Bruins/ Sharks, the other side of the coin

My first post on this site, on any site to be honest. I just have to…I sit here and read all of your opinions on the Thornton trade and just cant resist. Is it really that bad for Boston???

I do understand that people are upset because Thornton is the Bruins Captain and WAS their franchise player. I think what people fail to see is what they got in return. People also seem to write whatever they hear the people on the major sports networks say.

Thornton. Well…you have all typed what you think of Thornton and I do not disagree, he IS a great player. San Jose having 2 solid centermen will take some pressure off of Marleau and vice versa.

Sturm. I dont think he is the major player in this trade for the Bruins. However, if you look at his stats he has a lot of consistency and his plus/minus has always looked good. He is still a young player with lots of skill and potential and has shown he has a that scoring touch. Only making 2 million a season.

Stuart. The major factor for the Bruins making this trade other than the fact of waking up the Bruins team along with the rest of the hockey world. He will be their #2 guy on D next to Leetch in my opinion and then Boynton is not too far behind. That and having just picked up Tanube and having a steady guy like Hal Gill- their top 4 D are not looking too bad. Especially considering the way they started the season. Stuart makes only $1.5 million.

Primeau. I think the name speaks for itself. A good add on to make the trade complete. I think Primeau will fit in nicely on the Bruins team and he brings a long a lot of grit and heart to go along with it.

Bergeron, Boyes, and Isbister. All three of these guys played Canada World Jr’s (as well as Stuart and Boynton) and did well at their respective times. It seems that any player that did well for Canada at the world jr’s has turned out well in the NHL. The talent/potential level of the Bruins seems to be on the rise and the dropping of a guy like Thornton might not be that bad. Especially with his salary vs statistics.

Lastly, the Bruins save $1.5 million on the deal and come time to make another trade or sign that extra player to make the run they’ll be able to.

So all in all, I think no team got ripped off in the deal. I think it was a shake up and I think it just shook some more than others.

Thats all for now. I look forward to some original comments…not “MOC should be fired” about 1 million times.

Over and out.


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  1. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    The price is wrong *****

  2. Kraftster says:

    I certainly agree that Stuart is the major player going to Boston in this deal. As I said in the other thread, SJ saw the potential that Thornton would wake up and turn into a real leader with a change of scenery, and Boston saw the potential to develop Stuart with a couple strong Dmen and an all-time great. If Stuart hits his ceiling, he should unquestionably be a #1 dman in this league. For SJ if Thornton gets a fire in his belly, he might become a top player of his generation. Sturm is a very solid player, but I think it will be a test for him to succeed without a real proven center unless Zhamnov turns it around and he plays with him. Primeau basically gives the Bruins two Danny LaCoutures, which is one too many. I don’t think this adds anything to the deal really.

    Isbister’s name should not be included in any sentence with the word ‘potential’ unless it is talking about some of the all time worst “failed to live up to his potential” list. He’s now 28 and he has failed to show anything more than a 15 goal 40 point or less ability. Boyes and Bergeron, sure; but NOT Isbister. What’s the deal with Ivan Huml? He looked like he’d turn into a decent player a few years back; is he in Europe? I’m not real sure of what the reason for dealing Hilbert was, but Boston’s “potential” is looking pretty thin if you ask me, and that was long before the Thornton deal which didn’t really change things one way or the other. Shaone Morrison was dealt in the last season, that removed another “potential” future strong player. You’ve got Providence sitting under .500 with no one on that team really looking like a threat to make an impact any time soon, I’d be worried if I were a B’s fan.

  3. morrissey says:

    Saving that 1.5 million cannot be overstated enough, in the new NHL spare money is a very big deal! That could translate to one more quality guy that you are getting in return for Thornton. Too many teams overpaid for top players including Boston, the days of guys making 5-6-7 million a year are over, there’s just not enough money left to fill out the rest of the team.

  4. habs79 says:

    I agree with you that this is not a “lop-sided” deal like alot of people are claiming it is. I mean Boston got a good return, in a talented winger for their second line, a gritty checking center for their third line, and a defenseman who should be in their top pair. After seeing what Anaheim got for Federov, I know Thornton is a much better player, but still. After seeing how “lop-sided” the Federov trade was you had to question would anyone get anything near market value for a big star. Besides with him in San Jose they only have to see him twice every three years. They wouldn’t trade him to the conference so they had limited options.

  5. Nemix says:

    Maybe ill play the d. adocate here but i think this deal had alot to do with the emerging face of the game coming out of the eastern conference.. Speed. The new euro look has smaller players with alot of wheels making instant impressions.. Former european national players are lighting it up and for this alone i can see why sturm was added in the mix.. Same as stuart, Mobile, puck carrying and primeau , younger player with heart gives some impact as Begin does with the canadians, but still speed.. Thorton was not going to turn this team around and perhaps management thought his bruising style no longer fits pace of the conference. This deal has alot to do with the look of the ottawa senators, Montreal Canadiens as it does with salary dump.

  6. Nemix says:

    One more thing.. Also shows how much faith they have that bergeron will be the top centre.. Bruins fans will have to wait and see

  7. Neely4Life says:

    Stuart might not even be there 2 years! Is he now the franchise?

  8. nordiques100 says:

    neither will sammy, leetch and zhamnov is already a shell of is former self. wouldnt be a shock to see murray’s play fade. doesnt leave much of a franchise to me.

    the Bs will be made up with the 2nd coming of john carter, ken hodge jr, bruce shoebottom, blaine lacher, dave pasin, jon rohloff, matt delguidice, john byce, bob beers and the great nevin markwart

  9. wayne2 says:

    I really like this article,shows you took the time to think before making a fast comment like most people do.I`ve got to admit i did the same fast comments but after a couple of days i also think the

    bruins didnt get ripped off that much.If this was a couple of years back they probably would`ve gotten a lot more for Thornton but in the new NHL…

    This said,the bruins did get a very good defensemen,a good winger and decent grinding centermen which is a good mixture and all that for 1.5 mil less,thats gotta be worth something.They should try to get rid of Zhamnov(he isnt even close to what he used to be and is always hurt).I believe the bruins still have a good team but dont have an “official“ franchise player(who cares not everybody does) and some teams do well without one(Buffalo,Montreal,Nashville,Phoenix).I think the sharks have one of the best one-two centermen in the NHL and now have their “official“ franchise player and good players to built around him(Cheechoo,Macauley etc).Both teams got better.

  10. Heinzee57 says:

    Just a couple of points:

    1. Weren’t SJ fans and management disappointed in Stuarts performance?

    2. If you think Hal Gill is a “steady guy”, you haven’t watched much Bruin’s hockey.

    The problem with this deal (for most Boston fans) is not that Thornton is gone….. It’s that O’C didn’t get enough in return. Stuart/Sturm and a 1st round pick maybe you could justify.

    I agree with Doug Wilson: players of Joe Thornton’s caliber are not available very often.

    Also, have you considered the fact that if the Bruins don’t turn this thing around, O’C will be fired anyway and the team will be without it’s franchise player?


  11. rojoke says:

    The closest analogy I can think of is the Chelios-for-Savard trade. Savard won a Cup in Montreal in ’93, whereas Chelios didn’t win one in Chicago. Did Montreal get the better of the trade? And keep in mind, Savard didn’t play in many playoff games as a healthy scratch.

  12. Kamakaze says:

    That is a very interesting though. I will agree that that division is probably one of the best skating divisions in the league. You easily have some of the quickest teams in the NHL there, and the Bruins, while not a slow team, I could see the logic in that.

    Also, the way the NHL is, and taking that into consideration, having one, tough, gritty player, or 3 good payers, and probably saving cash? I mean, do you put all your eggs in one basket, or three?

    I am actually surprised San Jose gave up those players, I didn’t think it was going to happen, but I did say for the right guy they would do it. I guess Thornton was the right guy.

    I think this is a nice move for both clubs, it gives San Jose an interesting dynamic (although I still think they need to add a defenseman and perhaps a winger), and gives Boston a lot more depth, and I think really balances there team a lot. They have two good penalty killers (not a pressing need, but when you can add a speedy PKer like Sturm, always a good thing), and a good defenseman. I think these are guys that are sorely understated players that are always good additions to teams.

    Also, man, both teams really went all out after the trades. So far so good for both clubs…

  13. justafan says:

    Here is my take on this deal from the persepective of one who has been a Bruins’ fan for almost 20 years.

    Joe Thornton is one of the top 5 players in the league and O’Connell got:

    a 2nd line winger.

    a #2 defenceman.

    a utility forward.

    Also, the principles in this deal come with baggage. Marco Sturm has not been the same player since he broke his leg. Stuart has a concussion history and I believe that he is UFA at the end of the season. Now the deal is Thornton for:

    a 2nd line forward

    a rental D man

    a utility player.

    not looking too good.

    When looking at how bad this trade is for Boston think of it like this:

    Does this deal make the Bruins a better time now? – NO

    Will this deal make the Bruins better in 2 years, 5 years? – NO

    Does this deal make the Shards a better team now? – YES

    In the future? – YES

    Any deal for Thornton should have been shopped around the league. Did O’Connell owe the Sharks a favour, or is he on their payroll? Did he want to be remembered for something? I don’t know. The price tag for Thornton in a fair deal is at least a first line center and something else. If this was a salary dump by Boston (measly 1.5m) then they should call it a salary dump and be done with it.

    As a Bruins fan – this deal makes me SICK. I have watched very good players traded or let go because of Jeremy Jacobs – Allison, Guerin, Juneau, Gonchar, Rolston. Even Ray Bourque had to leave to get a shot at the Cup. This is it for me. I will not so much as buy a Bruins cap until Jacobs and his management team are history.

  14. mcpickl says:

    Stuart is not a UFA until after 2006-2007

  15. shooter_80 says:

    That is one thing that I forgot to mention in my article was Zhamnov. For a guy making the most on the team now at $4.1 million, he is definately not worth it. The problem being…do you see any team wanting to pick him up at that price?

  16. shooter_80 says:

    Does this deal make the Bruins a better now?

    I wouldnt say they are any better. I dont follow the Bruins enough to know- but I would not say they are any worse.

    Will this deal make the Bruins better in 2 years, 5 years?

    Yes it does. You have now allowed Bergeron and Boyes to get their ice time to grow as players and we all know Stuart and Boynton will be #1 and #2 after Leetch leaves after this season or next. And lastly, we cant forget about Sturm and that now the Bruins lineup has a bit more consistency and depth instead of depending on the Thornton line to get all the goals.

    Does this deal make the Sharks a better team now?

    Offensively…yes. Defensively…no. They now have absolutely no depth in D. Only time will tell but again I think it balances. In the long term it may help the Sharks but Thornton will do better now that he is out of Boston.

    Lastly, and dont get me wrong when I say this. I dont think Thornton is a top 5 guy. Yes, he is good but again I think that people are being to critical of the trade because of what the hockey analysts have said.

  17. Resmo112 says:

    I completely understand why this trade was made, BUT getting rid of your captain is rough and you could have possibly traded and gotten a defencemen the quality of lidstrom or niedermeyer a high impact player. the players they did get are swimming with potential but that’s just not good enough.

  18. cecilturtle says:

    The Rangers are about 9 million under the cap. I would love to take Leetch’s 4 million off your cap. No big deal though… Like the Bruins many teams will be looking to dump salary come the trade deadline. Then it will be easy pickins. By the time the trade deadline approaches… Teams out of the playoff hunt will be begging a team like the Rangers to take their expensive players for only a minor league goon.

    At this point in time… (For example-IE) The Bruins are not going to trade Leetch right now unless they get lots in return because they are still “mathmatically” in a playoff hunt. But, as soon as it becomes clear the Bruins futility in making the playoffs this year… The Bruins would be really fortunate to be able to get anything for Leetch. Who is a 37 year old free agent to be. If the Bruins trade Leetch to the Rangers “now” they could get a good player in return. If they wait till the deadline? Boston will be lucky to get their minor league goon-Orr back in return for Leetch! Oh boy, I cant wait for the salary dumps. Good skilled players moving around the league to any team that could afford them. And why not? It wont cost ya any good players.

    Cecil Turtle

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