Bettman Can't Be Happy With This Statement From Canes Owner

Peter Karamanos is quoted today saying that the season is basically lost and that he believes the fans will come back when there is a cost certainty.

Karamanos runs one of the least successful franchises in the NHL yet is a major player in the negotiations. His giving in on the season without working harder on finding a way to get the NHLPA to accept some level of a cap is likely going to hurt the NHL’s chances of breaking the NHLPA union. And for this Gary Bettman can not be pleased.

Fans north of the border may flock back to stadiums but fans in places like Carolina will not. And those who suggest that teams like Carolina should be contracted are delusional. A cap is exactly what those teams need to compete much like a city like Green Bay can have a playoff caliber NFL team. Contraction simply isn’t going to happen.

What Karamanos should be saying is the NHL will make ONE MORE offer to the NHLPA before they cancel the season. It will have a cost certainty in it however it will allow for players to remain wildly wealthy and to share in the growth of the game more as partners and less like employees.

In the event the two sides can not find a deal in the next 10 days both the prime minister of Canada and our non-so-able-minded president in the US should mandate that both sides engage in binding arbitration (much like a player conflict). The reason being that too many jobs and tax dollars are to be lost for no good reason if this lockout is to last the entire season. But don’t get your hopes up that president Bush will step in. He was the first president in 72 years to oversee a net loss of jobs in a presidential tenure. Why not lose these jobs too?