Bruins in need of scoring???

Ok, before everyone starts jumping down my throat for the title, I know they lead the league in scoring. However, if one watches their games closely, in the last two weeks they have been average at best offensively. The only spark they have other than Thornton and Murray comes from the back end in the form of Berard, Girard and Boynton. Jozef Stumpel is considered the second line center and yet he does not have much for wingers. I admit Huml is only 21 and he is playing well considering his age and experience. However, Michal Grozek cannot score and he plays the right side on that unit.

Basically too mauch is made of the Bruins depth up front. The role players are being complimented every day but lately they have decreased in production. Mike Kuble is playing well, but wouldn’t Zamuner, Mcinnis, Grozek or even Stock have ggod stats if they played with Joe and Glen? Furthermore, if everyone is healthy the Bruins have two extra forewards. And since Ftorek seems to like Stock and Brown on the fourth unit, 2 players between Zamuner, Knuble, Grozek, and Mcinnis need to watch from the stands. On defense the only player who is replacable is Don Sweeney. And being the main veteran on the club I think is spot as 6th D is pretty secure. Where could a so called impact player be inserted if he was acquired for Mclaren?

My suggestion is simple, if they only have on eroster spot which seemingly needs improvement, (2nd line RW) they need to trade several players for one player. Although I am a Bruins fan, I seriously don’t think Mclaren is worth a top 6 foreward or a top 4 defensemen. But if the package would include, Mclaren, Lapointe and Zamuner or Mcinnis, one could expect to land a pretty good winger in return.

There is only one team in the league right now who looks like they are willing to part with anyone of their core players. Washington GM Mr. Mcphee has seemingly admitted there are no untouchables. Although Jagr and Huml come from the same village, I doubt Jeremy Jacobs would like to welcome a player with an 11 million dollar contract. Plus Jagr’s style and demanding personality would not go well with Joe’s Bruins. I was thinking more along the lines of Peter Bondra.

Bondra and Stumpel played together in the olympics and they are a perfect duo. Stumpel likes to pass the puck and Bondra is one of the purest scorers in the game. Ftorek would also love Bondra’s style. Because contrary to popular belief, he does play physical. Washington would be receiving four proven NHLers and this would surely constitute a shake-up of their rosters. Here is what the Bruins would look like up front when healthy:

Thornton – Samsonov – Murray

Stumpel – Huml – Bondra

Rolston – Axelsson – Knuble

Stock – Brown – (Grozek, Mcinnis, Zamuner) whover is not in the deal!

This would drastically improve the B’s powerplay which is desperatly in need of a lefthanded sniper…the only lefties on the PP are Thornton who spends his time behind the net and Berard who is not a pure scorer although he has faired quite well so far…the B’s are starting to suffer because teams have realized that their only succesfull recipe on the PP is Thornton to Murray to the back of the net and they are neutralizing Murray. Unless Joe decides to start shooting more instead of spending all the PP in the office he is renting from Gretzky, the Bruins will need a Bondra type player. READ THI AND TELL ME IF IT MAKES SENSE!

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  1. bsfan1914 says:

    ok first of all you actually say that you are a bruins fan ….if you were a bruins fan you wouldnt even ponder trading a role player of the caliber of lapointe i mean honestly how closely do you follow this team to even consider yourself a fan and im not going to bash you because of their rank in scoring but i am going to say its not the salaries of the player that determines there skill its their production on the ice that determines it and getting bondra for both mclaren, lapointe and a choice of zam grozek or maccinis is just plain ludacris ….a bruins nightmare if this trade ever happens

  2. bruinfan37 says:

    I thought this was a pretty bad post. OH NO, THEY HAVEN”T BEEN TOPS IN SCORING IN THE PAST 2 WEEKS, THEY ARE AVERAGE! boo hoo, they can’t be perfect!! They don’t need more help up front!!! I would take that trade in a split second, but it would never ever happen

  3. dereksanderson says:

    Wow. Wow. Come down there hehe. If you ask me the Bruins are doing just fine. You can’t win em all and you can’t have a rush of scoring every game from 400 000 dollar players. Bondra would be great as a Bruin but i think you underestimate McClarens value. Need we remember what the Bruins got in return for Greg Wesley ?? The Bruins could take a peice of dung and get a good player in return for it. We already could have had Tanguay for McClaren and the anti will only rise as more and more teams panick for defensive help. I personally would like to see the Bruins trade Lapointe. Contrary to some beleif Lapointe has done nothing in Boston. Just name one night in which you could say, damn good thing we had Lapointe. Lapointe was paid 5 million bucks to help us in the playoffs when that five million could have signed Bill Geurin and Lapointe did nothing in the playoffs. How has Lapointe been productive this year? 5 million bucks and he has been injured for most the season and since he came back he has had 1 goal. Trade Lapointe and Mclaren to New York and get Isbister and Jason Blake. Then give 1 million of Lapointes contract to Berard. 2 million on top of Samasonov’s former contract and the rest to Rolston. I have watched all the Bruins games this season and I seen absolutely nothing that would lead me to beleive Martin Lapointe would be productive.

    Sami, Thornton, Murray

    Isbister, Stumpel, Huml

    Axelson, Rolston, Blake

    McCinnis, Stock, Knuble

  4. Tradedude says:

    Bondra gets enough respect from his fellow capital fans. I want him to resume his career in washington, and i want him to retire in washington.

    Bondra will not be traded! can’t say will not, so i’ll just say, “bloody unlikely”

  5. Bruins4771 says:

    NEED HELP? ARE YOU F@#%ING KIDDING? If you were a bruins fan you could see the bruins are doing just fine. Have seen the speed up front, the fore checking? They are physical and overpower a good percentage of their opponents. Why would we want bondra, and trade away a whole line in order to get him? NO spark ? Have you seen Brian Rolston play? You know the guy who led the lead in shorthanded goals last year? Yeah what spark would that give a team……try watching a game then make a post like this……or at least watch a game before last week………..

  6. Rushing says:

    Actaully they haven’t been doing too well in the past two weeks. They are a 4-3 record(3 losses at home) with 18 goals for and 18 against.

  7. titans says:

    Oh come on!!! Gimmie a break! They lead the league in scoring without Samsonov!! Just wait untill he finally gets back!

  8. bsfan1914 says:

    in the past two weeks theyve been struggling with the loss of a very big role player on the club PJ Axelson…which is one of many reasons theyve been struuggling …ohh and tonites game against the senators was embarressing which makes me think they need some big time d improvement

  9. LEON says:

    I agree, overall at this point the B’s have looked good and they aren’t going to win them all. With that said, a couple losses to division rivals does make me wonder if they can hold up. I totally agree with the fact that Lapointe just can’t bring much to the Bruins table. If the Bruins could swing a deal involving Isbister and something else for McLaren and Lapointe, I say do it now! Isbister alone would give the bruins more then an AWOL McLaren and an underachieving Lapointe. The fact that they haven’t done it yet is what concerns me.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    This makes no sense. The old I’ll give you a plate full of garbage for your star trade is hard to pull off, unless the star demands the trade or unless there is a salary problem. So Bondra isn’t going to the Bruins, unless the Bruins want to trade a player of equal value straight up. Doubtful. Bondra has averaged 40 goals for seven seasons. n terms of goal that ranks with Bure and ahead of Hull, Selanne, Amonte, Sakic, Jagr and any other goal scorer. He’s not going to Boston for whiners, rejects and overpriced players. Show some common sense.

    You could put Lapointe on waivers tomorrow and there would be no takers at $5 million. The league is full of players who have priced themselves out of their lineups.

  11. LEON says:

    If the Bruins win then I’m happy with the player’s that are helping their success? But to be doing it without Samsonov is amazing. That Bruins success can be attributed to the likes of, the goaltending tandem of Graham and Shields, the defensive production of Berard and Gerard and the offensive production of Knuble to go along with the main Bruin production of Thornton, Rolston, Murray, Boynton, etc. What I’m saying is, that the guys the Bruins needed to step up have and the guys that are expected to produce have. But to add a good player to the mix can only make the team better, by adding more production. When Lapointe has played , he’s done little and McLaren isn’t contributing because he’s AWOL. So it only makes sense to me that the Bruins can create a bigger gap between themselves and the competition by adding someone who can bring more to the club. A player like Bondra would obviosly add more offense to the team, but getting him for Lapointe, McLaren and either McInnis, Grosek, or Zamner is just not realistic. It just won’t happen. But In my opinion if the Bruins could get an Isbister or something similar and something else(anything else) for McLaren and Lapointe (that is if the interest in Lapointe from other teams is genuine) then trade both their a$$es immediatly. To sit and wait only gives other teams the chance to make deals, work the bugs out and get on track.

  12. dereksanderson says:

    Yea your right it is kinding of shaky as to why they havent made this deal. I think if they do not do what they can to get Isbister soon he will be taken off the table all togeather.

  13. Brinker says:

    The Bruins are in need of a second line RW. I haven’t missed a B’s game in 2 years and I can tell you that teams are figuring out that if you shut down murray, joe has noone to set up and you shut down their offense. Rolston is in a slump, lapointe isn’t scoring, samsonov is likely done for the season (surgery is likely), axelsson is hurt, and huml is too young to shoulder the offensive burden on the second unit. I am a die hard bruins fan and I would trade lapointe in a second. Yes, he is the type of player bruins fans love, but not at 5 million/year. Not when that money could be used to lock up Rolston and sammy long-term. Knuble is a huge asset, and is producing more than lapointe, he can take his 3rd line role over. Mclaren is undervalued, and gets a bad rap because of last year’s playoffs, but if MOC waits much longer his value will start to decrease as the bruins struggle because other teams will know the B’s are willing to deal him to get any help at all. Right now the B’s are struggling because opponents have figured out how to neutralize them by taking out their top line. The D is fine, the goaltending is fine, they only need a second line RW to balance out the scoring and a little bit of luck in the health department. That powerplay needs some serious help. I think Bondra is unrealistic, and just a pipe dream. Modin or Isbister are more likely candidates for a B’s trade. Mclaren, lapointe to the islanders in exchange for isbister and scatchard.

  14. Heinzee57 says:

    Even though you’re a Bruins fan, it appears you don’t watch them much. (I feel like I’ve used that line before.)

    Joe Thornton has 16 goals in 29 games. He is on pace to score 44 goals. Not bad for a playmaker.

    Should he REALLY shoot more???

    I love Peter Bondra, but he’s not coming to Boston for McLaren, Knuble & McInnis.

    The Bruins current problem is that teams (OTT and MON) have figured out how to defend against them. Not to mention Axelson and Samsonov out of the line up.

    Both those guys play a HUGE role in the PP and PK.

    With more penalties being called, the loss of such talent becomes magnified over time.

    Your saying that “too much is made up of the Bruins depth up front” is bizarre to say the least.

    (Guess you weren’t around for the Knipsheer, Stewart, Poulin, Douris, Hughes, Leach era.)

    Their depth is what has kept them afloat while Marty, Sammy and Axey have been hurt.

    Any deal the B’s make to bring in a forward will leave Michal Grosek on the outside looking in.

    Huml can always be sent down to Providence to make room as well. He’s young, he’ll get over it.

    Whether you know it or not, having too many NHL caliber players is a problem coaches like to have.

    It’s also something Bruins fans haven’t seen in 10 years.

    Any deal including Martin Lapointe will be strictly financial. (He’s been hurt too much to demonstrate any value.)

    That is all.


    It’s too bad we don’t have Billy G around. This team would have been scary.

  15. jerrod79 says:

    What I find unfortunate is that two teams that could benefit from a trade with eachother have too much of a rivalry to pull off a deal. Think about it…Boston needs – solid goaltending, move Mclaren, scoring. Montreal needs size, defense. Thse teams could pull something off that would include:

    To Boston:




    To Montreal:



    The factors that wouldn’t allow this to happen include: Mclaren hit on zednik and long-time rivals. too bad.

  16. jerrod79 says:

    To Boston:




    To Montreal:



    I think this would be a great trade. Montreal would get a veteran back up for Theodore. Get size on D in McLaren. Boston gets great #1 goalie in Hackett and scoring from two guys that need a shake up. Unfortunatley, McLarens hit on Zednik and the old rivalry will prevent this one from happening!

  17. BeanTownFan says:

    1/2 season ticket holder to Bruins – unfortunately, I missed a game last year so not quite perfect viewing attendance.

    You guys are SERIOUSLY underestimating LaPointe’s impact to the team. You are making the mistake of only looking at this from a goal scoring perspective – that IS NOT the reason he is on the team and WAS NOT the reason he was brought here.

    LaPointe is, literally, an IMPACT player. He takes the opposing wing off of his game (and usually by having his face plastered for 45 seconds into the glass) – period. Next game, watch his play “off of the puck” and you will, no doubt, see his value and why he shouldn’t be traded. This isn’t to mention the leadership in the lockerroom is reported to bring.

    It’s much more glamorious to get the goals, but you need this balance on your team!

  18. bruinfan37 says:

    I have just this to say….. NO. They don’t need goaltending. Sheilds and Grahame are playing better than expected! both of them could take over the #1 position. I personally feel sheilds is a better goalie, but they seem to wanna play grahame more. But don’t get me wrong, john is not playing poorly, he is playing very well

  19. bruinfan37 says:

    although, i’d like to see czerkawski, and audette in an already great line-up

  20. bsfan1914 says:

    your right about lapoint hes a huge fan favorite but he will not be traded bcuz no one is even interested in him with the acception of colorado and ide rather see them get isbister over modin …hes too old and will never produce the way he has in the past

  21. bsfan1914 says:

    im a full season ticket holder for 4 years now and i completely agree with you i love his style and what he brings to the game but at five million dollars its a little off the price range

  22. bsfan1914 says:

    you say youve seen every game this season and lapointe has not been productive… well unless your seeing some other bruin wearing his jersey in approximately 20 games then hmm i wonder why hes not being very productive this season….and im not a pro but i have broken my foot and it is very difficult to regain your stride, speed and put it all together to put points up on the board especially when its not your role to begin with to be a scorer

  23. dannymirabella says:

    I agree with you completly, the problem with the Bruins right now is that the second line, Huml is playing weel, but we need a right winger. However I believe the MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM IS IN GOAL. John Graham is a house of cards that will crumble at any time during the game. Steve Sheilds is a career backup that just starts alot of games for some reason. They needed to go and get Mike Dunham from Nashville in my opinion. The Rangers got him for almost nothing. Bruins management are stubborn and don’t want to admit when they are wrong. The whole league will cringe if the Bruins package Mclearn and a someone else and even a draft pick for a solid #1 goaltender. Imagine Nabakov or Joseph or Belfour playing for the Bruins going in to the playoffs. I can imagine all I want but I know whats going to happen they are going to finish near the top of the Eastern Conference and they will lose in the first or second round of the playoffs just like last year with that disgusting performance from Dafoe, that lost us the series against the Habs. Of course with a goaltender, the Bruins come out of the East and depending on who they play maybe a Cup is in our grasp. If Carolina can get there we can too.

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