Bell – Making the Cut Challenge

I’m sure all Canadians were sitting around their television sets Tuesday night watching the newest reality show. “Bell – Making the Cut” If not…do it!

I was…it’s a really neat original idea…and you get your hockey fix. I hate reality shows, but this one…I could not miss.

The point of the show is:

Players from all over Canada could go and try out at different arenas in every province. Anyone could go. Male, female of any age. From the initial 10,000 trying out, They choose 68. From there only 6 players make the cut after a long grueling training camp. In the end, each of the players get rewarded with a tryout with one of the six Canadian team’s training camps. A REAL TRYOUT FOR THE NHL! Scotty Bowman, Mike Keenan and a bunch of other real NHL scouts are in charge and making the cuts.

Since it airs on CBC I’m not sure if Americans are able to watch it.

Check out the link below for all the info.



What I like is the diversity of all the players. There are players who were too short, too weak before, players that played in the NHL (Todd Harkins) but had to leave due to family problems….they all get a second chance.

Players who were never drafted that got a second chance:

Martin St. Louis

Ed Belfour

Brian Rafalski

Curtis Joseph

…just to name few…


1. Could this really fly? Could a player really make it to the NHL like this and be competitive?

2. What will other players think of them? ex. “This guy won his tryout with MY team. He’s not gonna get my spot. I’m gonna smoke him during the tryouts and make him look bad”

3. Would the NHL want the team to choose him and play him? For more publicity?

Quote of the show so far:

“The real IDOLS in this country wear skates” – Scott Oake


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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya I love that show. I was so shocked when Dan Tessier got cut. Levy was a big mouth, and Harkins was too old, Tessier is definatley better.

  2. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I wish I lived in Canada.

  3. titans says:

    Canadians actually have their own T.V. shows! Hahahahaha yea right! Next you’ll try and tell me they have their own currency or even their own court systems! Hahaha cute little Canadians!

  4. titans says:

    Why?? Do you live in Afghanistan?

  5. trademan says:

    hey you forgot our best part … our beer.

  6. titans says:

    And lets not forget your Maple Syrup!

  7. hockeyhead says:

    i love how canadians love hockey so much but why not have this in usa? i mean who watches the “next world champ” or what ever that stuuupid boxing show is?

    lets get real here literally……the next big pornstar, making the “cut”.

    when will it stop.? what is so facinating about regular people failing and succeeding? i do it every day. does it make me feel better to watch people on tv.?


  8. Dreamcatcher says:

    I really don’t know what your problem is Titans. Is there something in particular that you have against Canadians? Did you vacation at one of our Cities, end up partying at a bar not realizing it was a GAY Bar, drink too much and take it up the ass dry from 100 drunken Canadian men or something why singing “Oh-Canada?”

    Perhaps it’s because your one of the 298 million U.S citizens that have a grade 2 education, and believe that they you are the only advanced Country in the world why’ll doing their best to pollute the rest of this planet with your crap?

    I would choose my Country over the U.S anyday you huge loser! At least our Country doesn’t walk into anothers by force and under the guise of being the world’s “peace keeper” with a false Democratic agenda and bomb our OWN people pretending it was terrorists!

    At least Canadians are not hated by most European destinations that we vacation to. To me, your Country is EXACTLY like the Roman Empire. Which eventually fell in ruin.

    Some of you fellow Canadians will find this very will most of the more intelligent U.S citizens. However I am sick and tired of hearing over and over these bullshit comments from uneducated assholes representing their *****ed up Country.

    Titan, you are an uneducated, anus lickin, shit munchin, sperm gulpin repressed Gay hermaphrodite.

    All this from your average 16 year old Canadian boy assmoocher!

  9. titans says:

    You know what my problem is asswipe? PEOPLE LIKE YOU!! Someone makes a politically incorrect joke about something and theres always some half wit like you right there with nothing better to do than to write a six paragraph rant telling him how naughty & bad he is! SUCK IT UP RETARD!! Wipe those tears from your cheek and GROW A PAIR!! I justlove people like you, your the jackass who calls the cops on the neighboors kids if they’rethrowing a party while they’re parents are away. Your the guy who goes around correting people when they don’t use proper grammar. Pull that HUGE poll from out of your ass and relax a bit skippy!

  10. Dreamcatcher says:

    The only one with a pole up his ass is you U.S shiteatin faggot. The fact that your ready to make those comments shows how you really feel about us so screw yourself loser. Don’t like it? Post somewhere else then! As for partying, I’m the one DOING the partying and your right. I DON’T like comments about Canada. We put up with enough U.S ass munchers like you commenting about our Country. How much would you have liked it if the comments were always directed at your Country and people everywhere you went inbred jed!

    So keep practising with your horse-sized vibrator till your cross dressing boyfriend gets home turd gulper

  11. titans says:

    Booo Hooo Hooo Hoooo U.SA. is always pickin on us! Boo Hooo Hoooo!! You still don’t get do you? IT’S A JOKE!! JUST LIKE YOU…A JOKE!!

    Stop trying to deflect all that pent up rage from years of countless beatings at the hands of your classmates onto me. You obviously don’t understand why your parents beat you as a child…your a fruit!!

    Stop your chin from quivering, and get yourself some Kleenex skippy!

  12. hockeyhead says:

    J esus H C hrist

    even i knew he was kidding. why do you have to call all us americans stupid.

    personally i don’t see any diffference between canadians and americans.

    and calling us war mongers is b ull shi t. with in power there is peace. if we were weak some other country with communistic views or something would be walking all over us.

    for F u ks sake. we would be nazis today if it was not for the USA but how easy we forget.

  13. titans says:

    He’s the type of person who always went to the teacher and told on his classmates when they were passing notes and than couldn’t understand why they beat the shit out of him at recess. Everything upsets him.

    He’ll die a virgin and never understand why…and we can only hope that happens all to soon!

  14. Dreamcatcher says:

    Hockeyhead…I truly apologize. I don’t have a prob with you or anyone else. I was just freakin, because my bro came back from Philly in a bag last month. I guess he and the family asked the wrong people for directions and he got a beating when he told them he was from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. He died with head injuries there.

    That’s really what my rant was all about. No slight on Titan or anyone else. Just hurting I guess, and the joking set me off. My bad. Apologies out to Titan, yourself and every other U.S citizen. I guess I just flipped out. I’ve been on this site for a very long time and have never printed shit like that.

    Peace guys.

  15. hockeyhead says:

    that is ok and i am sorry about your loss. i think anyone of us could end up in trouble in certain neiborhoods in this country of the usa. that is what happens when there are so many diverse groups stuck together.

    i love canada and i had the most fun in montreal the times i have gone. the people were nice to me even tho i tolk them i was a bruins fan.

    i guess i got upset because i hate politics and our “great leader jackass” and i am sick of the war and all the bull sh t that people say about america. i think we are people like canada…..mostly.

  16. flyhockeyguy says:

    No sweat Dream. I understand. There’s an awful lot of violence in our country. I’m from D.C myself. I can see how Titan’s comments might have set you off. I’ve been to Winnipeg before. You guys have a city that so so much reminds me of Chicago. Lots of architecture, old heritage buildings mixed with modern buildings and skyscrapers. I was quite surprised going into Canada my first time. I admit, I was expecting “How’s it goin eh?” etc etc. I was surprised to find people were the same there as in the U.S.

    In Winnipeg I was in some trendy area that had live bands on the street and an internet cafe thing rolled into one. Can’t remember where it was. Can you post back to remind me? Anyway, we went to Grand Beach outside the city. Dude, you guys have some seriously HOT women there! Seriously! Sorry…way off topic. Anyway, sorry for your loss D.

  17. Dreamcatcher says:

    No problem. The spot you’re thinking of is Osborne Village near Corydon Avenue I think. Other than this, you could’ve been at the Forks near the new bridge to St.Boniface.

    Ps. Yes, there are some very very attractive Women in our City. Playboy did a special on “Women of Grand Beach” a few years ago. There apparently in town right now looking for models here. I think alot of people would be surprised at some Hollywood stars that are from Winnipeg.

  18. nhand says:

    I agree. Reality TV just has to go, even if it does include my favorite sport. Still, I’d love to have the CBC as a part of my local cable TV lineup down here in NJ. Until then the NHL Center Ice package will have to suffice. It’s good coverage, but you never get to see any of the wrapup or intro shows that the other markets have. I know that’s a part of the big money game, but frankly that sucks. Damn those lawyers!!!

  19. hockeyhead says:

    i must admit….i am addicted to fear factor but that is people competing which i love.

    too bad we don’t get cbc…i agree…i would love to have more hockey…even that show they speak of in the article.

  20. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Titans I would have expected better from you.I usually enjoy reading your articles,comments,etc.You just have to choose your words a bit more carefully.

    Same with the other fellow.Guys this is pretty digusting wouldn’t you both agree?

  21. dave1979 says:

    USA! Land of the FREEAKS!

    alli have to say is i am glad and proud i was born CANADIAN and not another american automaton.

  22. hockeyhead says:

    i think that is unfair. don’t clump me into a stereotype.

    i might be american but i am also half french canadian. you try to tell me what the difference is.

    don’t judge people by what their stupid government does.

  23. Malurous says:

    Yes, it’s true we’d be nazis today if it was not for the United Kingdom.

  24. hockeyhead says:

    united, united…..can’t we all get along. divided we fall.

    why can’t we be hockey fans here. i don’t care if we argue…but i don’t care if you are half black, mexican and jewish with a little homo flavor to you. lets just talk hockey and not bring our bias political assasinaation agendas into the mix.

    what ya say.

  25. leafs_man says:

    yea i love the show to its gonna be one hell of a hockey player when all the cuts are made but i still cant help but wonder if the player would come close to being competitive in the NHL, and Todd Harkins had to leave due to problems at home the rumors are that his son who is audtistic had complications

  26. raine_kalisz says:

    I’m surprised muswagon didn’t make it, you know the native guy. He’s got friggin wheels and stickhandling skills like you wouldn’t believe. I thought i heard them saying he was the best out there. Heh, guess not eh?

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