Blackhawks' Problems Are Childish

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote an article, so bear with me here, I might be rusty. Again, despite the additions of Aucoin, Spacek, Vorobiev, Seabrook, and Khabibulin, there are still inherent problems in the Chicago franchise. With the recent 3 game series against Detroit (I’m a Detroit Fan) I watched and noticed some of the reasons that the Hawks still are not winning games. Most of their troubles are something that your hockey coach would teach you not to do when you were still so young that you could play in your basement.

What am I talking about? Well take for instance a hockey sense rule #1 Never bunch up on one side of the ice and have a clusterfest with your teamates. This led to a goal by maltby in the game on Saturday night. Khabibulin had no chance as usual because there was no defense men defending the front of the net. Kirk Maltby ended up all alone and flicked the puck in with 3 hours to spare (exaggeration).

Another screw up; hockey sense rule #2 Don’t pass the puck through the center of your own zone in front of the net if there is a possiblity of it getting picked off. I think what’s more astounding is who did something this stuped. I’m not positive, but as I remember it was Aucoin, a experienced player. This just makes it to easy for forecheckers to intercept and pop in an easy one. Morgan and some others did this too.

Hockey sense rule #3, practice is not for playing patty cake with pucks in the stands. You go there to stay in shape, familiarize yourself with your line, and get sharper. Don’t do this and your likely to piss off your coach. The word is that Hawk’s players were shooting pucks into stands during practice Friday, Tarke got angry, and everybody was sent home. Is this really immature or is it just me?

Unless your Pavel Datsyuk, which most are not, don’t forget hockey sense rule #4, don’t make a blind pass. Seabrook was the best at demostrating this stupidity. On occassion, he’ll do this about 3 times in a row in his own zone. Normally I would be one to praise a talented young player like Brent, but that kind of play has made him look like, well, a rookie.

Frankly, I don’t who to blame this on, the players, or the coach. The players really shouldn’t be doing things so dumb and such common sense. However, the coach should have had any of these fixed a long time ago. This is only a start, and they are starting off from preschool instead of from college. It’s the only way to start winning and keep winning.