Bruins/ Sharks, the other side of the coin

My first post on this site, on any site to be honest. I just have to…I sit here and read all of your opinions on the Thornton trade and just cant resist. Is it really that bad for Boston???

I do understand that people are upset because Thornton is the Bruins Captain and WAS their franchise player. I think what people fail to see is what they got in return. People also seem to write whatever they hear the people on the major sports networks say.

Thornton. Well…you have all typed what you think of Thornton and I do not disagree, he IS a great player. San Jose having 2 solid centermen will take some pressure off of Marleau and vice versa.

Sturm. I dont think he is the major player in this trade for the Bruins. However, if you look at his stats he has a lot of consistency and his plus/minus has always looked good. He is still a young player with lots of skill and potential and has shown he has a that scoring touch. Only making 2 million a season.

Stuart. The major factor for the Bruins making this trade other than the fact of waking up the Bruins team along with the rest of the hockey world. He will be their #2 guy on D next to Leetch in my opinion and then Boynton is not too far behind. That and having just picked up Tanube and having a steady guy like Hal Gill- their top 4 D are not looking too bad. Especially considering the way they started the season. Stuart makes only $1.5 million.

Primeau. I think the name speaks for itself. A good add on to make the trade complete. I think Primeau will fit in nicely on the Bruins team and he brings a long a lot of grit and heart to go along with it.

Bergeron, Boyes, and Isbister. All three of these guys played Canada World Jr’s (as well as Stuart and Boynton) and did well at their respective times. It seems that any player that did well for Canada at the world jr’s has turned out well in the NHL. The talent/potential level of the Bruins seems to be on the rise and the dropping of a guy like Thornton might not be that bad. Especially with his salary vs statistics.

Lastly, the Bruins save $1.5 million on the deal and come time to make another trade or sign that extra player to make the run they’ll be able to.

So all in all, I think no team got ripped off in the deal. I think it was a shake up and I think it just shook some more than others.

Thats all for now. I look forward to some original comments…not “MOC should be fired” about 1 million times.

Over and out.