Bertuzzi Offically Charged

The following were taken from an Espn article. I know how everyone feels about cutting and pasting but given the nature of the topic I thought it best to keep portions word for word.

“Vancouver Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi was charged

Thursday with assault causing bodily harm for his on-ice attack on Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore that left Moore with neck injuries.

The charges were announced by the criminal justice branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General after a 4 month investigation.

The March 8 incident left Moore, 25, in hospital with three fractured vertebrae – two cervical vertebrae and a fracture of the transverse process in a thoracic vertebra – facial cuts, significant post-

concussion symptoms and “significant amnesia.”

We’ve all seen the hit. Seen it replayed hundreds of times while it was discussed on every sports show and website in the world. The question is, when does something that happens on the ice stay on the ice?

We all remember the Mcsorly hit. And at the time I remember many people who believed that it didnt warrant the attention of local law enforcment. At the time I agreed. I thought that the McSorley incident which got him convicted of assault with a weapon and given an 18-month conditional discharge, should have ended with the suspension that basically ended his career.

Hockey is a physical sport, with aspects of it that are not exactly acceptable outside the context of a ice rink. Hitting, fighting, black eyes, broken noses, they go with the territory right?

But personally, given the amount, and type, of injuries that Moore sustained I feel that the police should have been involved. Obviously a line was crossed that night and that the world outside the rink had to become involved.

Any thoughts?

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