Bell – Making the Cut Challenge

I’m sure all Canadians were sitting around their television sets Tuesday night watching the newest reality show. “Bell – Making the Cut” If not…do it!

I was…it’s a really neat original idea…and you get your hockey fix. I hate reality shows, but this one…I could not miss.

The point of the show is:

Players from all over Canada could go and try out at different arenas in every province. Anyone could go. Male, female of any age. From the initial 10,000 trying out, They choose 68. From there only 6 players make the cut after a long grueling training camp. In the end, each of the players get rewarded with a tryout with one of the six Canadian team’s training camps. A REAL TRYOUT FOR THE NHL! Scotty Bowman, Mike Keenan and a bunch of other real NHL scouts are in charge and making the cuts.

Since it airs on CBC I’m not sure if Americans are able to watch it.

Check out the link below for all the info.



What I like is the diversity of all the players. There are players who were too short, too weak before, players that played in the NHL (Todd Harkins) but had to leave due to family problems….they all get a second chance.

Players who were never drafted that got a second chance:

Martin St. Louis

Ed Belfour

Brian Rafalski

Curtis Joseph

…just to name few…


1. Could this really fly? Could a player really make it to the NHL like this and be competitive?

2. What will other players think of them? ex. “This guy won his tryout with MY team. He’s not gonna get my spot. I’m gonna smoke him during the tryouts and make him look bad”

3. Would the NHL want the team to choose him and play him? For more publicity?

Quote of the show so far:

“The real IDOLS in this country wear skates” – Scott Oake