Blue Jackets looking for defensive help?

The Columbus Dispatch is speculating that the Blue Jackets may be looking for help on the power play through a trade.

Some of the names that are mentioned in the article include Kevin Bieksa of the Canucks, Bowmeester of the Panthers, Tom Pressing of LA, Joe Corvo of Carolina and Ryan Whitney of the Penguins when he returns from injury.

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18 Responses to Blue Jackets looking for defensive help?

  1. hockey_lover says:

    Im pretty sure Shero wouldnt take "a draft pick" for Ryan Whitney. Perhaps I am biased but I really think he is worth more than that.

  2. pezzz says:

    Whitney would fetch AT LEAST a good prospect and a 1rst rounder. He's inked for 5 more years at 4 millions, which is a reasonnable price for a future quarterback. But if there's a bidding war, think a package like Derek Dorsett, Kris Russell and a 1rst rounder.

  3. hockeyhead says:

    so is everyone else.

  4. hockey_lover says:

    I was going to suggest a 1st rounder and a prospect/decent roster player but I didnt want to get the wrath of the "homer"-hounds.

    Whitney is an awesome d-man. Yes, he had a "bad" year last season (whether it was the foot injury or not, dont matter) but he is still capable of putting up 45 – 55 points a year. Those are pretty good totals, Id say. A 1st rounder, likely a top 15 pick, is only a starting point.

  5. pezzz says:

    yeah you're right. I think he would fetch at least what Bouwmeester would fetch. AT LEAST.

  6. KingCanada says:

    I dont think your biased.  Those rumors are unfounded and are just thoughts of some Colombus sportswriter.  I wouldnt put too much thought into it.  Whitney isnt going anywere thats just ridiculous.  Hes part of Pittsburg young nucleus, their keeping him!

  7. KingCanada says:

    **Pens could consider moving Whitney, who struggled in the playoffs. They'd take a draft pick, too.**

    Ya my f*ckin ass!! This guy knows NOTHING!!  I think that was all apparent to us when he said he'd take a draft pick..

  8. KingCanada says:

    Keep in mind the guy that wrote that is just suggesting, the players he mentioned IMO arent going to go anywere.  But it is no secret Colombus is looking for a defenceman…

    -Ok we all know Withney is going nowere, hes the Pens #2 defenceman and has a great contract, he aint going anywere.

    -Kubina has a NTC and unless they want to overpay for him Fletcher wont trade the guy.  Not to mention hed have to run it by Pavel first.

    -Vancouver and Carolina are both in a playoff spot currently and are doin well so i doubt they would part with Bieksa and Corvo…Carolina especially with a couple of injuries on their blueline…just doesnt make sense.

    -The only ones that have a chance of moving to Colombus on that list are Preissing and Bouwmeester.  It is no secret that J-BO is going to be traded sometime or another this season.  Its just a matter of who wants to overpay for him.  And the system in LA seems to be trade as many veterans for draft picks and prospects so I can see that happenning.

    -I believe Colombus could use one our the Leafs extra defencemen when MVR comes back from injury since we have 9 if you want to include White who is currently playing as a winger.  Available could be Colaiacovo, White, Frogren, MVR, Stralman, Finger for the right prices..

  9. hockey_lover says:

    Just want to touch on a few points:

    1) Thats another thing with Whitney. He has a great contract compared to his talent level. If Redden makes what .. $6.5mil (Im guessing) then Whitney is DEFINITELY worth the $3mil or so (again, im guessing) he is making.

    2) Yes, it has been made very clear that Jbo wants out of Florida. But it is my understanding that he is tired of playing for a losing team. He wouldnt be avoiding that by going to Columbus. Im going to say that when he does get traded, he will end up on at LEAST a team that will regularly contend for a playoff spot.

    3) I agree with you on Bieska. I cant see them trading him. Although his value is really high (and rightfully so), I think he is there for awhile.

  10. RIP_Dimebag says:

    I wouldn't trade Bieksa unless Columbus was willing to overpay for him *coughcough* Brassard *coughcough* never going to happen I know this, but it'd be nice.

  11. KingCanada says:

    Well regarding JBO, he has ZERO say in were he goes since he does not have a no trade clause.  So basically JBO will be going to the highest bidder.  Only July 1st does JBO gain full autonomy and becomes a UFA, only then he can decide where he wants to go.

    Also Colombus is currently a bubble team, with JBO's help they could move up in the standings.

  12. Kramer says:

    I told you there's a big conspiracy!!!!  Read below.  You gotta be careful when you import real Cubans.

  13. LeafsNation91 says:

    Wow, do you think Kaberle might waive his NTC now???

  14. LeafsNation91 says:

    Wow, do you think Kaberle might waive his NTC now???

  15. LeafsNation91 says:

    Wow, do you think Kaberle might waive his NTC now???

  16. Bure96 says:

    Yeah probably.

    Think about it really. Bouwmeester went #3 overall in 2002. Whitney went #5. Whitney has had more points the last two years, and Bouwmeester is having a bad year this season too. He's signed long term at a GREAT price, and Bouwmeester is a pending UFA who could command as much as 7 million a year.
    Whitney, if he comes back and plays good I think would go for just as much as Mike Cammallari did, maybe more.

  17. GoLeafs13 says:

    i hope so…maybe the leafs can put a package together with kabby in it so they can get nash.

  18. hockey_lover says:

    Oops. My apologies. I thought Jbo had a NTC.

    Then … uhhh .. forget what I said 😀

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