. regdunlop says:

    So your saying that they didn’t make the playoffs cause Belfour sucked. I think that you are putting to much on him. The defense in Dallas sucked but more importantly they completely unravelled as a team in the end. And again Why play Belfour when you know he will be gone. They gave their future guy some experience. Tugnutt was not his replacement. He was brought in as insurance in case their young guy doesn’t work,which tells you a lot about how much they believe in Turco. And say what you want about crazy eddie he was brought to Dallas to win a cup and He did it. Cujo has never been able to pull that off anywhere. With Bowman gone and the defence changeing, I would bet he has a harder time in Detroit than he expects.

  31. 24boarding says:

    Well, I am assuming you live in the dallas area to know what fans put up with and what they dislike. If you don’t live in Dallas, how would you know. Actually, the fans in Dallas generally wanted Belfour traded in 00-01 after he started pulling his crap. Whether the organization listens or not. The players in hockey should in no way be compared to the players in football, baseball, or basketball because hockey players are a different breed of individual. aIn general, much higher class and professionalism as well as fewer incidents off the ice than players in other sports. Even Belfour is a saint when compared to certain Dallas cowboys. In the day and age of guarenteed contracts, a bad apple has no trade value and that is why Belfour couldn’t be moved when he acted out. Be careful in making statements about other cities and what fans will tolerate with players because it makes you come across badly. Personally, I have met Belfour on several occasions and think he is an ass but for him, this is a good move. he thinks he will win another cup and if he went to detroit, he probably would have. Not now though.

  32. Hockeyboys says:

    You gave him a can. Generous.

  33. zednik says:

    Its not fair to compare Dallas to Toronto

    When Dallas won the cup they were WAY more stacked then any Toronto team that I have seen in my life time. Cujo has never played for a team serious about winning a cup. St Louis back then fraid not. Edmonton next. and Toronto if you can tell me that the moves they have made gives them a better chance to win the cup then detroit Yowza. Eddie played for two teams that didn’t have the tools to make it to the Cup Chicago and San Jose and to that point his playoff preformence was criticized much like Cujo’s is. He then goes to a team deep in talent and wins a Cup. That seems alot like what Cujo has done. I am not Overly down on Eddie but a 37 year old starter I dunno about that. As for Turco we will see. What I meant as far as Tugger goes is that Belfours roster spot was taken by him which is saying that the Stars are going to take a kid over Eddie Belfour that speaks volumes.


  34. titans says:

    So much and yet so little has actually changed. Leafs still suck! Belfour is still washed up! And the Rangers still ain’t gonna make the playoffs! HA!

  35. regdunlop says:

    how the hell do you know what the fans in dallas want? And once again I was commenting on the attitude of fans in the area…NOT the players. fans in dallas will and have put up with a lot of shit as long as the team wins. They are used to winning. they didn’t get behind the stars until they started to look like they had a chance at being a playoff powerhouse even though they were strong coming from Minnesota. Hockey players are a different breed of individual? what kind of horse shit is that? They are people first, hockey players second. And there is a long list of hockey players that have track records as bad as NFL players. Terry sawchuck beat his wife and kids for christ’s sake. Kevin Stevens …crack…hookers….ring a bell? Tibbets….I’ll say no more. I agree that as a rule NHL players tend to be more classy and giving to the fans. But they screw up just like anyone can…they are people.

    And “Be careful in making statements about other cities and what fans will tolerate with players because it makes you come across badly”….what the hell does that mean? I formed an opinion on this subject by spending alot of time there and watching the fan base develop and how they responded and accepted the NHL.

    Nobody wanted belfour at the trade deadline because he was going to be a UFA…not because of his crazy antics in dallas. A bad apple has no trade value? You’re really funny, man. Most of the GM’s would trade their grandmother if they thought it would get them a cup.You should post more often. You’ll fit right in with a lot of the other laughable crap that people regurgitate around here. bad apple…he he Funny

  36. regdunlop says:

    I disagree with some of the things you said but I must tell you that I really appreciated your post. You made good points and backed them up with your own opinions without spouting any personal BS unlike a lot of other Morons on this site! Thanks.

  37. Aetherial says:

    … and Philadelphia will still be the laughing stocks of the league and keep their annual distinction as the team that does the least with the most…

    Or maybe this year they WILL actually do something… nawwww

  38. zednik says:

    Thank you very much !


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