Bruins in need of scoring???

Ok, before everyone starts jumping down my throat for the title, I know they lead the league in scoring. However, if one watches their games closely, in the last two weeks they have been average at best offensively. The only spark they have other than Thornton and Murray comes from the back end in the form of Berard, Girard and Boynton. Jozef Stumpel is considered the second line center and yet he does not have much for wingers. I admit Huml is only 21 and he is playing well considering his age and experience. However, Michal Grozek cannot score and he plays the right side on that unit.

Basically too mauch is made of the Bruins depth up front. The role players are being complimented every day but lately they have decreased in production. Mike Kuble is playing well, but wouldn’t Zamuner, Mcinnis, Grozek or even Stock have ggod stats if they played with Joe and Glen? Furthermore, if everyone is healthy the Bruins have two extra forewards. And since Ftorek seems to like Stock and Brown on the fourth unit, 2 players between Zamuner, Knuble, Grozek, and Mcinnis need to watch from the stands. On defense the only player who is replacable is Don Sweeney. And being the main veteran on the club I think is spot as 6th D is pretty secure. Where could a so called impact player be inserted if he was acquired for Mclaren?

My suggestion is simple, if they only have on eroster spot which seemingly needs improvement, (2nd line RW) they need to trade several players for one player. Although I am a Bruins fan, I seriously don’t think Mclaren is worth a top 6 foreward or a top 4 defensemen. But if the package would include, Mclaren, Lapointe and Zamuner or Mcinnis, one could expect to land a pretty good winger in return.

There is only one team in the league right now who looks like they are willing to part with anyone of their core players. Washington GM Mr. Mcphee has seemingly admitted there are no untouchables. Although Jagr and Huml come from the same village, I doubt Jeremy Jacobs would like to welcome a player with an 11 million dollar contract. Plus Jagr’s style and demanding personality would not go well with Joe’s Bruins. I was thinking more along the lines of Peter Bondra.

Bondra and Stumpel played together in the olympics and they are a perfect duo. Stumpel likes to pass the puck and Bondra is one of the purest scorers in the game. Ftorek would also love Bondra’s style. Because contrary to popular belief, he does play physical. Washington would be receiving four proven NHLers and this would surely constitute a shake-up of their rosters. Here is what the Bruins would look like up front when healthy:

Thornton – Samsonov – Murray

Stumpel – Huml – Bondra

Rolston – Axelsson – Knuble

Stock – Brown – (Grozek, Mcinnis, Zamuner) whover is not in the deal!

This would drastically improve the B’s powerplay which is desperatly in need of a lefthanded sniper…the only lefties on the PP are Thornton who spends his time behind the net and Berard who is not a pure scorer although he has faired quite well so far…the B’s are starting to suffer because teams have realized that their only succesfull recipe on the PP is Thornton to Murray to the back of the net and they are neutralizing Murray. Unless Joe decides to start shooting more instead of spending all the PP in the office he is renting from Gretzky, the Bruins will need a Bondra type player. READ THI AND TELL ME IF IT MAKES SENSE!