Blockbuster for Luongo

With the March trade deadline vastly approaching, rumors from around the league continue to persist. One very interesting one sees Los Angeles Kings GM Dave Taylor pulling off a blockbuster to pry Roberto Luongo away from Florida. It is said, that GM Mike Keenan would not let him go cheap and wants high-end forwards, a top 4 defenseman and a goalie in return.

Florida is said to want RW Dustin Brown, swedish star Lauri Tukonen, veteran defenseman Aaron Miller and goaltender Mathieu Garon in exchange for the superstar.

Its said that Keenan is also very high on prospect Anze Kopitar and might want to add him to the mix aswell, but Florida would probably have to add more to the package to recieve a player of his talent.

As far as the teams that covet the Canadian goaltender, few have the actual resources to pull of such a deal without cripling their future. Los Angeles would still have the likes of Frolov, Demitra and Cammalleri. While other teams that were previously rumored to have been interested would have to give up too much.

No matter how you slice it, it would definately take alot of convincing and talent to get Keenan to give up the Montreal native. But as the Joe Thornton trade back in December has taught us, anything is possible.

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  1. paul_dc10 says:

    loungo to vancouver

  2. PaulK123 says:

    Luongo may be traded this year but in the off-season i believe we may see him sign with the blue and white.

  3. paul_dc10 says:

    shut up about the leafs

  4. sakic91 says:

    loungo’s going to colorado

  5. captainjoefish says:

    lauri is finnish but i could see this happening tukonen and kopitar will both be great players

  6. Flyer_Dman says:

    Ignorance is bliss.

  7. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Luongo is going to Edmonton………

  8. detY192003 says:

    Luongo will be moved durring the offseason

  9. afanofthelakings says:

    Dustin Brown … hum … ok

    Aaron Miller … ok

    Lauri Tukonen … ok

    Mathieu Garon … no way !!!! Labarbera yes but not Garon

    having Luongo is great, but not for Garon

  10. gohabs73 says:

    why would they keep him till the end of this season if they’ll lose him as a free agent this summer?

    if they trade him now, at least they get something back!

    actually, i wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded before Thursday and signed back with the Panthers as a free agent.

  11. oildude says:

    I hope your right, he is the guy that could bring a cup to edmonton. They should be able to put a package together to interest florida including shremp and a first round pick. Throw in Horcoff if Jokinen is included.

  12. Laus723 says:

    cause they aren’t going to lose him to free agency…only jokinen is a ufa, louie’s a restricted free agent, so theres not the same pressure as there is with olli.

  13. Marky2Fresh says:

    I wish they would trade him already.

  14. JoelOtto says:

    Dustin Brown, hum? Have you ever seen this kid? He’s gonna be a stud…

  15. detY192003 says:

    thank you for atleast knowing what your talking about

  16. gohabs73 says:

    you’re right… this changes everything.

  17. ThomasHawks says:

    Blue, white and red way before blue&white L

  18. mikster says:

    The hell with it. I am tired of both Luongo and Jokinen being annoying about their contracts.

    Luongo has no patience and wants to win. Fine, buh bye.

    Jokinen thinks he should get paid like Jagr. Buh bye.

    At this point, trade the two….they are becoming headaches.

  19. TheWho says:

    The way I see it, is that Luongo doesn’t want to stay in a team that won’t go anywhere and don’t want to be cup contenders in a few years, that is the main issue here in my opinion. If Keenan can talk to Luongo and really tell him, while being honest about his intentions with the team, he will be able to make the right decision. Luongo doesn’t play for the money, anyways I don’t think he does.

  20. Kraftster says:

    I think that is why it would be Garon. If you have Luongo, whhy keep Garon?

  21. afanofthelakings says:

    I was the happiest guy on earth when i’ve leard the the kings traded for Garon,

    because i’m a Kings fan and also I consider Garon one the best goalie in the NHL and until he arrived with Montreal

    So having Mathieu with a Kings jersey I can’t imagine him quitting LA without one complete season.

    Yes Luongo is a GREAT goalie but i’m a Garon fan so …

    But if you ask me want I prefer :

    Garon 1st in Florida or 2nd in LA, of course I prefer seeing him no1 goalie !!!

    But the Kings can go in playoffs with Garon in goal, they don’t need Luongo. I would prefer them trading for Olli Jokinen or Marian Gaborik, also they might need a defenseman (Sergei Gonchar)

  22. afanofthelakings says:

    or even better then Gonchar …….. Brian Leetch

  23. NemiNA says:

    Handzeus Johnson and Esche

    Luongo, (krajicek?)


    philly has alot of 2nds. Esche just needs some playing time. I don’t want to give up Zeus but if its for Luongo, hell!

    I actually read a rumor similar to this in the Philadelphia Inquirer back in december.

  24. NemiNA says:

    keep believin buddy. hope is all we luongo fan’s have.

  25. wayne2 says:

    What about Havlat,Volchenkov and Emery for Luongo and Gelinas.I know Havlat is hurt but he could be a “futur consideration pre-agreement maybe“ and it would give the sens a great goaltender for a long time and Florida gets better on offense and defense for a long time as well and still get a decent goalie.The sens would also get a great playoff performer.I know the Hasek case is not settled yet but i know even if he is back it wont be for long and the sens got to go for it now.Unless we could use Vermette or Eaves instead of Havlat but i doubt it.Maybe Bochenski,Vermette’Volchenkov and Emery or Glass?

  26. simplyhabby says:

    I can see Luongo in Philly too. If there is any GM in the league who can pull off a trade, its Clarke but…..

    Keenan is a tough GM to deal with. I think if that deal was to go down, I am sure Keenan will press for either Carter or Richrds to be included in the deal.

  27. my_sphincter says:

    They all play for the $$$! Let’s be honest, most players would take a big contract from a non contending team over a small contract from a contender. There are a few exceptions (especially toward the end of a career), but everyone has a price.

  28. zdeno_duchesne says:

    why does everyone think gaborik’s on the move? it really confuses me.

  29. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    They have Nittymaki!!! Luongo is better but why trade for strngth?

    The Bertuzi deal is more likely.

    My pick is the Flyers get Brian Leetch for Freddy Meyer and a pick. Bos dumps salary and the Flyers get a Veteran player as they are a NOW team.

  30. zdeno_duchesne says:

    don’t hold your breath

  31. coach_bombay says:

    Luongo in LA…I don’t know man. With both Lab and Garon already in, I don’t see the point in giving up a couple of prospects for someone who will end up on Free agency.

    LA is at 35M, which is pretty up there in the cap, which to say that a rental player like Luongo might not be a good choice with what it looks like they would have to give up.

    True, no playoff experience between the pipes in LA, but Luongo does not have any either. I think they would be better off getting a guy like Cujo or Belfour before jumping into a guy like Luongo. Garon is the future of this team, and right now he is a bargain compaired to what they would have to give up in prospects, to gain in spending.

    My say…if this happens….it is stupid.

  32. simplyhabby says:

    Nittmaki is great but Philly’s number one problem regarding playoff success seems to be the goaltending. (I would not fault Esche for last season)

    Loungo would give a definate soloution. Nittimaki has yet to prove himself in the starters role over a few seasons. (not saying he can’t).

    I can see Bert going to Carolina with the injury to Cole. I guess we will find out on March 9th.

  33. afanofthelakings says:

    because he is

  34. afanofthelakings says:

    I say they can go into playoffs with Garon in goals, No Cujo No Ed, they are too old !

    Kings should try to trade for Jokinen (Roenick is good for the garbage)

  35. goose says:

    luongo for belfour and a pick.

  36. NemiNA says:

    March 9th will be christmas day!

  37. Boocoo says:

    I like your thinking here, if there was no cap. Remember that would make Luongo, Redden & Chara as FA for the Sens to try and sign this summer. That is a pretty tall order. I agree through the Sens need to start thinking long-term about the goalie of the future. All Teams that do well in the season and playoffs generally have an all-star calibre. It sounds like both of us do not want to re-live the “Lalime years”…

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