Bryan Smolinski's a Hab, Kyle Calder a King

According to TSN, Bryan Smolinski is now a Hab. 1-year, 2M$ deal (including a No-Trade Clause)

Still according to TSN, Kyle Calder has signed a deal with the Kings

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  1. Glucker says:

    yup, and Bertuzzi is an ugly duckling

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    eklund is saying calder is a king

  3. Etiennegz says:

    I'm extremely disapointed by the two signing of the Habs ,the only thing I can say is: Tabarnak on va avoir une vielle équipe

    Poor team what's happening!!!!

  4. lrdstanley says:

    I agree,,, but we lost Bonk so I guess Gainey wanted to replace him with Smolinski.

  5. Rickoo7 says:

    We dont gonna have a old team….that just a mix with veteran and youngster…for sur its not briere or Drury….but at least whe ve got a good second d-fence and a nice second liner…..Faut voir le bon coetr des chose…

  6. CyberMen says:

    Bahhhhh always the same thing, the Habs pick up used player:
    Bahhhh c'est pas nouveau, on commence à être habitué.

    Anyone want Kovalev? No? ok so Montréal will give him a contract
    Anyone want Samsonov? ok so Montréal will give him a contract
    Anyone want Smolinski? ok so Montréal will give him a contract

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i think the habs might regret not getting this guy for longer. good deal none the less..

  8. Rickoo7 says:

    just a second….Smolinski became UFA yesterday…We can say nobody want im…

  9. CyberMen says:

    I know but Ottawa tried to trade him last year but no success…

  10. Komic-J says:

    If Éric Bélanger signs somewhere else for the same amount of else, the Canadiens made a bad call.

  11. CyberMen says:

    Seriously i think it's a good player for the Habs and
    Hamrlik too so go for Allison for a cheap salary…
    and the Habs start to look like a good team.

    Sorry for my poor english

  12. CyberMen says:

    Seriously i think it's a good player for the Habs and
    Hamrlik too so go for Allison for a cheap salary…
    and the Habs start to look like a good team.

    Sorry for my poor english

  13. Tropbovin says:

    Very disapointing signings.  It almost mean a deal with SJ for Marleau is dead.

    The Habs will look like shit next year.

    I hate Souray (loved him so much !) and Brière too (gay little looser).

    We can start to count Bob's days as the Habs GM.  So sad, I loved him so much to.  Thought he would get us far.

    Miserable team.

  14. buds8 says:

    hahahahahahhahahhaa…..i love it…..if the Leafs signed Hamrlik and Smolinski you Habs fans would be all over them, just like you would have had they done the dame with Samsonov last year…i thought Gainey was a genius when he was able to unload that piece of crap but then he signs these 2 underachievers,,,,,,,,,he should have looked at Samsonov and Kovalev…….

  15. Milohabs says:

    you're all looking at this the wrong way.

    Souray is gone, and they need a replacement. Hamerlik is a very good replacement. He is also big & tough, BUT he is better defensively than Souray. Markov is going to now be the #1 go-to guy on the PP. Look for him to hit career numbers next year. They still need a good replacement for Souray.

    Bonk (and probably Johnson) are gone, so Smolinski is a VERY good replacement. He plays a tougher game and brings lots of heart and energy to the club. He can chip in offensively (way more than Bonk). This too is a good pick up. He adds depth and experience up front.

    So all Gainey has done is fill some holes that were left from last year.

    NOW he needs to bolster the offense. I think he should take a chance on Yashin and hope that he & Kovalev can  click and start producing. I think Yashin is a super talent and has lots to prove to the league and to himself. I think he's worth the gamble.

  16. bigscoup says:

    I think it's a ok pick up for the habs. In SMOLINSKI you get a veteran who can play at both ends of the ice.I do realize that his best years are behind him but he is still a good 2way player.Not a first or second line center we need.I guess he's BONKs replacement
    The pick up of HAMRLIK was a needed, he is a solid D-man who has some size to him(6'2 210).I don't think he can replace the points SOURAY may have got………But he won't give the puck away as often either

  17. bigscoup says:

    Spoken from someone,who's team hasn't won a cup in 40 years(and counting)(I assumed you are a leaf fan)

  18. habsoverserver says:

    last season, i wrote several times that montreal should trade for smolinski.  he has grit and playoff experience.  he is very responsible defensively and my guess is that he will play a checking role and won't score more than a dozen goals.  the drawback is that gainey wanted another left handed center to replace bonk and smolinski shoots right. 

  19. habsfan09 says:

    I agree. Souray showed 0 interest in signing in MTL, so Hamirlik should be an excellent replacement. Plus his character is exceptional. He loves Canada and should thrive in MTL. I would have also liked to see Preissing but what can you do. Also Bonk is history, so Smolinski at 2M should fill in his shoes and then some. People tend to forget the youth this team has (rated #2 by, Bulldogs were Calder Cup Champs. We have 3 goalies, any of which look like they could start an NHL team (Halak obviously needs more time but showed amazing promise last year). Habs have PLENTY of trade bait, and from what we have seen they don't exactly always win the FA season.

  20. DoubleDown says:

    folks, if we sit here and ***** about the terms, we're all going to grow tumors. 4 years is too much. 5.5 is WAY too much. OK. we all know it.

    fact is, hamrlik makes this a better team. we had no #3 guy, and now we have one. he's a solid #3. 

    let's not all jump off the Champlain Bridge on this one. we still have a ton of young talent that will be coming up in the next few years… 

  21. the_word says:

    Bryan Smolinski is garbage, that's why he's typically plays on two or three teams a season.  Roman Hamrlik at 5.5 over four years, for a second tier defenseman?  Ok, keep these garbage signings in mind while spend this year bashing JFJ Habs fans, because Bob Gainey just signing another two UFA busts.

  22. DoubleDown says:

    oh yeah, buddy, right on. 

    stupid gainey, trading our top goalie prospect for ray…wait, that was JFJ.

    ok, trading away a prospect and 2nd round pick for yan…wait, JFJ again.

    ok, got one! trading 1st, 2nd and 3rd rd picks for a 30-year-old unproven…damn, JFJ again.

    hmm…samsonov and theodore signings! there we go!! man, we're going to regret those for a long time seeing as how Gainey was able to unload both contracts.

    hey we might miss the playoffs this year but we've got a future. Leafs are 8th-place at best, and this is it. they wont get any better than this for a long time because what's coming up the pipelines ain't much.

    worry about your GM before bashing ours buddy.

  23. the_word says:

    This is fun, I love delusional Habs fans who think they have a legitimate team

    "stupid gainey, trading our top goalie prospect for ray…wait, that was JFJ."

    An error that has been corrected, JFJ had two great prospects in goal with enough room in the farm system to develop one. So he traded Rask for a two million dollar goaltender, who cares it was a minor trade.

    The Leafs needed a goaltender and got one from San Jose, you see JFJ has a pulse so he actually makes trades to address his teams needs. Gainey sits on 'assests' like Souray and then lets them walk.

    Gainey took worse contracts than Samsonov back from Chicago, you didn't win that trade.

    Future? Let's look into the crystal ball, all players that develop in Montreal will walk to better markets. No UFA will sign with Montreal unless their over paid. Gainey will sign more floaters no one else will take.   Yeah, you'll draft well because you have a lottery team, you draft well for years to come.

    Bashing the Habs is long over due, especially when Gainey makes JFJ look like Brian Burke.

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