Best Building Playoff Atmosphere

Yeah its the playoffs and that means the fans are louder and more drunk then ever, but just which arena has the best playoff atmosphere?I will list off all playoff teams and then grade them on the atmosphere the arena and fans generate during a game, I just love the rally towels and flags.

Calgary- I havent seen this team in the playoffs for so long that I have forgotten what their fans are all about. I guarantee the Saddledome will be a rockin in cowtown though. B

Vancouver- I love how this team comes out to U2. I also love how this team always gives out rally towels which is a nice touch. I don’t even like the nucks but it almost brings a tear to my eye when I see this team come out to the ice with its fan screaming. A+

Ottawa- God its quiet in the Corel Centre during the regular season. If not for the blasted loud goalhorn then this building would have very little atmosphere during the regular season. That being said the playoffs are a totally different story. The Corel gets into a frenzy and the rally towels get a waving. The addition of 5,000 or so leaf fans during a Battle of Ontario series only adds to the already great playoff atmosphere. The pathetic regular season showing hurts this grade. B+

Montreal- Loud, drunk, I love it. Good ol’ Habs fans. They know their hockey so its great to see their reaction to costly calls or great plays. A

Toronto- This team has the biggest fan base in the league maybe only matched by “hockeytown”. This team has sold out eveyr game since the great depression so the atmosphere in Toronto has always brought something different to the table. The regular season has lots of suits in the seats so the noise is less then it could be. The playoffs though everybody seems to get loud. The eddie chants are always a sign of things going well in leaf nation. This city always knows how to act during a playoff run. A

San Jose- What a bunch of hockey nerds! But no seriously these people know how to cheer. Booing Pronger? I love it! Chanting choo everytime Chechoo toughes the puck is a nice touch. B+

St.Louis- Bah. I don’t know what to say. The fan base has been spoiled with constant regular season success so they are quiet and got lots of empty seats. Come playoff time they only seem to cheer if the team is leading. C+

Detroit- They arent too loud during the first round but the further this team gets down the playoff road the louder they get. Its not really hockeytown even though they claim it is. It would like to see how many show up when they start losing (if they ever start losing). B+

Boston- Where wear you guys during the regular season when your team was beating out Toronto and Ottawa for the division? I know this teams ownership has put its fans through some rough years but common, support your bloody first place team for at least 1 month and forget the sox! B

Nashville- They are loud as hell and i’m sure the alcohol in Nashville only helps. I love the atmosphere when a team is in for the first time. Keep it up Nashville. B-

Colorado- Ah yes. So many sold out games, so many stars. You fans are so damn spoiled! You get handed a winner from Quebec! This is just my anger showing. I hate you folks! But yeah you guys showed Bourque and Roy the respect they deserved during playoff runs and have been good to get Abby into a playoff grove by chanting his name. A

Dallas- Its takes you people 15 minutes to get in your damn seats! Are as loud as anybody but can get quick to boo their own team if they arent performing. B

New Jersey- Hahahahahaha. Pathetic! 15,000 a game for the reg season after a stanley cup? I don’t care if your arena is in a field, so is the Corel Centre and they do a good job with attendence! Sometimes you guys cant even sellout playoff games! Spoiled brats. You can hear a pin drop if the team is tied or down by 1. D+

Philly- The biggest jerk fans in sport. You guys are mean people but yer a bunch of jokers. I love it when you guys boo certain players. That being said they know their hockey and they are just a loud as anybody. I got respect for them even though they seem to hate everybody else. A

New York Islanders- Maybe 13,000 pure fans and the rest are bandwagoners. Loudest arena in the playoffs this year though. They are loud and really hate the other teams players which is all good. The lack of a bigger pure fanbase hurts the grade though as well as poor regular season attendence for a decent team. B

Tampa Bay- Haha. I used to live in T Bay during the baseball stadium Thunderdomw days. Those were good times. 9,000 people in 40,000 seat stadium. That being said these people are starting to get to know the sport. They are loud and are getting more knowledgeable. This is the lightnings chance to take some pages out of the sports section for the bucs off season. B-

Well now its time for you to praise my rankings (highly doubtful) or to disagree (highly likely).

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