Brodeur's Melt Down?

Game seven is coming and without a doubt Brodeur has been amazing all season and all through the playoffs. But His game 6 loss might lead to his break down in this playoff series.

According to reports from ESPN Brodeur learned after game 5 that his wife had filed Divorce papers. He was not aware they were filed.Brodeur may be able to stop pucks, but to have your kids taken away and not be able to stop that, You wonder were his head is during the games. He still looks great not allowing anything over 2 goals a game if that.

But for any man to know his kids might be taken from him, That has to be rough. But not only is that hard for him, but for fans to know that he may have committed adultery on numerous occasions. You have to wonder if many people have lost respect for the guy.

Now it happens to a lot of people, and a lot of guy’s cheat on there wife’s…. But being in the media, makes anyone stand out.

I for one, I think he’s a great hockey player, but I have lost a little respect for the guy, I mean … he has kids … and he doesn’t care? I don’t know maybe it’s me.

But the main Question is. Will this effect his game? I would think so. Game 7 rest’s in his head.

And my last question…. Have fans lost respect in anyway?

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  1. NemiNA says:

    this article is none of our damn business. this shows you the press will dig up anyone’s private life, i garauntee if the devils lose game 7 they will blame it on brodeurs divorce. they said brodeurs wife didnt even tell him about the divorce papers, fucking reporters told him. that is messed up.

  2. PeterPuck says:

    lost respect for him ? come on, there is always 2 sides to the story, i’m sure he didn’t wake up one morning and say, i’ll think i’ll fxxk around on her today. something drove him to be unhappy enough to do it. To even post this I have to wonder how old you are, grow up PLEASE

  3. Cyrax89 says:

    People need to stop bringing this thing up. This is his personal life and Im sure that he does not want everyone talking about it. Things like this happen in life and hes not the first one that it has happened to either. Lets just give him a break.

  4. devfanman4 says:

    Brodeur’s, or anyone’s, personal life is none of our business. The media should stay out of it, but of course they won’t. They need dirt and stories on these celebrities. And this is the dirt they can dig up on Brodeur. I haven’t lost respect for Brodeur. I never knew him as a person. The only respect I had for him from the beginning is his skills as a hockey player. His personal life does not apply to that.

  5. -Swizz- says:

    brodeur’s the man!!

    he’ll come through!

  6. Sands says:

    Calm down there champ. It’s not my buisness… correct. but i’m not the one that reported the story, esnp did so calm down. The truth is, his head is not in the game…. would you be? i in a way feel bad for the guy a little.

  7. Sands says:

    Calm down there champs. It’s not my business … correct. but I’m not the one that reported the story, ESPN did so calm down. The truth is, his head is not in the game…. Would you be? I in a way feel bad for the guy a little. MAYBE THIS ARTICLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT MEDIA AND THEM REPORTING SHIT LIKE THIS……. The people that know me at HTR and all of the staff know that when i post something it’s never to be a di(k it’s to raise a question so…. just to clear the air…. no offense to anyone with my article

  8. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I’m pretty sure he might have had an idea he’d be getting divorced before she filed for it. It’s not exactly something that just kinda pops up on you, and he’s played fine so far with it on his mind. I don’t think it effected his game lastnight, but with game 7 being a huge mental test it might be alot of stress on him.

    i heard rumors of what happened between them, and I’m sure he’s had alot of stress on him lately, and he’s played fine. They’ll be no problem for him.

    Off the ice, I probably don’t respect him as much, but on the ice he’s still great. Although, what he does off the ice is really no ones buisness anyway, and I’m sure he’s not the only NHL player who cheats on his wife…he’s probably just the only one who either got caught, or has a wife that won’t take it.

  9. mikster says:

    Four kids? Kids’ aunt?

    Sorry, his side of the story is probably 100 times worse. I didn’t lose respect for him, he is still a great goalie……but a dirtbag as well.

  10. mikster says:

    Funny how people back Brodeur for something sick that he did and blame the media but when it was Fleury who really has a big problem he got attacked by so many of you.

    Calling him crackhead and such.

    I think Brodeur is worse yet he gets defended? Pleeaasee………

    Getting cheated on is just horrible, especially when you’re married and have kids.

  11. Bishop7979 says:

    In my opinion what brodeur did was pretty low, but unlike fleury it was something that he had taken care of within his own house so to speak. it didnt spill out into the ice, it didnt spill out into fights at strip clubs. Up until now Brodeur has handled it how it should be handeled and that is within the privacy of his own household. I mean the guy has been living separated from his wife for how many months now and he still played himself into an award nomination.

    I was one of the people that called Theo a crackhead because he was breaking sticks, and storming off the ice in the middle of games, i was calling theo a crack head because he was acting like a crack head. Two games ago i watched as one of the assholes from abc sports tried to get under broduers skin about the whole thing and he just kept his cool and kept saying that it wasnt anyones business which is the truth.

    The one thing that i want to say is that, even though brodeur is the “bad guy” here its pretty messed up that his wife would:

    1. not tell him that she is filing for divorce and let him find out through the media the night after a game.


    2. that his wife has put up with it for how many month and she waits till the night before, what could be, a game that sends him and his team into the stanley cup finals.

    The way that his wife is going about this is not only hurting broduer(which im sure is the point and understandable), but his teamates and every fan of the new jersey devils who have stood behind the team this season. And i say that being a penguin fan and growing up hating the devils just because they’re the devils.

    when it comes down to it nothing would please me more then see the devils lose, but not when there is going to be this big question mark hanging over the series that asks if they would have lost had Brodeurs head been more in the game.

  12. Sands says:

    yeh but after being cheated on, she was pissed, anyone would be… so she hit him were it hurts….. he deserved it if all these things are true. Cheating on someone is the worst and if you have kids it is just a disgrace.

  13. MantaRay says:

    What Melt Down???

    He played a great game.

  14. mcpeach2 says:

    Well he did get caught “cheating” left on that first goal. 🙂

  15. Blakey_Blue says:

    This, in my mind, is no different than when the night after breaking the all time wins record, Patty Roy decided to throw a fit and scare the hell out of his wife, breakin down a door. There is absolutely no excuse for cheating, I don’t care how awful things are or how unhappy someone is, there are always other options. And there is no excuse for what Patrick did either. However, my opinion of each as an NHL goaltender and a human being are completely separate. Each are incredible athletes and deserve all the credit in the world for what they have achieved on the ice. As people, they apparently have some issues to deal with. This does not however detract from my respect for them as players.

  16. Hockey_Fan says:

    If I was Brodeur, I would have tried to pull the old threesome with his wife and her sister.

  17. Hockey_Fan says:

    If I was Brodeur, I would have tried to pull the old threesome with his wife and her sister.

  18. devsfan9500 says:

    in my opinion i think that if he were to meltdown, he would have done it already. this had to be in the back of his mind the whole time anyway, and he must have saw it coming. He has played outstanding, and i hope he pulls through for the devils.

    we will have to see how he reacts…there aremany pressures on him now that is not even about his divorce, after all this is still a game 7, its in ottawa, and ottawa has all the momentum in the series.

    also…why should anyone care about his personal business? if ur a hockey fan you’re still going to watch this game, but not to see how brodeur “melts down”, but to see the game 7 that puts a team into the championship to compete for lord stanley’s cup

  19. Pock says:

    well put, lets get that cup back in jersey where it belongs

  20. Goldenscud says:

    good point – even as a fan, people have to seperate “real life” from a sport. Also, we can’t be selective on irresposible behavior based on whether we like a guy or he is a talent. I think it is a sad example of our morality these days.

  21. romancechmanek says:

    Honestly, everyone is right. None of this is our business, but the fact oif the matter is simple. If Brodeur’s head isn’t in the game, why not replace him for their back up goalie who is? Schwab has shown in the past with the Maple Leafs that he is highly capabla of doing the job, and getting it done well. So, if everyone believes that Brodeur can’t do it, then why not give the job to a well-rested, superb goalie instead?

    P.S. Go Ottawa Go!

  22. ThePocketRocket says:

    Ok when did this site become the National Enquire ? Brodeur melt down? Hasn’t he played great? All this talk about their is no excuse for affairs ! All I know is that the media never gets these kind of stories right and we really don’t know the reasons why? Maybe Brodeur” s wife wasn’t giving him any? I don’t know and I really don’t care, but it blows my mine that some say there is no excuse for this, unless we know all the facts, and we won’t cause it’s between her and him, we should not make judgement, and please don’t say that the bible says not to commit adultery cause it also says “let he who has not sin cast the 1st stone” … This is hockey not the local hair salon for idol gossip, and that is what it is, cause we don’t know what happened.

  23. MantaRay says:

    Oh your goooood! LOL

  24. ThePocketRocket says:

    how can you compare theo’s problem with that of Brodeur’s, that is asinine….. Theo is sick , there is a big difference

  25. Habfanforever says:

    Right on the money. I read the biography on Fleury and not many people understand at what point he got the raw end of the deal all throughout his life. Although I would agree that there is two sides to each story and I wouldn’t start stoning Brodeur yet I do believe that it might affect his play tonight.

  26. Bishop7979 says:

    i was responding to miksters comments above that mentioned theo. and when it comes down to it i can compare the two is because both are hockey players who have had personal probems pushed into the spotlight of the media and may or may not have had their game suffer because of it. thats how they can be compared.

    and im sorry if i have little simpathy for theo, call me an asshole but its hard to give much simpathy to any celebrity who has the privilage to play a game for a living and make millions upon millions doing it and still manages to flush it down the drain becaue of drug and or alchochol.

  27. BabyLeaf says:

    Lost respect? No…I mean he did something wrong and his wife has every reason in the world to divorce his ass and take him to the cleaners…but i mean I don’t really respect athletes.

    I mean they don’t do anything that really deserves my respect, on a personal level. On the ice…Brodeur is unfreakin believable. Best goalie in the world and probably my favorite right now. But as a person I don’t know him…so I can’t judge him. I don’t not respect him on a personal level…I just don’t care. LOL

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