Best Hockey Goals Ever

I decided to put together a top 10 video of what i think are the best ten goals scored in hockey (NHL, CHL, International, or anything). The criteria is only how “nice” the goal was, menaing that when it happened is irrelevant (ie. you won’t be seeing Bobby Orr’s cup-winner against the Blues, or Hull’s cup-winner against the Sabres). The goal can come either in-game, a penalty shot, or in a shootout

10. Corey Perry, London Knights – Completely undresses defender…twice. (1:36 in)

9. Mario Lemieux, Team Canada – Heads-up play by Lemieux to let Kariya score.

8. Maxim Afinogenov, Buffalo Sabres – Ridiculous 360 goal.

7. Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings – No-look, falling down pass. (5:08 in)

6. Linus Omark, Team Sweden (I think) – Unbelievably creative shootout goal.

5. Rick Middleton, Boston Bruins – Skate-to-stick goal. (2:54 in)

4. Bobby Orr, Boston Bruins – Elbow pass. (0:42 in)

3. Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings – The Datsyukian Deke.

2. Jaromir Jagr, Pittsburgh Penguins – Unreal Hand-eye. (2:40 in)

1. Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals – No explanation needed.

I’m sure there are plenty of goals worthy of being on here that I left out, so if you know of any, just post them.

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  1. hockey_lover says:

    I dont know where on the list but I would throw in Marek Malik's SO goal a few seasons ago.

    Also, on that Jagr top 10 list, the #1 was also pretty ridiculous.

  2. leafy says:

    One of the greatest goals I've ever seen was Lemieux's famous 1 on 2 goal against Minnesota in the '91 Cup Final.

    Watching Lemieux motor through the neutral zone, he looks like he's propelled by rockets. Then he dekes both defencemen and the goalie, Jon Casey. 

    Lemieux's performance in the '91 and '92 playoffs was pretty much as good as it gets.

  3. leafy says:

    I don't have access to YouTube on this computer, but I remember most of the goals listed.

    Wasn't the Middleton goal against Quebec? I believe it was the 1982 quarter final, if I recall. Quebec had just upset Montreal in the first round on an OT goal by Dale Hunter. Then Quebec upset Boston is 7 games, with the last game ending 2-1 at the Gardens.

    I think that was the game Terry O'Reilly punched referee Van Hellemond in the face.  But then Quebec got destroyed in 4 straight by the Islanders. Haha!

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     Rick Nash' goal beats Ovi's by a long shot

  5. hockey_lover says:

    Woah I forgot about that one.

    I dont know if it beats it hands down, but that goal is indeed pretty ridiculous.

  6. pezzz123 says:

    Rick Nash' goal in PK 2 years ago looks a lot like Jagr's #1. 

  7. bbruins37 says:

    it was nice but part of why its so good is the situation (big 6'6 defenseman who hasnt scored in like a year scoring in the longest shootout ever). im just judging the goal itself and if its just the between the legs shot, i dont think that cuts it

  8. bbruins37 says:

    nothing beats ovie's goal. you might be sick of seeing it but just think of how ridiculous that goal really was. one handed, on his back, without looking. i seriously doubt there will ever be a better goal

  9. bbruins37 says:

    yeah it was against the nordiques, although im not sure when. but ill take your word for it

  10. reinjosh says:

    Nash's goal versus Phoenix is far and away the best goal
    Toews goal against Colorado has to also be up their
    And Ovechkin's goal against PHoenix is the most overrated good goal in the entire post-lockout era
    I mean it was really sweet looking
    but the luckiest dumb luck goal ever
    But top 5 post lockout goals
    5. Bobby Ryan Spinorama

    4. Ovechkin Falling Goal

    3. Sedin Backhand shot over the close side of the goalie
    I can't find a link anywhere but it was when one of the sedins came in on the right side agains a defenseman and backhand flipped the shot over the shoulder of the goalie who was pressed against the post.

    2. Toews Through Avs Defense

    1. Nash Embarrasses Phoenix Defense and Goalie

  11. reinjosh says:

    dumbest luck goal ever

  12. hockey_lover says:

    As the saying goes "ya gotta be lucky to be good and good to be lucky."

  13. leafy says:

    I remember the series like yesterday. It was a classic.

  14. leafshockey says:

    Where would everybody put Rick Nash' goal in the World Hockey CHampionships? Because I think that was pretty sweet, not sure that it should be on this list, though.

  15. Rico420 says:

    This was a tough one for me but here are my personal favourites

     Darren McCarty – 1997 Stanley Cup Finals

     Scott Niedermayer in full flight – Stanley Cup Finals 1995

     My personal all time favourite player – Mike Bossy vs. The Rangers.

    Spezza undresses the entire Montreal Canadiens.

    Though I hate the Leafs – Killer put a nice one in.


  16. leafy says:

    How about this classic goal from the '83 Semi Final.

  17. leafy says:

    And here's the Lemieux goal. Unbelievable skill.

  18. Rico420 says:

    You can argue with me all day long but I think you'll agree with me Leafy – Bossy is one of the best pure goal scorers (in my opinion the best) of all time.

  19. honestabe says:

    you gotta have Denis Savard on that list

  20. honestabe says:

    or how about this one from the michigan wolverines.  this is classic because it was the first.

  21. honestabe says:

    can't find a clip of it on youtube, but Lemiuex scored an amazing goal against Boston early in his career.  He completely undressed Ray Bourque.

  22. mojo19 says:

    some nice goals posted there!

    And Leafy, you posted some good ones too, everyone on here has actually.

    Here is my favourite all time, classic Stevie Y 1989 vs the Blackhawks, he dekes out everyone and one guy he beats twice. lol

    This goal is crazy!!

  23. mojo19 says:

    YA! i know the goal. He basically came in 1 on 2, then Bourque turned around and skated towards his net to pick up speed, and Lemieux slipped it through is legs and went around him as Bourque was turning back around and Mario ended up coming in alone.

    Surprised you can't find it, it should be on there, its shown a lot when Lemieux highlights come up.

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