Bruins and Rangers talking Trade

Kevin Paul Dupont, from the Boston Globe is reporting that the Boston Bruins are shopping RFA forward Sergei Samsonov and defensemen Hal Gill to the New York Rangers in exchange for Mike Dunham and all-star defensemen Tom Poti.

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  1. BlueShirts says:

    The only way this happens is if Richter comes back because there not getting cujo

  2. keon says:

    Dunham is a more believable option for Boston than Cujo. He’s cheaper, and just as talented as far as I am concerned.

  3. Rico71 says:

    …and I suppose the Rangers go and get Cujo? What do they give up? Lindros? Then they will have to acquire a center to replace Lindros on the 1st line. Who then goes in a trade to replace Lindros? Lundmark? Nope…not gonna happen.

    Though I’ve seen Sather come up with some crack-induced acquisitions, I don’t think he’s got that low an I.Q. to do this.

    If all this fantasy trading happens…I see Nedved going to Detroit. But I really don’t see this happening.

    Why would Boston trade away Gill, the only bruiser they have on the blueline for Tom ‘No-Hit Clause In My Contract’ Poti? And at almost 6M? Boston is too cheap. Who replaces Samsonov…when in the line-up and not injured…on the 1st line? It’s not like Boston is overflowing with scoring. Thornton, Murray, Rolston and Samsonov. That’s it.

    And the only reason Poti was an All-Star was to replace Leetch. He’s no All-Star.

  4. AfroCon says:

    Tom Poti not an all-star?

    80 games

    11 goals

    37 assists

    48 points

    ranked 7th in scoring for defensemen

    I rest my case

  5. Gforce says:

    1st why would Boston trade Gill & Samsonov for Dunhum& Poti?? In Boston Favor It’s Not worth it.Gill Isn’t a Bruiser if you watch him play.Where the hell did you get this “so call Report” When Boston does Trade Lapointe and a Draft pick for Cujo with half his salary, they will have the money to sign Samsonov.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    If this is true it means one of two things.

    1) Richter has been cleared to play

    2)Cujoke will be a Ranger. I am really hoping for choice one. Or perhaps Slats has a trick up his sleeve, like Biron, Hedberg, or Khabibulin.?!

  7. Bruins_GM says:

    First of all, I’m VERY curious where you heard this report. I read most of his articles in the Globe, and I was wondering which edition this report came from. Or maybe it was from NESN?

    Second, the Bruins would definitely need to get more for Samsonov. The Bruins already have trouble spreading out their scoring, and with Samsonov out of the mix, it would be a necessity to acquire a Top 6 foward if he were ever traded. Moving on, Gill’s worth is more than people will give him credit for. Alright, he needs to learn how to take full advantage of his size (how awesome would it be to see Gill start absolutely crunching people?!), but Gill has consistently shut down the likes of Jagr and basically holds a non-existant defensive unit together.

    The Bruins trade for a goalie will not stop until these reguirements have been met:

    Get More. Pay Less.

    It’s good to be back.

  8. shady313 says:

    The Boston-New York Trade makes some sense if you look at it this way:

    -Samsonov has been rumored out of Boston for a long time now

    -Hall Gill went into Arbitration and got 2Mil, they might want to get rid of his salary, since they didn’t want 2.51 for Berard

    -They just gave up on Berard and Poti could replace him

    -Boston is looking for a goaltender, and Dunham is probably the cheapest for quality goaltender out there, that is available to be traded

  9. Hyfte says:

    Dunham is staying in New York . Cujo is going to Boston . Potvin is also close to signing with Boston and Ricther is going to retire because he gets dissy getting out of bed in the morning.

  10. Hockeyplaya986 says:

    i hope detroit trades cujo. I don’t want them stuck with 2 8 million dollar goalies. not a good situation. Cujo better go to one of those 2 teams.


  11. redwings20 says:

    Hedberg…haha ru serious

  12. KCMDux88 says:

    Terrible trade. If the bruins do this i will be so pissed. GOD DAMN AWFUL TRADE

  13. JerryL17 says:

    I love to dream too, but heh….Didn’t the Bruins just sign McCarthy? I saw nothing printed by Dupont.

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well, this rumor is only credible if Sather gets Cujo. Sather doesn’t want to give up Nedved or Lindros, rightfully so, and he doesn’t want to give up the good young talent like Lundmark, Jessiman, Tjutin, Garth Murray, and so on. I honestly don’t think Cujo is worth that much. What I think the Rangers should do is eat most of Cujo’s salary, but give Detroit next to nothing in return because the Rangers would be doing Detroit a BIG favor. Give up a 2nd and a 3rd round draft pick for Cujo, the Red Wings don’t have many holes needed to be filled in, and if they want this trade to happen, they should do what the other team wants, unless they want to deal with Colorado, hehe. We all know that would never happen. They’ll let him go on the waiver draft if something doesn’t happen, but Sather said he wasn’t done at the Brian Leetch press conference, so I’m hoping for a big deal. I’ve also heard that the Rangers made an offer to Oleg Tverdovsky, which would be reasonable since he would replace Tom Poti. Both play offensive minded games and lack in defensive sense… just great. I’ve also heard that Slats is in talks with Magnus Arvedson. The Rangers need him, he’d be a perfect fit here. I expect something done by the end of August, keep tuned in, something will happen. And if not then check by the 2nd week of September, just before training camp.

  15. ranger_fan says:

    Coming up with options. Hedberg also has who in front of him, Tarnstrom? lol

  16. the_expert_44 says:

    no defense and a -7 rating for a first line d?

    i rest MY case.

  17. AfroCon says:

    every team needs offensive d-men… didn’t you know that?

  18. BosBrn77 says:

    Where have you heard that Samsonov is rumored out of Boston? I have not heard this. It sounds like you are just assuming this considering Allison, Guerin, and Carter. The difference is, Samsonov has more potential then Carter. Samsonov is going no where. Not out of Boston… and especially not for Poti and Dunham.

    Also, the Bruins will keep Gill. 2 million for a monster on skates who has improved EVERY year he has been in the pros is cheap money. When the team was playing like a team, Gill was leading the NHL in plus/minus. He is not going anywhere either.

    This trade is just what it says… a RUMOR!! ‘Nuff Said!

  19. BosBrn77 says:

    Why would Boston trade for Cujo AND sign Potvin? That makes no sense…. especially considering Boston has the cheapest owner in all of sports!!

  20. BosBrn77 says:

    This trade will not happen. I do not see Boston giving up Samsonov and Gill for just Poti and Dunham. Boston just lost Brown and Sweeney to free agency, Girard to injury, and Berard to arbitration. Why would they give up a stay at home defense man like Gill for Poti? They have Boynton, Jillson, and Morrisson who can play the offensive style. Why give up Gill, when he compliments McGillis and O’Donnell!

    The only way we get Dunham and Poti is if two things happen.

    1)We don’t look at any other goalies. (Reports say O’Connell is talking to Detroit for Cujo/ Potvin does not sign with Boston.)

    2)If it happens, it will be Jillson, Hilbert, and a late round pick for those two. NY will be looking to lower salary at the same time.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    1. Samsonov is disgruntled in Boston and is going to be a hold out, and we all know what happens with B-town holdouts.

    2. Didn’t Gill win an arbitration settlement or has one coming up? I heard he could win like $2.5 mill and if they aren’t going to pay Berard that price, I don’t think they’re going to pay Gill that price, who could eventually be a holdout also. They’ve expressed interest in Berard coming back, but they don’t seem to want him at that price, so I doubt that Gill will come back if he gets the money.

    3. Rangers need a 1st line left winger, Samsonov is the right fit.

    4. Why the hell is Boston going to give up a damn good, young 2 way defenseman in Jeff Jillson? He’s 6’3 220 pounds, and he’s going to be one of the top defenseman in the game, as compared to Hal Gill who’s 6’7 240-250 and is a clean cut stay-at-home defenseman. It would be stupid to do that, Jillson is apart of their future core, thats why they wanted him in that big 3 way deal involving McLaren.

    5. This is obvious, but Dunham fits Boston’s salary structure A LOT better than Joseph. Detroit’s not willing to take the shaft in this deal, so they’re driving a hard bargain with Boston/NYR whomever it is they’re trying to trade Cujo to. Slats has shown no interest in Cujo, but things could change.

  22. BosBrn77 says:

    1)Nobody has said that Samsonov is disgruntled. Both sides have said that they are talking. There has been no mud slinging. Samsonov wants a long term deal, but Boston is only offering a 1 year deal due to his wrist injury last year.

    2)Gill won the arbitration last year. He is under contract until the end of the 2003-04 season.

    3)Samsonov may fit that spot, but that does not mean they will get him. I’ve heard Hlavac’s name thrown around.

    4)A damn good young defenseman? What has Jillson ACTUALLY proven? He was in the minors last year when Boston got him. He was never called up. Brennan who is much older was called up over Jillson. Now with that said… I DO think he has potential. But so did Kvartalnov, Lacher, Carey, Storr, and a host of other guys. I think more Boston fans would feel better about getting Poti to replace McLaren then Jillson. And as for Gill, he is also part of the Bruins’ future. Gill is only 28 and he is 6’7″ 230 lbs! He is a monster in the defensive zone. He makes very few mistakes.

    5)I honestly feel if the Bruins are NOT going to get Cujo, then they will get Potvin. With Potvin, they can sign him for a year and use him as a teacher for Raycroft.

    But finally, the only other thing I see possibly happening is a three way deal with NYR/Det/Bos.


    Bos- Dunham(NYR)


    That would actually make sense. This way New York would not trade away a center, but they would upgrade the goaltending. (NO, I do not think Cujo is an upgrade, but Slather liked him in Edm.) Detroit would get rid of Cujo’s salary, and Boston would get a goalie and get rid of LaPointe’s salary.

    Just a thought!

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