Bettman Can't Be Happy With This Statement From Canes Owner

Peter Karamanos is quoted today saying that the season is basically lost and that he believes the fans will come back when there is a cost certainty.

Karamanos runs one of the least successful franchises in the NHL yet is a major player in the negotiations. His giving in on the season without working harder on finding a way to get the NHLPA to accept some level of a cap is likely going to hurt the NHL’s chances of breaking the NHLPA union. And for this Gary Bettman can not be pleased.

Fans north of the border may flock back to stadiums but fans in places like Carolina will not. And those who suggest that teams like Carolina should be contracted are delusional. A cap is exactly what those teams need to compete much like a city like Green Bay can have a playoff caliber NFL team. Contraction simply isn’t going to happen.

What Karamanos should be saying is the NHL will make ONE MORE offer to the NHLPA before they cancel the season. It will have a cost certainty in it however it will allow for players to remain wildly wealthy and to share in the growth of the game more as partners and less like employees.

In the event the two sides can not find a deal in the next 10 days both the prime minister of Canada and our non-so-able-minded president in the US should mandate that both sides engage in binding arbitration (much like a player conflict). The reason being that too many jobs and tax dollars are to be lost for no good reason if this lockout is to last the entire season. But don’t get your hopes up that president Bush will step in. He was the first president in 72 years to oversee a net loss of jobs in a presidential tenure. Why not lose these jobs too?

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He’ll be fined. In the summer of 02 Pat Quinn was making excuses for not signing Carter, Fleury, or any other big name free agents, and he said there would be a lockout, he was fined a few weeks later.

  2. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    You might be right about a fine on this one…

  3. UsedandAbused says:

    Oh… I thought this was an article about hockey rather then an echo of your hatred for our brilliant president. Oh….. and I am sure that 9/11 and the recession Bush inherited didn’t have much to do with those jobs lost, but as I recall the economy has been doing pretty well lately and the recession inherited from the Clinton administration was the shortest in our history. I guess some people rather be right then better off….

    As for us having an NHL season anytime soon… I’m not counting on it…. Right now I am just hoping we can have hockey next year.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Come on we both know I’m always right. Remember when everyone said Gonchar would be a Leaf and I said Leetch instead…. look where they both are now.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    why can’t they try one year under the owners and one year under the players plan and which ever one works they will use instead of being a bunch of babies and destroying the game.

    think about it.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    They can’t even agree that they both need to agree on anything. They are worce then a bunch of children at toys R us who have no intentions of doing anything outside of getting their own way. Taking turns? No way! They would both prefer to be in TIME OUT. I mean a Lock out.LOL

  7. Aetherial says:

    Probably should be, but I don’t imagine Bettman really cares too much about an opinion that re-iterates the seriousness of the owner’s stand on the issues.

    Besides, everyone knows there will be no season this year. I am hoping that they can cancel next year also.

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    I could care less if there is a Carolina Hurricanes team. If fact I would like to see that team moved back to the market which it was removed from. You know the market that has an appetite for hockey that is four times greater than that of Carolina.

    They could even contract the league and use that franchise as one that can go.This idea is not delusional because it is not an abnormal state of thought when others would agree and none of the individuals are psychotic.

    I can concede that Bush would be well advised to simply take anything Paul Martin would recommend as being the correct thing to do in this situation. You didn’t have to bash our leader as you did. Bush takes office in the wake of a falling economy handed to him by the previous administration and then has to deal with terrorists crashing our planes into our buildings. Somehow you are expecting our economy to flourish? Have you been watching to many Michael Moore movies and listing to Michael Savage’s radio programs?

    I agree that it would be nice to see an end to this lockout even if it means governmental intervention.

    I will watch NHL games and attend games once things get back to the way they were before this greed epidemic. I hope that the players get a CBA offer from the owners also. The thing is that the NHL is not just going to come out lay an offer on the table and say take it of leave it.

    The fans will come back when there is a cost certainty? Wrong!!!That is a fallacy.

    I will watch hockey as soon as there is a face off at center ice between two teams that have NHLers playing and it will not promote my interest in watching those players play simply by knowing that the owners are putting a financial chock hold on the very people I went to watch.

  9. tmeyers says:

    Karmanos should not be trusted. do not believe a single word that s*****bag says. hE IS A MAJOR REASON THE NHL IS WHERE IT IS AT. How many more fans can you alienate for your own satisfaction, eh s*****bag?

    This guy should be strung up and beaten with sticks, then set on fire.

  10. tmeyers says:

    screw you. Bush is a facist and will sell his soul for profit. Just ask the Skullies down at Yale, they talk about him all the time at Toads place. Someone should steal your bank account and kick your ass back to Israel.

  11. tmeyers says:


  12. 19Yzerman says:

    This Karmanos does do a lot in the detroit area for hockey. However at times it seems he is trying to suceed at things Red Wings owner Ilitch does. From owning hockey teams to sponcering Pee Wee hockey leagues. He has this Gigantic Mansion that Ilitch has to drive by to get from his house to the Joe Louis Arena and Karmanos has a huge Carolina Hurricane flag waving out front. Its kind of funny at times.

  13. kingmo15 says:

    this isn’t karmanos speaking up carelessly with no regard to a fine by bettman. this is the nhl articulating their negotiation strategy. it may very well come out the the nhl is fining karmanos, but i think it will be a total hoax. behind the scenes, bettman allowed one owner to “break the rules” and speak their mind to further convince players, deep down inside, that if they don’t concede to a salary cap they will go over 12 months without a paycheck. then karmanos says the lockout will then possibly last another season in order to get a cap. this is a pure negotiation tactic, and seems that it might be a very effective one.

    imagine for a second trying to go over a year without getting a paycheck. sure, you say “but the players make millions, or at least hundreds of thousands, and have probably saved up enough to live.” probably only a few have done that. remember, these guys are buying mercedes and mansions worth millions, and their mortgages are probably 5K per month! then you add on all their cars and living expenses. plus, the smart ones who have put away money have most likley put it away in mutual funds or long-term bonds, and the last thing they want to do is to break into their savings just to pay a couple months of their BMW or go buy groceries.

  14. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Leafy if you weren’t 13 years old I would suggest you go to work in Vegas…

  15. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    In the end you have to look at the score board. I could go on for VOLUMES about how much better the Flyers were last year than the Lightening but because of injuries, calls and every other excuse the Flyers lost. We you know what – they LOST. I have to deal with it.

    Bush is losing for America. Losing jobs. Losing resepct. Losing hope in ever paying off the debt.

    My point was – it would be EASY for Bush to say that he is DEMANDING that both sides sit down with an arbitrator (maybe someone like Uberoth) and be forced to solve the problem in a way that works for both sides in order to save jobs and increase tax revenue.

    But what do I know about business anyway? One thing they do teach at USC as opposed to Yale is that the Hous of Saud isn’t coming to bail you out of your failing business no matter WHO your Daddy is.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Actually I don’t even turn thirteen for….. hey exactly six months. I read hockeydb when I’m bored, and I judge trades by the GM’s trade history, and wins… well actually I don’t do to well when my grampa asks me to pick proline for him, but all seventeen times he asked me to do that last year, were the miracle Pens wins.

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I am a Bush fan, but I don’t think (except for America) I’d want to be in any of the countries Bush has been involved with. I wish we had a conservative government though. Then maybe we’d have a chance in WW3.

  18. UsedandAbused says:

    The economy has been on the rise steadily (shortest recession EVER)… Like I said… most those job lost where a result of Clinton’s Recession and 9/11. I just find it funny how you liberals conveniently act as if 9/11 didn’t happen. If a liberal was the current president the media would be raving about what a great job was being done by the president. However liberals can make any good situation seem bad when it suits there purpose.

  19. aafiv says:

    Unfortunately, Karmanos is the worst possible person to have on the executive committee engineering this lockout. His franchise ought to be the first to be gotten rid of if there were any contraction, he’s a moron.

    Let’s see…. Hmmmm…

    My struggling pissant franchise is failing in small-market Hartford, Conn. eventhough it’s in the middle of hockey-loving New England.


    Let’s move it to Raleigh, North Carolina where nobody even knows what hockey is!!! Thats the ticket, yeah!!!!

    While I’m at it, I’ll continue to under invest in my team to insure that it sucks every year and is not successful…


    What a brilliant plan.

  20. 19Yzerman says:

    Hey Maybe they can use nascar marketing ideas to help them like using player numbers that are on race cars. WHO is that feller wearin #24? Hell I reconn we can just call EEM gordon.

    during interviews between periods give them players bottles of what ever beverage sponcer offers the most. YEA! take that helmet off that player a put a sponced baseball hat OWN EEM!!

    HEYLLL we should have them there players do more crashin and do circles over the LOGO at center ice when we win games.

    I do feel for that market that got robbed. The AHL team has been sold out since the WHale left. If you look at a map you will find that it is more of a Northwestern NY market there which is good reason for that NYR famer team to do so well.

    Carolina? Well they did have those hottie cheerleader looking chicks with cowboy hats bigger than Richard Petty’s and low cut bottoms and High cut tops. YEEEE HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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