Bruins close to acquire a goalie?

”The Bruins have assigned goaltender Hannu Toivonen to the minors. No goalie has been recalled, prompting speculation that Boston is close to acquiring netminder Evgeni Nabokov from the San Jose Sharks.”

-Source: TSN

My take: No names going the other way were mentionned, but if the Bruins were to acquire Evgeni Nabokov and his contract, Glen Murray would likely go the other way to play alongside ex-teammate Joe Thornton. Also, Jonathan Cheechoo has recently been demoted to the third line, which would leave an open spot for Murray to spark San Jose’s first line.


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  1. mojo19 says:

    Murray makes 4 million and Nabakov makes ??? I dont know, but somethign around there I think, so that sounds like a pretty good trade for both teams and wouldn't alter either teams cap room too much.

  2. wingedim says:

    Actually the B's did recall Brian Finley. It's in the Ice Chips section

  3. lockedge says:

    I hope the Sharks don't trade Nabby for Murray and spare change. That'd be like trading a mustang for a vespa. Sure, the vespa is good at some small things, but the mustang is superior. Murray's a hack with decent tip-in powers. I'd also not want a Ego-Superstar Boynton in the Sharks' dressing room.

    If I were the Sharks' GM, I'd want at the very least Brad Boyes.

  4. ThomasHawks says:

    Hes making around 5 millions a year

  5. mojo19 says:

    Boynton went to Phoenix for Mara.

  6. mtl_prince says:

    i dont want boston to get a goalie, then the habs will have a harder time taking them out 6 out of 8 games this year, at least, knock on wood.

  7. markjohnston says:

    hey, didn't they have a goalie who won some trophy?

    what ever happened to that kid?

  8. duffman29 says:

    he won the trophy, then had a horrible year which prompted some team to give up one of their top prospects for him. PS Murray is one of the only guys who's playing well on that team it sucks that they might have to give him up for an upgrade to their crappy goaltending.

  9. bleedingblu says:

    Hmmm… OH Yahhhhh!!! I remember him… Bruins fans refered to him as a reject. I heard he made 40 saves last night and stole the game for some blue and white team. Oh wait … I think he might be poping by Boston on Thurs. That will be fun.

  10. bleedingblu says:

    Wait a minute! I thought Boston had their goalie situation all figured out that's why they got rid of Raycroft? hahahahhaha…. Thanks for Razor he looks good in the Blue and White.

  11. GaryPuck says:

    Brad Boyes used to be a Shark. He was part of the deal that sent Nolan to Toronto. He was then traded to Boston as part of the McLaren deal.

  12. kaoz says:

    You're laughin 10 games into the season, so like a Leafs fan. Razor is inconsistent, enjoy his upside while it lasts. Now… let me say thanks for Rask, he's looking pretty amazying and putting up incredible numbers. Oh oh yeah, and thanks for Boyes, he's gonna be a great player. I can't wait till Brian Finley shuts out the Leafs on Thursday.

    P.S. Hope you're liking Gill too, Buncha suckers.

  13. Lint07 says:

    actually, the quote that you can see on the article was copied & pasted from the Ice Chips section of their site.

    They changed their story afterwards.

  14. Sharks06 says:

    There isnt anyone currently on the Bruins that will be useful for the Sharks, so the only way Nabokov will end up in Boston is if they give up a first round pick or make ome sort of 3-team deal.

  15. PhanufRoxs says:

    Do you remember last december? I think a big trade happend involving the Bruins, people are saying it was the worse trade in NHL history, but the best trade ever if you live in San Jose, I hope you like watching Sturm, Stuart, Primeau more then Joe thornton (a.k.a. the leagues best player), and do you remember how bad the Bruins did last year even compared to the Leafs

  16. PhanufRoxs says:

    Do you remember last december? I think a big trade happend involving the Bruins, people are saying it was the worse trade in NHL history, but the best trade ever if you live in San Jose, I hope you like watching Sturm, Stuart, Primeau more then Joe thornton (a.k.a. the leagues best player), and do you remember how bad the Bruins did last year even compared to the Leafs

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    why don't i show you some numbers

    11 the amount of points the leafs have more than the bruins.

    2 the number of times Boyes was traded, he Leafs didn't give this guy to a division rival.

    2 the number of years it will take Rask to even make the nhl, he's at least 4 years from becoming a starter.

    -7 Chara's plus minus

    -1 Gill's plus minus

    2.73 raycrofts GAA

    7.00 finleys nhl GAA last season

    0 the chance boston has of making the playoffs next season.

    I do enjoy razor, especially because we stole him from a division rival. If you look at his numbers over his whole career, you'll see that last year is the only one out of place. he played well in minor hockey, and is playing well in blue and white.

  18. kaoz says:

    You forgot a couple of numbers dude:

    5 – amount of games Toronto has played more then the bruins so far this season (how did you forget to mention that? I mean honestly, you're portraying youself as some kind of numerical genius, and you miss THAT?)

    .879 – Raycrofts SV PCTG last year, but oh yea, 14 games erases that!

    1 – the round which Toronto selected Boyes (I don't care who Toronto traded him to .. yea SJ so, Toronto still dealt a guy who scored 69 points in his rookie season, doesnt matter who to. You got Nolan for Boyes MacCauly, and a 1st, now that was an absolutely awesome trade, kudos on getting absolutely raped by someone other then a division rival, cause thats what counts.

    1 – Theres that one again, but its also the number of games Brian Finley has played at the NHL level. So yeah, that stat means about as much as Raycrofts

    14 – the number of games it takes a leafs fan to judge an entire season.

    And stole Raycroft?? I think it was very worth while to acquire Rask, an incredible prospect (who could attend the Bruins training camp as early as next year btw…)

  19. kaoz says:

    I agree.

    The rumors have Murray going to the Sharks cause Big Joe wants him there. I'm sure SJ isn't going to demote Cheech to the second line in order to play Murray with Joe.

    Also Dave Lewis has stated that although he is taking calls, it is a very young season yet, and no need to hit the panic button yet. He has sent Toivo down for a conditioning stint in Providence in order to hopefully get back that same flair and confidence he showed last year.

    Bruins also havent really had a healthy roster as of yet this year, with Brad Stuart out, Sturm just coming back, Toivo getting injured and Chara playing way too many minutes.

    Lewis is apparently smart enough to realize that 12 games doesnt make a season, and doesn't mean you should trade your life away just yet. Glad to see it to, had this been last year the Bruins would have dealt away Bergeron already for a bag of pucks.

  20. patdud says:

    it actually was november

  21. Sharkattack01 says:

    Bring back Sturn!!!!! (I know it won't happen, but I can dream)

  22. Sharkattack01 says:

    Bring back Sturm!!!!! (I know it won't happen, but I can dream)

  23. Tachmo says:

    I like that…
    I'm glad that arrogant team from the center of the universe decided Boyes was no good. Although the best move has to be the signing of Hal Gill. He is very mobile and really adapts well to the new NHL. What would be really cool is if they could swing a trade with Philly and bring in Hatcher and Rathje.

  24. Tachmo says:

    Yeah, Murray would be no use to the Sharks. There is no way San Jose could use 30 or 40 goals from Murray. It makes much more sense to have (2) starting goalies. One of them making 5 million a season and sit on the bench. They might as well just keep both goalies until Toskala becomes a free agent.

  25. woodsco85 says:

    Dont be mad cause Raycrofts playing steller. Its not your fault. Your not mad at the Leafs your mad at the Bruins for letting such a talent go. And don't think you left the Leafs without a top goalie prospect, cause you didnt, we got Pogge, dont think for a second you would have gotten Rask if we didnt had Pogge. Yes Rask is amazing, and will be amazing, in about 5 years. The only thing is, we got Raycroft RIGHT NOW, and hes playing amazing, RIGHT NOW, so sure 5 years down the road you might have a better goalin than the Leafs, and thats a HUGE maybe, but Leafs and the Leaf fans are having a good time right now winning. We'll see ya Thursday! Good luck with that hack Finley between the pipes

  26. kaoz says:

    wouldl it make more sense for Boston to have Nabby. Is he really that good and should they give up on both Toivo and Thomas already. I;m saying it doesn't make sense from either teams perspective. It would make sense for San Jose to move Nabby, but I think they could get more from other teams such as Pheonix.

    I think its too early to make big moves, and acquiring a goalie who had a bad year last year with a huge price tag like that? Stick with Thomas and Toivonen, ride it out if you have to. Losing Murray would cause a gaping hole in the Bruins roster.

  27. woodsco85 says:

    Paul Mara +/- -5 <div><br>
    Hal Gill +/- -1<div><br>
    I'll take Gill

  28. SensShark says:

    Nabby can command alot in return and the sharks don't need another winger….it looks as if having 2 #1 goaliesis the way to go now…MTL, Buffalo,….
    Or trade away a ton of players and get a Luongo or Brodeur

  29. duffman29 says:

    First of all he has really only had one stellAr game (learn to spell). I admit the leafs are doing well but give me a break, its november for christs sake. The Bruins didn't "let" Raycroft go, he was horrible last year and wanted rid of him. Who knows about Rask he might be the next Jim Carey for all we know, but lets talk in April when the Bruins AND the Leafs are golfing. PS if Sundin gets hurt its AAAALLLL over, hes carrying that team, Tucker cant score a real goal, he needs Sundin making perfect feeds to him while he stands beside the net and moves his stick back and forth.

  30. papichulo71 says:

    Because Lewis is the G.M.

  31. kaoz says:

    Can he really command a lot in return though? Personally I would go for a Giguere or a Biron. Giguere is expensive as well but look at his numbers, most underrated goalie in the league.

    I personally would go for Biron, I think he may be the best tender available at the moment. And at 2 million, he's a steal

  32. kaoz says:

    Ahh yes, I forgot Big Joe brought a cup to San Jose last year.. wait wait.. no he didn't. Big Joe is a good player, but he has a tendancy to cave in high pressure situations.

    So if you consider someone who is consistently at the top of the points leader board but cant do anything in the playoffs, kudos to you man.

    The main mistake that happened there was that Thornton could have returned more, because most people (like you) thinks he's the best thing since sliced cheese. I guarentee however, that when he played with Boston, you were one of the first people to point out his deficiencies. Thanks for playin, have a nice day.

  33. TheFish12 says:

    The only team in the league that has more goals against then the leafs are the lowly coyotes, so dont think that your goaltending has been the reason your having a good season so far.  As for "stealing" Raycroft from the bruins… hardly, he could have been had for anything, he was the number three goalie, yet you traded one of the top 3 goaltending prospects in the league for him, kinda like the rangers could "steal" Tellqvist from you guys for Montoya.

  34. 2buxaslice says:

    The Bruins only have one real problem.  His name is Jeremy Jacobs.  Push him into traffic and they'll be a dynasty within three years.  (you'll probably have to push his son into traffic too since he'll run the team the same way)

  35. Tachmo says:

    Ok. You can have Gill. We will compare stats at season's end!
    Just remember that.

  36. kaoz says:

    Lovin this post right now, Sundin seems to be out 3 to 4 weeks, something about a broken fingernail.

  37. BosBrn77 says:

      I think Boston would be foolish to pull the trigger on a trade involving Murray right now. He showed against the Lightning that he wanted to play. The guy took a stick to the face, and with blood dripping down his nose, he was finally forced to step off. He has shown more heart this year then in the last few. Both Murray and Donovan give 100% every shift.
      Yes, the problem with the B's is goaltending, and I have said all along that the biggest weakness they had was in the net. Well, I admit, I may be wrong. Goaltending is their second biggest problem. The coach is the biggest problem.
      Why on God's green Earth is Axelsson playing with Savard and Murray? Why are they wasting Kessell's talent on the checking line? And why did it take so long for Lewis to put Sturm back on the line with Bergeron and Boyes.
      I think sending Hannu down for basically a conditioning stint is the best for him. Either Finley or Sigalet could come up and back up Thomas. But before people throw Hannu under the bus, Thomas did allow 5 goals against Atlanta.
      I'd prefer to see Boston hold on a little bit, allow Brad Stuart to get back in the lineup and shore up the defense. Chara, Stuart and Mara are the top three d-men. Play Lashoff, Jurcina and Alberts with them, and the Bruins should start playing more physical and clearing out in front of the net.
      A trade for Toskala, Giguere, or Nabakov would be foolish. The only trade I would rather see them make, if one were to happen is…. a three way deal in which some team aquires Biron from Buffalo, and Boston then trades for Biron.
      Enough of my rant…… but I truly think the Bruins' biggest weakness is coaching. I'd honestly rather have Hitch***** in there.

  38. kaoz says:

    You forgot about Lewis missing key opportunities to call a timeout and save a game (the buffalo game comes to mind). I still say its far too early, we may have been watching Boston for years, but Lewis hasnt been, he's on the learning curve. As long as he pulls up his socks soon I think it will be aiight

    Sturm Bergy Boyes
    Kessel Savard Murray

    Those should be the top two lines

    With a Axelsson Primeau Donovan checking line. Then I'd be all for a kid line, bring up Krejci, and Karsums to put line together with maybe Stastny.

    I'm likin Lashoff though. Rookie mistakes, but what do you expect.

  39. BosBrn77 says:

     And that is exactly what I mean. Those should be the top two lines. Axelsson belongs on the checking line with Primeau and Donovan. And I honestly like the energy Mowers and Hoggan give when they are out there. Hannu and Thomas couldn't bring us to the playoffs last year, so we upgraded the defense. Now give them time to gel. The last goal Hannu allowed against Tampa was the only soft one. The other four were bang bang plays that not many goalies could have stopped.
      I just don't want to see the B's give up on goalies so quickly like they have done so many times in the past. Some of the blame needs to be placed on the defense. On a two on one, the defenseman has to block the pass and let the goalie concentrate on the shooter. And in the last few games, the defense has been guilty of going to the puck, including Chara!
      Get the lines straight, get Brad Stuart back, and let them gel.



    Sorry for the rant.

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