Bruins Closing In On Horton?

On Wednesday, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli once again reiterated that he will explore the trade market to improve the team and, with a plethora of first and second round picks in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft next Friday and also in 2011, he is positioned to do so. “The fact that we’ve got a number of them this year and next year, I’m looking to the trade market to make some changes, and in all likelihood, it will involve some picks,” Chiarelli pointed out. “So it gives me some flexibility knowing we’re going to get a top-end talent, still have picks next year [and possibly get a current NHLer].”

Well, it appears Chiarelli could already have a trade in place that would bring a current NHLer to Boston. While the parameters of the trade are unclear at this point, a very reliable source told on Friday that the Bruins are closing in on a trade with the Florida Panthers that would see them acquire winger Nathan Horton , who was drafted third overall by the Panthers in 2003, but in six NHL seasons, has cracked the 30-goal plateau only once and — in the eyes of fans and media — failed to reach his potential and use his 6-foot-2, 229-pound frame properly.

There were no specifics on what else may come to Boston in the deal or what the return would be to Florida, but it has been well do*****ented that Chiarelli would love to move into the top 5-7 picks overall to get one of the top defensive prospects available, so this could be a package deal involving roster players and picks. According to this source, who stressed the Panthers were talking to numerous teams about Horton and could still accept another offer, “the parameters” of the possible trade were still being worked out as of late Friday afternoon, but “Horton believed he could be very close to being a Bruin.” Interestingly enough, this source and two others shot down the internet rumor that was running rampant on Friday, in which Marc Savard , Blake Wheeler and the Bruins’ 15th overall pick would be dealt to Columbus for the fourth overall pick. According to these sources, the Bruins and Columbus are talking about potential deals, but nothing is concrete yet. Horton, only 25, has plenty of time to still develop, but newly hired general manager Dale Tallon made it clear recently that everyone on the roster, with the exception of goaltender Tomas Vokoun,defenseman Dmitry Kulikov and David Booth , is fair game to be dealt. Horton and Panthers center Stephen Weiss have been the subject of numerous trade rumors since the new sheriff in town, Tallon, made it clear there would be some house-cleaning. On Wednesday, the Florida Sun Sentinel reported that Horton’s agent Paul Krepelka of the Orr Hockey Group — the same agency that represents to prospect — believed “there’s a very good chance” his client would be dealt by July 1 when Horton‘s no-movement clause kicks in.

The story also pointed out that it would be hard to deal Weiss because of the Panthers’ lack of depth at center, and because he is coming off his best offensive season, scoring 60 points. Horton had back-to-back 62-point seasons in 2006-07 and 2007-08, scoring 31 goals in the former. This past season he had 20 lamplighters and 37 assists for 57 points in 65 games. The Welland, Ontario native is due to make $4 million this coming season, $4.5 million in 2011-12 and $5.5 million in 2012-13.

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  1. dion1479 says:

    I think Horton can work well in Boston. I think if you put him or a line with Savard (assuming they don't trade him) and Lucic. I like the potential that line holds, because Savard is a pure playmaker, while the other two can play physical and be very good in the offensive zone.


    2010 2nd round pick #45 overall

    Wheeler may be a chance that Tallon would like to take. He is still developing and could be a top 6 forward right away. And the draft pick is very tempting, especially early in the 2nd round.

    I think it could be a very good trade for both clubs.

  2. futurebruin says:

    Think maybe if they throw in Hunwick and an additional pick we could get them to take Ryder too?


    2010 1ST ROUND PICK (3RD)

    2010 1ST ROUND PICK (2ND)
    2010 2ND ROUND PICK (45TH)

  4. futurebruin says:


  5. Tachmo says:

    Geez….that isn't a very good trade for Boston. So it would be Fowler/Horton for Seguin a 2nd rounder and Caron.

    Seguin is better than Fowler in terms of the rankings and then Boston is trading Caron and a 2nd rounder for Horton. For sure you would have to take the 2nd round pick out of this trade and I still don't think so. I think the Bruins will want Seguin rather than Fowler.

  6. Tachmo says:

    I would like to see this happen. I like Horton and still think he is capable of getting to that much anticipated level. According to everyone hockey magazine in the past 6 years he has been primed for a breakout season…..He maybe needs a change of scenery and a fresh start.

    I wouldn't want to see Boston sell the farm for him though. His cap hit is friendly at 4 mil. Maybe send Wheeler, Hunwick, and a 2nd to Florida


    Thats not going to happen… now you remind of all the Maple Leaf fans that think other GMs are going to trade their good young players for your teams shit players.. Sorry but Wheller is not worth much.. if Boston wants Horton it wont be cheap… My trade proposal you didn't like, but I think it works becasue Boston gets a good young power forward, with a cap friendly contract, and a 3rd overall, which can get you still a good player.. Boston can select a good dman because currently they have no real good young dman coming up.. And plus, I think Seguin is the next Daigle/Stefan…ie high pick=major flop… I think this because if he was so good, how come couldn't he make Team Canada? plus going into this year he wasn't even ranked by the scouts….

  8. Tachmo says:

    yah…sorry. Boston isn't trading down to get Fowler when they already can draft Seguin or Hall. I kind of laugh at all the people that think Sequin will be a flop. How can you know that? give me a break. He didn't make the Canada Team because it was stacked with older already drafted players. I'm sure he would have done just fine if he made the team. There are only so many spots and not everyone can make the team.

    Instead of worrying about Leafs fans and Bruins fans thinking all the other GM's want our shit players, maybe you should be worrying yourself with the disgusting situations going on in Montreal. Is your GM tryinng to get fired? You pretty much got shit players in return for a young goalie, who was maybe the best goalie in the Olympics and this year's playoffs. I guess it can happen, where a team can get a good player back for shit players.


    The trade for Halak, should open your eyes, to what players ARE really worth on the open market!!! Look what Ottawa got for Heatly… in the NHL its a buyers market… Halak is worth more, but with the cap issue, plenty of free agents goalies, and his arbritration rights gave him a very low trade value.. I agree with you MTL has had shit management for so many years.. In fact I can't remember the last time they made a smart trade, but the difference with myself and (not all but most) Leaf and Bruins fans is I'm realistic when it goes to trades.. I heard a rumor of Wheller and a 2nd for Horton!!!! that would never happen… i think Thomas is a good goalie, but he has no trade value.. with his salary and age and NTC Bruins are handcuffed… they would have to include picks or propects to get rid of him….And the Seguin thing its just my feeling.. it means nothing.. I just think if this guy is a franshie player he should've made Team Canada.. and I never heard anything about him before this season.. in fact in Sept. he wasn't even ranked by the scouts.. Boston would be in good shape if they can get Hall, I think hes the real deal, plus Boston already has Bergeon, Savard, Krejci at Center…. don't underestimate the impact of a good two way dman…..

  10. futurebruin says:

    Fact: This was Seguin's second year in the OHL.
    Fact: Hall didn't make Team Canada in his second year in the OHL.
    Fact: Both Hall and Seguin will  be franchise players, neither will be a flop.
    Fact: Seguin was captain of Team Orr at the 2010 CHL Top Prospect Game.

  11. futurebruin says:

    Oh yeah, and
    Fact: Seguin is a natural center, but has played alot of wing with the Whalers.
    Fact: Hall is a natural center as well.

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