Brodeur's Melt Down?

Game seven is coming and without a doubt Brodeur has been amazing all season and all through the playoffs. But His game 6 loss might lead to his break down in this playoff series.

According to reports from ESPN Brodeur learned after game 5 that his wife had filed Divorce papers. He was not aware they were filed.Brodeur may be able to stop pucks, but to have your kids taken away and not be able to stop that, You wonder were his head is during the games. He still looks great not allowing anything over 2 goals a game if that.

But for any man to know his kids might be taken from him, That has to be rough. But not only is that hard for him, but for fans to know that he may have committed adultery on numerous occasions. You have to wonder if many people have lost respect for the guy.

Now it happens to a lot of people, and a lot of guy’s cheat on there wife’s…. But being in the media, makes anyone stand out.

I for one, I think he’s a great hockey player, but I have lost a little respect for the guy, I mean … he has kids … and he doesn’t care? I don’t know maybe it’s me.

But the main Question is. Will this effect his game? I would think so. Game 7 rest’s in his head.

And my last question…. Have fans lost respect in anyway?