Bracket Time…March Madness, NHL style – Final 4

There is nothing bigger in March in the U.S. then the NCAA tournament, particularly the betting via brackets. There is nothing bigger in March (or any other month for that matter) in Canada then the NHL. This is what happens when worlds collide.Let’s try to find out where the best players rank in a way that can reach out to untraditional American hockey fans… with brackets! In the spirit of March Madness please select the best player in the following match ups.

The goal of this exercise is to pick the best player. Forget age. Forget cap hit. If you were playing a game tomorrow, which of the two players would you select. This is the best way to determine the best player.

For the purpose of the exercise, please do not argue the placing of the players in the brackets, because we could do that for hours on end. At least one player of each team had to be represented.

Here was the breakdown:
North: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota
East: Boston, Buffalo, Islanders, Rangers, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
South: Florida, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Washington, Carolina, Nashville, Columbus, St Louis
West: Dallas, Phoenix, Anaheim, San Jose, Los Angeles, Colorado, Pacific

We are now at the final stage, it would be redundant to pick two players here and then restart for the final two. Just complete the two bracks then select a winner:

1. North winner
2 East winner

3 South winner
4 West winner

1-2 Winner
3-4 Winner

This will be the format: #(original ranking), Name, (#) (Number of votes from previous round)

Without furthur ado, here were the division champions:

North: (2) Iginla (7) (one vote victory over Lidstrom)
East: (1) Malkin (7) (one vote victory over Brodeur)
South: (1) Ovechkin (12)
West: (3) Getzlaf (11)

15 Responses to Bracket Time…March Madness, NHL style – Final 4

  1. Kramer says:

    If I had the money, I would start a new lesbian hockey league (LHL).  Many people complain that a woman's hockey league would be too soft, but my idea entails recruiting tough women who gotta look good too.  Men are gonna watch this more than regular hockey.

    Think about it. It's Saturday night and your favorite NHL team is out of the playoff picture.  Who you gonna watch, your team lose another game?  Or would you watch the all new LHL with 40 tenacious females?  No contest.  You're gonna watch the women of course.  A winner idea.

  2. Tavares-Stamkos14 says:


  3. pezzz123 says:

    Ovechkin over Malkin

  4. reinjosh says:

                                                       Winner = Iginla

  5. sgeorge says:


  6. reinjosh says:

    ovechkin will win because he is incredibly hyped by every hockey fan and every team
    he may be good but i would take iginla over him any day
    iginla knows when to hit, when to try to score, when to try and pass, when to fight
    hes not *****y or full of himself and most of all he is a way better leader
    granted he may never get 60 goals and 110 points every year
    but he is good for 35 goals 40 assists every year at least
    i would much rather a player with his class than that of ovechkin

  7. flamefan20 says:

    iginla over ovechkin

    just cuz ovechkin had more to work with all those years and etc, iginla is a better leader
    malkin doesnt have what it takes to me a franchise player
    i honestly just dont think getzlaf is that good
  8. bbruins37 says:

    how this is set up doesnt make sense. I take:


    but what if the votes added up in the semi finals to getzlaf and iginla moving on..getzlaf isnt a possibility but im sure some ppl will pick iginla.

    anyways, ovechkin and malkin made it to the finals for me being the second and third best players respectively behind crosby.

  9. jmarkow says:

    North: Iginla
    East:   Malkin
    South: Ovechkin
    West:  Getzlaf

  10. Classic says:

    So you'd rather a 35 goal-40 assist player over a 50 goal-100 point+ player just because Ovechkin enjoys the game?

    In terms of goal scoring, Ovechkin wins.
    In terms of hitting, Ovechkin wins.
    In terms of excitement, Ovechkin wins.

    Iginla wins fighting, but thats about it.

  11. Classic says:

    Flame fan biased perhaps.

    In 2006, Ovechkin potted 46 goals and 46 assists for 92 points. The next 4 highest point getters were Alex Semin (73), Chris Clark(54), Matt Pettinger (32), and Boyd Gordon (29). Not much too work with outside of Semin.

    The same year, Iginla scored 39 goals and 55 assists for 94 points. The next 4 included Alex Tanguay (81), Kristian Huselius (77), Daymond Langkow (77), Dion Phaneuf (50).


  12. hockey_lover says:

    Perhaps a bit of Caps bias?

    In terms of goal scoring, Ovechkin wins – agreed, hands down.
    In terms of hitting, Ovechkin wins – uhhh, I dont know about that. Ive
                 seen Iginla take down quite a few guys with some hits. Id say they are
                 about even.
    In terms of excitement, Ovechkin wins – sure but that has no effect on anything.
                 Matthew Barnaby was also exciting to watch but so what?

    Iginla wins fighting, but thats about it.

  13. flamefan20 says:

    yeah well that just means iginla makes players around him better. tanguay is a tool, huselius wasnt good until he got to calgary and langkow got more points then ever expected

  14. Classic says:

    Can't say I'm a fan of either organization.

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