Bluejackets Ready To Leave Hive?

The Columbus Blue Jackets, many thought this town did not deserve a professional hockey club. It was soon seen that they could not compete against the national hockey leagues high payroll teams, yet this club may be one of the future Stanley Cup contendors, possibly making a run for the playoffs next season. With Rick Nash being the number one draft pick last year, the blue jackets proved to have a leader in wich this team desperitly was in need of. Nash proved to be a solid goal scorer with the help of Espen Knutsen and Geoff Sanderson.

The most important factor in the blue jackets lineup was the works of the 25 year old goaltender Marc Denis. After getting the chance to prove himself after the departure of Ron Tugnutt, Denis posted some solid numbers and set a leauge record for most minutes in a season. Showing the nhl that he deserved to be there and in my mind will become one of the most respected players in the game down the road.

After failing to make a run for the playoffs the blue jackets have seen that something needs to be done in order to become a respected team. As it looks, Ray Whitney will be leaving this city and taking a new job in Hockeytown. Yet the Columbus will not let that stand in the way. After aquiring Todd Marchant and Trevor Letowski it was seen the would have some help that would join Nash,Knutsen,and Sanderson. There forwards were becoming more expierienced and are for the most part, some pretty decent goal scores. Now with Klesa showing he could be a leader on defense the jackets lokked to gain a defensmen in which to pay aside Klesa. Darrly Sydor joined the Swarm of ready to sting blue jackets, after being included as probaly being the biggest name in the three team deal involving Dallas and Phoenix. Although losing Mike sillinger, i do not think he will be missed after seeing sydor come to this team.

Will this team be a Stanley Cup Contendor? It is very possible for them to see a playoff run, a stanley cup may take awhile, but this team is full of potetial and in my mind will become one of the leagues best teams in upcoming years.

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  1. tmeyers says:

    I disagree…A meager team and meager minor league does not equal a contending team. I dont see them making the playoffs next year. In fact i see them in the basement again.

  2. wingsfan13 says:

    speakin of meager why dont u move out of ur parents basement and get in to the reall world of hockey where the bluejackets will make it into the playoffs.

  3. wingsfan13 says:

    There couldn’t be a more true article about the bluejackets. Ever since the offseason they have been making strides toward becoming true playoff contenders especially since they acquired daryl sydor and got rid of sulinger. Im a wings fan but I have faith in the bluejackets even without whitney.

  4. defenestrate says:

    1,723.5 points for “swarm of ready to sting”… had you worked Irwin Allen in there, you would have received 10,000.

  5. Tradedude says:

    Nice to see some one other then myself posting blue jackets articles. They appear to be very excited about the new acquisitions, and that brings them alot of confidence, and just look what the minnesota wild did with their confidence.

    I am still, however, predicting 12th place in the west, loss of whitney is big!

  6. dkball7 says:

    They definitly can make the playoffs but realistically, so can every team (just think about it). I like marc denis as a golie, and their pp is very good (losing whitney hurts that), but their d is very very shaky. They have a solid top 2 adding sydor w/ klesla but after that… grand pierre…

    anyway interesting article. I was actually hoping someone could do a summary of the Sabres, i think they are turning into a playoff team again (i would do it but i dont wana make a fool of myself).

  7. jon95616 says:

    I could see them being higher in the standings this year than maybe Phoenix, Chicago, Nashville, and Calgary…but still not quite good enough to pass Edmonton, Minnesota, LA, or Anaheim to get a playoff spot.

  8. MODANOSTAR says:


  9. Bluejacketjay says:

    My opinion, which means squat here, is that the Bluejackets WILL make the playoffs. Granted it’s my home team so it may be a little wishful thinking. Granted we lost some scoring in losing Whitney to the Wings but we knew that was coming. Columbus isn’t a team that lacks goals, however. They were a team that lacked the ability to keep the puck out of their own net. The moves that that were made this summer take the team to a new level. I think they will be in contention for the 7th or 8th spot when the end of the season rolls around. I give the following reasons.

    1) The pick-up of Brathwaite from St. Louis was a lot bigger than most people think. This acquisition kind of snuck in under the radar but gives C-bus something they really did not have last year, a back-up goalie. Last year Deinis started 77 (might have been 75) games and set a league record for most minutes played during the regular season. This is a long to ask for in any puckstopper, much less a young one. Not we have a legitimate 2nd goalie that can win some games for us and give Denis a break. I would guess that Denis may not be playing any back to back games this year. I really think that Braithwaite is going to be a HUGE help for this team.

    2) Marchment is a solid acquisition. Doesn’t make up for the scoring lost by Whitney but he will get plenty of playing time and I think his numbers will go up. He brings more to the table in defense, speed, and leadership to make up for any offensive shortfall.

    3) Letowski is a bigger version a Tyler Wright. Right now he is penciled in on the same line as Wright. He is an agitator and will help out the PK.

    4) There is a possibility that the 4th overall pick (Zherdev) may be coming to C-bus THIS year. He was the top ranked European skater and could add some offensive power.

    5) Sydor. May be the final piece of the puzzle. We may miss Sillinger on the faceoffs but the leadership and skill of Sydor more than make up for it. Awesome acquisition.

    The following are this years lines according to the Columbus Dispatch.




    Shelley-Pronger-Grand Pierre


    Sydor- Richardson

    Spacek- Klesla

    Lachance- Wescott

  10. Malurous says:

    In defence they have Luke Richardson and Scott Lachance. I also like youngster Duvie Westcott.

    Losing Whitney hurts the PP a lot and that, in my mind, makes it too hard for the Jackets to reach the postseason. Now they need someone good to play the point, will Sydor be able to do that?

  11. titans says:

    Hey who woulda thought Minnesota and Anaheim would both make it as far into the playoffs as they did? I don’t see much difference between them and Columbus.

    Columbus is a good team getting better. Nash, Sanderson, Marchant, Cassels, Knutsen make up a decent offense and Sydor, Klesla, Richardson, LaChance and Spacek make up a very good defense. Denis gives em a shot every night! I would like to see another goal scorer, but they are a team thats just goin to get better in the coming years!

    Go Jackets!

  12. titans says:

    Defense is gonna be just fine…it’s the offense I’m worried about. Marchant had a great year last year, but it was his contract year…lets see if he can do it again. Losing Whitney does hurt!

  13. defenestrate says:

    My god, you are an unrepentent self-flagellant.

  14. TC_4 says:

    I like what the Jackets are doing, very different team then what McLean coached in Miami. Sillinger and a 2nd round pick for Sydor??? Phoenix must have been desperate to dump salary. The only dumb thing I think they’ve done is pick Marchant over Whitney. 3rd line centre’s come and go. 70 point men are hard to come by these days. Let’s hope they get a rivalry going with the Wings and Hawks.

  15. TC_4 says:

    I’m betting Zherdev will be on that second line. That’s what they said as soon as they drafted him was that he would be on a line with Nash.

  16. devfanman4 says:

    I like the Jackets chances, but only for an 8th seed if that. I think they’ll be competing for that last spot all the way til the end of the year, but will fall short. However, the future looks bright for the young team in Columbus.

  17. GilaMonster says:

    you dont see a difference between columbus and anaheim? well the difference is a guy in net with a number 35 on his back.

  18. dkball7 says:

    Sorry, forgot about them on D. Ur definitly right about the PP, i remember they beat the devs 4-3 on 4 pp goals. Ask a stars fan about sydor, im not too familiar with his play.

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