Brad Boyes for Dennis Wideman

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  1. Tachmo says:

    Why give up on a young guy like Boyes, when he is Restricted and only makes 1.5 million? Sure they needed defence help, but my god couldn't they have given up someone else or a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick for Wideman? Wideman was a healthy scratch lately and Boston trades a Boyes, who is coming off a 70 point season, but struggling this year.
    WOW. the more I right on this I hate it…. pissed off….

  2. Bruins78 says:

    I don't know much Wideman except that he wa an 8th rd pick. This trade sucks. Is Wideman betten then Mark Stuart, Ferrence, Alberts, Chara, Ward, York? Wouldn't it be better to gove minutes to Lashoff? Christ. Boyes has been on fire of late….this will be a very regrettable move for a long time. It's like we are trying to collect as many 5-6 d-men as possible. With Chicago supposedly open to moving Seabrook I wonder if a Boyes, Krecji, and a 2nd or 3rd rounder could have gotten us something worthwhile back like Seabrook. I don't think Boyes is ever going to be an elite player but I think he is certainly capable of sustaining 60-75 points a year.

    Any St. Louis fans have any insight on Wideman?

  3. tancred says:

    Not neccessarily a Blues fan, but I do live in Missouri, so I see a lot of their games.  Wideman is fast, has a pretty good slap shot, and often runs the point on the power play.  He and Backman are the main two D used on the power play; I'm not sure who you would say is number one and who is number two for the power play, though.  They're both compitent, but not neccessarily stellar in that role.  He does shoot a lot, so that's good.  He often misses the net, but at least he shoots.  Pinches a lot, but isn't terrible defensively, I don't think.  This is Wideman's second full season, I believe.  

  4. prohockeyanalyzer says:

    Boyes has great year removed from what would have been a calder trophy season (if crosby and ovechkin werent also rookies that year) and thats what makes this frustrating for bruins fans. Wideman shared mvp honors in the CHL with Ducks F Corey Perry when they played for the Knights. He should be a top powerplay defensemen in the coming years…the Bruins needed this when Mara shit the bed this year and couldnt put up the points expected of him. Bringing in Calgary's F Chuck Kobasew allows them to move Boyes. Remember…its trade deadline, seasons almost up. The Bruins have now addressed PK in Aaron Ward, PP in Wideman and also have young guys like Lashoff and Ference and M.Stuart who will factor in next year. This means Boston will pickup a a starting goalie and probably a decent sniper in the offseason and leave Thomas as backup with Tuukka Rask in Providence. Expect Toivonen to go in the offseason for a first round pick. Sad it worked out that way cuz Toivo will no doubt be amazing in <5yrs. No worries B's fans…the Bruins should be back in the playoff picture in 2008.

  5. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Another great deal.  Well Boston fans don't get too pissed off.  At least you didn't get shafted like Edmonton did. Haha! I still can't get over it.  But seriously i don't know what the hell Boston is trying to do now.  Brad Boyes is a awesome player that they should of kept.  Well i guess this shouldn't come as a shock since they are only trying to keep up with the hype of being Boston, by trading another quality player for someone worse.  Think Thornton, but on a smaller scale.  Hey, be glad that they didn't trade Bergeron for 8 3rd round picks. lol

  6. Hossa38 says:

    If the bruins do the playoff on 2008  i will be very surprising. I don't know who is the guys in charge of this club but Bruins fans…FIRED THIS CLOWN. You loss too much skill player in offense in short time…. Wideman it's a good D-man but struggling Boyes will be back on the track. No pics on this trade?!? it's a steal for St-Louis…like Thornton in S-J!

    Good luck B's fans!

    Go Habs Go

  7. Aetherial says:

    I heard Chiarelli called JFJ to get some advice on this deal…

  8. rynoisgod says:

    Sorry for the bluntness, but is Chiarelli RETARDED?!?
    How do you trade Boyes for a nothing, a nobody, a peon? It doesn't make sense. Also, Mara for Ward? Whaaaa? Ward is a hiccup away from retirement and Mara is a decent offensive defenseman who is way out of Ward's league in every department. I'm having real trouble with the recent moves by this guy. He started out like gangbusters but has since fallen under the Sinden curse and may never return. . .
    Man I'm starting to hate hockey. Can't wait for baseball season. GO CUBS!

  9. Beattie says:

    Peter Chairelli:

    -Signs Zedno Chara – 5 years
    -Signs Marc Savard – 4 Years
    -Signs Shean Donovan – 2 Years
    -Re-Signs Patrice Bergeron – 5 Years
    -Trades a 3rd Rd Pick for F Stanislav Chistov
    -Trades F Tyler Redenbach for G Philippe Sauve
    -Trades D Milan Jurcina for a 4th Rd Pick
    -Trades F Kris Versteeg and Conditional Pick for F Brandon Bochenski
    -Trades D Brad Stuart and F Wayne Primeau for D Andrew Ference and F Chuck Kobasew
    -Re-Signs Marco Sturm – 4 Years
    -Trades D Paul Mara for D Aaron Ward
    -Trades F Brad Boyes for D Denis Wideman

    I agree that the last 2 trades by Chairelli are questionable??  I don't like the fact that we got alot older in the Mara deal… would have liked to see more back, as bad as Mara has played this season?  At least a pick somewhere with the way picks have been thrown around…  I really like Boyes and he was just getting going too, thats what frustrates me with this one??  He was just getting into a little streak there and definitely still has lots of potential…

    BUT… The Bruins do have an over abundance of C and RW!!  We really can't hang on to all of them…  and I was kinda interested to see if Murray was going to go and what we would get for him, but now that the deadline has passed and he's still a Bruin I am relieved because he is still a good player and has something with Marc Savard…  With Savard, Bergeron, Kessel, Murray, Bochenski, Kobasew, Donovan, Chistov, Tenkrat, Kalus, Krecji, Karsums, Mowers = all natural RW or C Boyes was expendable!!!  Did we get enough in return??  Maybe not but we added another D (an area where you can never be too strong) who has potential?

    I don't like the Jurcina deal either, but Chairelli did a good job in the off-season – he made some small low risk/potential high reward moves with acquiring Chistov and Bochenski.  IMO he made a decent deal with UFA Primeau and Stuart (Ference and Kobasew) he's shown some abilty to re-sign players (Sturm, Bergeron) – unlike someone from the past!!  And really I think he did a good job of not really being a seller but not really being a buyer either…  Bruins can still make a push for the playoffs – although with the loss to ATL really slim now…  and they still didn't give up much youth or picks, etc.

    I am going to give Chairelli a thumbs up and give him the benefit of the doubt right now.  In his first season I'd have to say he has us moving in the right direction overall!!

    Plus the only Free Agents he is going to have next season are RFA Alberts, Wideman & Toivonen – with UFA Tenkrat, Reich, York, Allen, Hoggan (all really insignificant…)

    With the salary cap moving up and Bruins cutting back a tiny bit of salary with he last 4 moves and trimming some fat in the off-season… I think Chairelli  has a plan and maybe some tricks left for the off-season free agent market, draft day, etc.???

  10. SabresFan220 says:

    I'll agree Chiarelli made a mistake here, but every GM makes a bad move sometime. I think this deal will be one the Bruins regret when the Blues are a top notch team in about 2 years. Personally I would like to see Brad Boyes with Lee Stempniak. Dennis Wideman is not a bad defenseman, but Brad Boyes is such a talented player.

    But in retrospect, now they seem to have gotten even value for what they gave up to get Brad Boyes. If you remember, he was part of a 3 way deal between San Jose, Boston and Buffalo.

    It was like this:

    San Jose got Curtis Brown (was a UFA, signed in Chicago, came back this year)

    Boston got Brad Boyes and Andy Delmore (Buffalo salary dump)

    Buffalo got Jeff Jillson (mostly AHL defenseman, now playing in Germany) and a 9th round pick.

    He was clearly the best player in the deal, but the Bruins just gave him away, hell I would've sent Novotny to Boston for Boyes and sent something else to Washington for Zubrus.

  11. Tachmo says:

    Overall a nice reply.
    The one positive of this deal will allow a player like Bochenski or Chistov to move up the depth charts. Something I believe both players need to be effective. These two could break out with more ice time. I am just not sure why they didn't package Boyes differently or simply trade for Wideman and include a draft pick instead of including Boyes.

    I actually love the Mara deal. This guy is horrible. He is just a mess in his own end and his plus minus defintely reflects that. It is easy to point fingers, but in this case Mara and Stuart were a big reason Boston struggled this year.

  12. prohockeyanalyzer says:

    Good post…the only reason the boyes trade was a poor one in my opinion is because it was unnecessary. He is locked up and restricted at 1.5 million through to next year. Not bad even for his projected 45 point year.  Boston could've atleast held him for this year, while he's hot, and traded him for even more value in the offseason if that was their wish.

    **Looking deeper into the deal, Wideman looks like he has quite a bit of potential himself. Also…Chiarelli said they had been scouting him for sometime. I have to give Peter the benefit of the doubt for now because he has yet to mess up.

  13. prohockeyanalyzer says:

    I agree, I remember having a debate over the trade (boynton for mara) last year with a Phoenix fan and he warned me of Mara's poor defensive coverage. I was skeptical and loved the move based on maras numbers in Phoenix. However….ive seen many Bruins games this year and Mara has been just awful. He stepped up and fought several games to overshadow his poor play and try to keep a position on the team. Dave Lewis loves Ward, hes defensive minded and will bring Bostons PK up to where it needs to be. You need shot blockers like Ward to build a defensive team.

    I think your right with packaging Boyes with a prospect for something a little more…we'll have to hope  that boston scouted Wideman correctly.

  14. 92-93 says:

    as much as i know where you are coming on this comical comment, i think that is a bit of slap to JFJ, a guy who has NOT traded Steen or Stajan DESPITE their struggles this year.

    its one thing to trade Rask for Raycroft (never-played in NHL versus played-in-NHL and is still relatively young at a position it takes years to master) … but BOYES?

    heck, why didnt JFJ go after Svatos and traded one of White or Coliacovo, that is what this deal is equal to.

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