Bruins eye pickup game

Fluto Shinzawa

Then Saturday night, against a Florida team that started an overhaul last week by trading Dominic Moore to Montreal, the Bruins strolled through two listless periods. To come up with the win, they turned to graybeard Recchi to score the tying goal in the third and beat Tomas Vokoun in the shootout.

If they want to become major players in the playoff chase, the Bruins could use a puck-rushing defenseman and a wing with some finishing touch to jack up their league-worst offense (2.35 goals per game). Once the roster freeze is lifted Feb. 28, Chiarelli, with current prices far too high for his liking, will have only three days before the March 3 trade deadline to address the club’s shortcomings.

It may be, however, that like 2007-08, Chiarelli stands pat at the deadline. Aside from Washington, no team looks like a slam dunk to advance past the first round. Second-place New Jersey is 2-3-1 since acquiring Ilya Kovalchuk from Atlanta. The fourth-place Sabres halted a six-game winless streak with a 3-1 win over San Jose Saturday night.

But the Bruins can’t afford to let up after the break. They resume play with home games against Montreal and Toronto. But they then depart for a seven-game road trip, their longest of the season.

“We know,’’ Bergeron said of the obstacles that loom ahead. “We’ve seen the schedule. We know we’re going to have to play well on the road and build some momentum. Right now, we’re more aware of what’s going on. We’re trying to make a difference every time we step on the ice. We feel the urgency of climbing back in the standings.’’

The Bruins assigned defenseman Adam McQuaid to Providence yesterday. Blue liner Mark Stuart, who broke his pinkie Jan. 30, should be available for the first post-break game March 2.

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  1. hockey_lover says:

    When I first read the title, I thought it was meant an actual game of "pick up" hockey .. like with kids, for charity or whatever.  I thought "wow, what a great freaking idea." 

    Then I read the article and it was about how the bruins need to play better. Big shock.

    I now want the bruins to host a charity pick up game with kids or something. That would be awesome.

  2. Dunski23 says:

    I was thinking Boston should make a run at Horton. It will cost a lot, but he's the type of guy I would spend a lot on. He's a Boston type of player, big, strong, and has good skill. Not sure what it would cost but I'm assuming two picks, a prospect, and a roster player. How about Boston's 1st in 2010, Toronto's 2nd in 2010, Ryder, and one of Marchand, Colborne, or Alexandrov depending on what Florida decides it needs. According to Hockey's Future Colborne is the B's top Center prospect, Marchand is the B's top wing prospect, and Alexandrov is the B's top Defensive prospect so the B's give up their top prospect at whatever position florida feels it needs most. I believe Colborne has the best potential to be a top 6 player, possibly first line center.

    Why this Trade is good for Boston…
    Boston gets a young first line right wing. He is a good leader on and off the ice, and plays the style of hockey fans in Boston enjoy.

    Why this trade is good for Florida…
    Florida obviously wants to reshape the team with picks and prospects. They get a good first round pick, a good second round pick, and Boston's best prospect at whatever position they feel they need most (my money is on them wanting Colborne). They also get a roster player who can put the puck in the net for    1 1/4 seasons until the young guys develop. If FLA does get rid of all four of those guys and let's Stillman walk after the season they are going to need to bring in good players to reach the cap floor. Ryder will be good for at least 20 goals, and if things don't work out he's gone after next season. Florida brings in Ryder who can recoup some of the scoring they lose immediately and get three pieces for the future, one of which is a top level Center prospect in Colborne (because I assume Florida would want him the most). I think that would be a good package, but if another prospect is necessary I wouldn't be against it

    If you think about it that is about what Atlanta got for Kovalchuk. Boston's First will be better then New Jersey's. Colborne and Cormier are about the same. Atlanta gets Oduya who's good but nothing special. If Ryder regains form like last year Ryder is more important to a team then Oduya. The difference would be Atlanta got a good forward as the fourth piece where as Florida would get a second round pick, but Horton is no Kovalchuk so it seems fair. If Florida gets an extra prospect like I said above they would have received a better return for Horton they Atlanta received for Kovalchuk. I however would still do it, Horton is signed to a fairly cap friendly salary for 2 seasons after this. He is young and still growing physically and mentally as a hockey player. He will be a consistent 30 goal 70-80 point guy with Savard as his center. Horton will mean more to this Boston team then Kovalchuk would have that's I would give up that much for Horton. He should be back for the last 10-15 games of the season from his leg injury maybe sooner. With Horton the B's are a definite playoff team and long shot as a Finals team, but once you make the playoffs there is always a chance. I would like to see Boston get Horton He helps the team now and in the future, he's not just an expensive rental which is why I wouldn't mind giving up such a large package for him.

  3. cam7777 says:

    it's a good trade, but I doubt Chiarelli puts that on the table. 

  4. futurebruin says:

    Yea because Chiarelli doesn't like doing lockbuster trades or signings.  He prefers to rebuild, and rebuild and rebuild and rebuild.

  5. cam7777 says:

    Well, he did land Savard and Chara, and the Kessel deal could end up being blockbuster if he manages to get Seguin or Hall out of our draft pick.  I could easily see a situation developing here though, where Chiarelli sits back waiting for prices to come down, and misses out on landing anyone in the Florida and Chicago sweepstakes, has no cap space for free agent signings, and drafts Erik Gudbrandson or Brett Connolly with the pick he wouldn't move.  Things could either go very right, or very wrong here, and personally, I think Chia has been too conservative.

  6. Dunski23 says:

    Ya I hear what your saying, but it would be nice for Chirelli to go outside of his norm for this one. I mean he's the type of scorer Boston fans can appreciate. Horton, like I said, will have a prime opportunity to put up 30+ goals and 70+ points with Savard, but he brings that physical presence the Boston fans like. He's the type of guy you give up assets to get, because a guy with his skill, age and salary rarely show up on the block. I mean it's not like Boston doesn't have the asset pool to make a deal for him. Boston has a bounty of picks and fairly deep list of possible NHL caliber prospects.

    On a different note I was talking to some people, and they were saying Wheels might be looking for 3 Mil in the off-season. At first I thought it was a bad deal and would screw up the Salary Cap, but I had forgot about Wheeler's bonuses. In reality Wheeler's cap hit will only go up by $175,000 if his new deal is in fact for 3Mil. He really hasn't earned a 3 Mil salary this year, but it is only his second NHL season. I think he will rebound in the future, and excel into a consistent 50-60 point guy. If the Horton deal I proposed somehow happens the B's could go into next season with Horton and Wheeler, a year older and more experienced, and it would only cost $175,000 on the Bruins cap…but hey we'll see how things unfold

  7. cam7777 says:

    Yea, I think you're paying Wheeler based on his clear cut potential.  He will be a solid NHL'er, and even though he's struggled at times this year, he's still been pretty good.  3 million isn't too bad for him.  You're actually fortunate he didn't have an improved season over last year, or you'd be paying him 4.

    I think that Boston's bounty of picks could actually turn out to be an achilles heel in this situation too.  Because Chia has so much to offer, you know that any opposing GM is going to go for the jugular and ask for the best picks, and the best prospects.  While Chia deliberates, time could be bought for other teams to jump in and make solid deals.

  8. futurebruin says:

    Your completely right. The Kessel trade was a double edged sword and we didn’t get the best end of it immediately and worse could still be yet to come. By the way, other than Horton, who from Florida and Chicago could he land? I haven’t been paying much attention lately. Trying to catch up on sleep for vacation week.

  9. dumbassdoorman says:

    You are exactly right sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. Especially if he doesn't really want to part with picks and prospects. He is a methodical GM who like everyone else tries to win his trades. But sometimes you have to give to get, A reputation like that can hurt him him as much as some say Burkes hurts him. People will eventually tire of dealing with a cheapskate so to speak. Plus Bostons winning wondow is closing, with Charas contract up soon.

  10. bbruins37 says:

    that may also mean we get Z at a lower cap hit.

  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    not to sound like an ass but how do you see that?

  12. bbruins37 says:

    it is intriguing but i wouldnt give up a kovalchuk-like package for him. our equivalent of the kovalchuk deal would've been something like wideman, wheeler, hamill, 1st (wideman with his value down).

    also, horton apparently has a poor work ethic. that might just be becasue of the situation he's in in florida, but you never know.

  13. bbruins37 says:

    his first deal he signed with boston was when he hit UFA and there were teams competing for him when he was the biggest fish out there, and when he was in his prime. now he'll be looking for a retirement contract, and i'd expect the cap hit to go down, similar to savard's.

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    i THINK THAT package would land Horton for sure. I would even say it could be too much compared to other offers. plus i do not see Chia offering that much…not his style from reading other posts and such.

  15. bbruins37 says:

    drafting gudbrandson or connolly is an example of things going very wrong?

  16. bbruins37 says:

    no horton wouldnt fetch that, even with being signed after this year when kovalchuk wasn't. im just saying if it's close to a kovalchuk package, that's close to what we'd have to give up, and i wouldn't want to give up near that much.

  17. dumbassdoorman says:

    What would you think is fair for him? I don't actually believe Fla is looking to get rid of him.

  18. bbruins37 says:

    well i'm assuming wheeler would have to be involved. before this season horton could be seen as somewhat of a disappointment so his value shouldnt just be looked at based on his performance this season. so i dont know if i'd go much higher than wheeler + a top prospect.

    i dont even know what florida is looking for though. they announced they'd be having a fire sale, so i'm assuming they're just looking to load up on prospects and picks, or a young roster player they can get their hands on.

  19. dumbassdoorman says:

    I would think he is worth it, I mean he has averaged 27 goals a yr for the last for seasons. That includes only 22 last year including missing 15 games.  Plus he has 17 this year and if is back on time projects to around 25 again. So I am not even sure it isn't the media hyping it.

  20. reinjosh says:

    well when that pick could have grabbed you Kovy and a very solid chance at the cup (something i doubt you will get in the next couple of years, thats just my opinion), then yes, things would have gone wrong getting connolly or gudbrandson

  21. futurebruin says:

    I'm thinking Krejci and a 2011 1st for Horton?  I'm probably off but that's my thinking.

  22. bbruins37 says:

    there's no way i'd give up krejci in a deal for horton, but if the rumours of the panthers' asking price are true, it may cost something close to that.

  23. bbruins37 says:

    a guy like wheeler already put up over 20 in his rookie season, so i really dont think he's worth that much.

  24. dumbassdoorman says:

    So you feel Wheeler and Horton are basically equal players?

  25. bbruins37 says:

    no im saying that i wouldnt give up much more than wheeler + a prospect. putting wheeler in a big kovalchuk-like package is nuts to me

  26. bbruins37 says:

    im glad chia didnt go after kovalchuk. way too risky. he isnt even helping out the devils right now. and the drafting connolly thing isnt an example of things going very wrong, it would just be worse than not getting hall/seguin/fowler, but still good in the big picture

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