Bertuzzi to MTL was almost completed subsequent to Theodore deal.

According to the “The Fourth Period” website, the Montreal Canadiens were supposedly very close to obtaining Todd Bertuzzi from the Vancouver Canucks. The deal would have been finalised right after the Theodore deal to Colorado.Amidst all the trade talk, some deals just don’t pan out.

While the Vancouver Canucks received offers for winger Todd Bertuzzi prior to Thursday’s trade deadline, none seemed better than a proposal from the Montreal Canadiens.

According to numerous reports, the Canucks and Canadiens were vigorously discussing a trade Wednesday night (the night before D-day) that would have sent Bertuzzi packing.

Speculation suggests that Bertuzzi would have been dealt to the Habs in a package deal involving winger Richard Zednik and an unidentified defenseman. The Canucks, however, were supposedly insistent on acquiring a high quality prospect.

One source, who spoke on the basis of anonymity, told TFP the Canadiens were hoping to simultaneously announce the Jose Theodore trade alongside a Bertuzzi acquisition.

While Canucks general manager Dave Nonis admitted to receiving offers for Bertuzzi, he would not confirm where those offers came from, nor who might have been involved.

The Habs, meanwhile, were also tight-lipped and Canadiens GM Bob Gainey would not confirm nor deny an interest in Bertuzzi.

“The deal for a player like that wasn’t there,” Gainey told the Montreal Gazette, referring to a top-line forward. “If you look at the players of that type who moved, there were deals involving young prospects and we didn’t have those players to give, or we were unable to make them available.”

Talks supposedly broke off that night, and ultimately a deal was never completed.

The two teams were rumored to have gone down a similar path earlier in the season. Various unconfirmed reports have claimed the Canucks and Habs were close to a deal that would have sent Bertuzzi and goalie Dan Cloutier to Montreal for Zednik and Theodore.

“They’ve had these discussions earlier in the year, but Cloutier’s (knee) injury nullified any possible move,” a source told TFP. “Maybe they’ll try to dance again this summer? Who knows? It’s certainly a possibility.”

** Young quality prospects wanted possibly included Perezoghin, Kostitsyn or Latendresse.

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  1. movingfire says:

    Defenceman would probably have been Souray based on all the rumors. Add in a prospect and I can why Gainey choose not to make this deal. Even without the prospect, I would question this deal, but that is why Bob makes the big bucks.

  2. bakunin says:

    It is such hard now to get good player with the salary cap, evry team wants to keep their best player.

    This summer, Gainey will have the money to sign players.

  3. Colasurdo says:

    Hey, I know this has nothing to do..but I noticed a few Sharks fans here. Any reason why Toskala is playing a lot more than Nabokov..Is Nabokov slightly or are they just Toskala’s hotness at this point?

    And anyone know Carolina’s lines?

    Who’s Recchi partnered up with?

  4. Colasurdo says:

    Sorry about that…Any reason why Toskala is playing a lot more than Nabokov? Is Nabokov slighty “hurt” or are they just “riding” Toskala’s hotness at this point?


  5. gohabs73 says:

    looks like Recchi’s playing with Cullen and Whitney…

    he’s also getting powerplay time with different combinations of lines…

  6. Colasurdo says:

    Not so bad.


  7. habsoverserver says:

    I believe that Bob Gainey has come to the unfortuante realization that free agents don’t want to join the Habs. The reasons are obvious (1) high taxes (2) media pressure (3) poor performance. Gainey also believes that the Habs need a power forward, one of the most scarce assets in prohockey.

    The only ways for Gainey to get a power forward are (1) trade (2) draft. I don’t think Gainey has any faith in his scouts to find a decent power forward in the draft. And even if Latendresse pans out, as we all hope he does, he will not hit his prime for another five to seven years.

    This leaves Gainey with the near impossible task of trading a group of underperforming assets (like Ribiero, Zednik, Sourray or Theodore) for a power forward. Unfortunately, no GM is so stupid as to give up an All-Star player for anything wearing the bleu, blanc et rouge. The best Gainey can hope for is to bag a thug like Bertuzzi,

    Personally, I’d rather take my chances with Higgins, Perezoghin and Kostisyn than allow Bertuzzi to soil the Montreal uniform.

    The path out of 15 years of imcompetence is in rebuilding the coaching and scouting departments. I think that hiring Carbonneau is a good first step.

    In the mean time, I will breath a sigh of relief that Bertuzzi remains three time zones away from the Bell Center.

  8. gohabs73 says:

    why are people so hard on Bertuzzi’s performances?

    could you name a few power forwards who are doing better than Bert this season?

    the only ones i could think of are Thornton and Ovechkin (he really is one)…

    and possibly Arnott and Marleau, but i’m not sure they really qualify as power forwards…

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Shanahan, Arnott, Jokinen and Morrow are having better seasons.

    Given that Bertuzzi has Naslund to set him up, he should be doing better. Bertuzzi is having a poor year relative to his prior three seasons.

    I’m hard on Bertuzzi because twice in his career he did stupid things to get himself long suspensions and hurt his team. His playoff record of six goals and 82 PIM in 24 games is not impressive. Zednik has 14 goals in 37 playoff games, a far better record.

  10. BigCanuck says:

    Simple. 3 years ago he hit everything and gave effort. Now he skates around and only tries if the puck is right on his stick. He NEVER goes into a corner 1st, nor does he come out of a corner with the puck. It pisses you off watching him now. I mean he is 245, yet if you watch the 200 lb twins, they seem to always come out with the puck, and hit guys. You want an early hint for your next years hockey pool? Both the twins will get at least 90 points next year. TAKE IT TO THE BANK

  11. bakunin says:

    the only way we can get ufa is by overpaying them and we will be able to do so.

  12. ThomasHawks says:

    Jonathan Cheechoo with is 37 goals is way better than him

  13. gg_idiot says:

    Heatly, Forsberg, Marleau, Shanahan, Staal, Kovalchuk, Thornton

  14. BunchOfLies says:

    1. true

    2. You know, Gainey never had any problem dealing with pressure as a player, same for Carbonneau…

    Watched the game tonight, all I saw when the game ended is a bunch of happy players… guess when you’re giving all you got, you don’t feel that much pressure (no one complaining about Ribeiro anymore, same for Souray, even Zed in the last 2 or 3 games)…

    I don’t think Kovalev, who signed back with us in the off-season, feel that much pressure… And I don’t think our C, who accepted a 4M$/year contract feel so much pressure neither (would have been UFA)…

    3. Huuuu… you watched any Habs game lately ?

    Sure, if you were talking about the team that was on the ice 20-25 games ago maybe… but the way they’re playing right now… I dunno, between Mtl or places like Pit, Chi, Flo, Was, St-L…

  15. habs_punk says:

    15 years of incompetence? I guess winning the Stanley Cup, like the Habs did in ’93, doesn’t count for much anymore does it?

    In response to the whole Bertuzzi issue, it’s possible he just needs a change of scenery like Heatley did. There’s no denying his skills. Thornton is the only player in the league close to Bertuzzi’s size that is more skilled than Todd. Some of the names people are throwing out there are crazy. Kovalchuk a power forward? Ovechkin? They are both incredibly skilled with decent size, but they aren’t “power forwards”. They’re snipers, they’re playmakers. Ovechkin can really hit, but that doesn’t make him a power forward. Bertuzzi is the very likely the player Montreal needs. He made a stupid mistake, are you going to hold that against him for the rest of his career? There are no other power forwards of that calibre available. I very much hope Gainey makes a push to try to pick up Bertuzzi in the offseason.

  16. my_sphincter says:

    While I agree that there is alot of pressure playing in MTL, your other two comments have no merit.

    First of all, even playing on an Alberta team, there are high tax issues. Therefore, all of the Canadian teams have similar problems.

    As for poor performance, more than half of the teams in the NHL have been worse than the Habs in the last 15 years. The Habs have a history of winning (twice as many cups as any other team), and any player worth having should want to make a team better and help bring them another cup. Look at Kariya… he was happy to go to Nashville and try to make the team a cup contender. The idea that the performance of the team is keeping UFA’s away is ridiculous.

    Clearly Bob is diligently trying to make the team better and they have a bright future. What player wouldn’t want to be part of that. If Bob was sticking with the status quo and allowing his team to continue to be average while claiming they are better than average (like JFJ has been doing), I can understand players hesitating to sign… But this is clearly not the case.

    Big Bert is a great player and he just need a change of scenery.

  17. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Thank god we didn’t get bertuzzi. People thought that theo was overpaid and overrated, look at Bertuzzi. He sucks. Good move Bob.

  18. Gretzkin says:

    Bertuzzi transplanted on the Habs roster would be the leading scorer by 8 points (55 points, Kovalev 47 points).

    How is that “He Sucks”?

    I guess the entire Habs roster must really suck then, according to your theories…

  19. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    5.5 million for 55pts? That is why he sucks.

  20. gohabs73 says:

    Forsberg and Staal aren’t power forwards for sure… they hit less than Mike Ribeiro…

    Forsberg WAS a power forward…

  21. Gretzkin says:

    He’s exactly on par with his production during the last season.

    He had 60 points in 69 games.

    He’s got 55 in 64 games this season.

    That hardly sucks.

    I do agree that 5.5 million seems like a lot for a player who has only had 2 stellar seasons (2001-02 – 85 points, 2002-03 – 97 points).

    Compare that to say, Mats Sundin. He gets payed the maximum at what 6.75 Million, and he has averaged about 75 points over the last 10 seasons.

    He has 48 points so far, does Mats Sundin suck?

    It’s sort of the same bang for your buck, innit?

    Overrated, and over payed a little due to limited sccess, perhaps.

    But suck? Far from it.

    He’d be the best player on the Habs, so that takes me back to your theory.

    The Habs apparently suck, you said it yourself.

    I disagree, but your the Habs fan, and you must know more than me.

  22. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Speaking of sucking, has anyone watched the “might oilers of Edmonton” play lately? Isn’t Roloson winless in his first 3 starts in Edmonton? Good aquisition Lowe, and it only cost u a 1st rounder. I wonder if Lowe can sit down, or whether his butt is too sore.

  23. Gretzkin says:

    Yeah, Roloson hasn’t had the best start to speak of.

    He played well in his first two games, I didn’t see today.

    He’s actually played well, but not well enough to win yet.

    I’m not too concerned about his abilities, as it’ll take a bit of time to get into the swing of being a #1.

    Though, not too much time, please.

    Anyhow, I’m not sure what that has to do with you being completely wrong of you assesment of Todd Bertuzzi…

    He’s better than everybody on the Habs, right?

    At least that’s what his stats say, so thank god Gainey didn’t get him.

    I can’t honestly think of any team that would consider him to be a bad acquisition…

  24. Ivan_Mtl says:

    Pierre Macguire, a regular guest on the Montreal’s Team 990 as well as a TSN and NBC analysit, said after the trade deadline that there was NEVER any discussion between the two camps regarding a Bertuzzi to Montreal deal.

    Your information is completely wrong. These “uncomfirmed rumours” by an unidentified “source” is nothing more than wishful thinking by fans and/or the media.

  25. steviewonder says:

    I understand the moore thing is one of the things you are talking about, but what is the other. If you are talking about coming off the bench to go after Scott Parker you don’t understand hockey. That was something that started off this season until that point he wasn’t playing all that well and that turned the Canucks season around that year. You have to love that he went out there to protect one of his teammates. If you can’t understand that then you don’t understand hockey.

  26. johnnyhab says:

    sundin sucks and is gutless he has no heart and no cup just like the rest of those losers in the bigjoke,not smoke! toronto sucks! hire a real general managerferguson’s abum! gainey wouldn’t go there three years ago because he didn’t want to be assiociated with losers! and he not a puppet for the likes of that moron peddy,GAINEY’S got more smarts in his big toe than any general managerthe toronto maple faggots have ever had! pat quin!LOSER!!!! WITH ACAPITAL L!!fergusonwhat areal loser!! his old man should have slapped him silly for taking this job!!!

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