Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke says he has received what he calls two “solid” trade offers since the weekend.

Speaking on Toronto’s AM 640 radio on Monday, Burke did not elaborate on the particulars of the deals. He did indicate that a move may not be imminent, and explained that the trade market is picking up some steam.

“It’s unlikely that someone is going to make the deal that we want after six or seven games,” Burke told AM 640. “Nobody is desperate, and nobody has had a poor enough start that they absolutely have to move a key guy. You’re not going to get into a real deal probably for a bit yet. But we’re ready and we’re flexible when it does come through.”

Burke explained that the Maple Leafs have prepared themselves for when the time comes to get involved in the trade market.

“We have cap space and budget space, and I would say we hadn’t even gotten a sniff until the last two days, and now it’s finally starting to heat up,” said Burke. “We’re encouraged that we’re finally starting to get something on the line. Everyone knew we had space and budget room, and nothing was happening. Now I’m a little more encouraged.”

Burke spent a good deal of his summer taking offers on defenceman Tomas Kaberle, who had a window where he could be moved while his no-trade clause was waived. In the end, Kaberle remained a Maple Leaf when Burke did not find an offer to his liking.



  1. FlamingHomer says:

    I warned you all the day that Phaneuf got traded that he can't/refuses to play defence. Wait until Toronto starts losing and it will be even more noticeable.
    You are right. How can someone be -5 on a first place team this early in the season.

  2. leafmeister says:

    He has a horrible game against Philly. He was -3. His poor play has come in 2 games, both losses. Before that he was fine, one of the better defensive players actually.

  3. MystifoLeafs says:

    If they want Phaneuf to learn take away some of his mins ( along with Beachemin and give it to a pairing who has been doing amazing i.e Kaberle and Schenn. 

  4. DandoEagle says:

    Salary Dump or not NO way Lou does this deal.

    The Devils don't trade there team captain for garbage unlike in MONTREAL LOL!!!!!
    Even with cap issues – Rolston or Zubrus head to the Miners.
  5. leafmeister says:

    IMO they should shake up the pairings. As good as Kaberle and Schenn have been together, I think it might be time to try Phaneuf with Schenn and Kaberle with Beauchemin. Phaneuf and Beauchemin dont really work together, and Schenn's steadying presence could help Phaneuf. Kaberle and Beauchemin would help produce some offense.

    I know its tough to break up Kabby and Schenn, but Beauchemin and Phaneuf dont really work together.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Mix it up with the 3rd pair then. Keep Kabby and Schenn together put put Komisarek or Lebda up with Phaneuf.

  7. leafy says:

    So the Leafs' Cy Young award candidates this year are Phil Kessel and Clarke MacArther. Their goals and assists so far are:

    Kessel – 7-2
    MacArther – 6-2

    But league's leading Cy Young candidate is probably Evander Kane. So far, he's 5-0.

  8. leafy says:

    Phaneuf hasn't been bad to be minus 5, so it's a little misleading.

    But for me, the frustrating thing about Phaneuf is that he has superstar skill, but can't seem to play at that level. He's got a mild case of Aki Berg syndrome.

  9. leafy says:

    Regarding Colton Orr's goal, obviously I'm glad the Leafs won the game, but the missed call is very disturbing.

    If the refs missed such an easy call, it means this stupidity can happen at any time, against any team, no matter how crucial the cir*****stances, including key games down the stretch.

    Both of those refs should be docked a week's pay for missing that call.

  10. Mapleleaves says:

    the refs mad up for it by letting the panthers fall all over Giggy a couple times..  although there was no goal there should have been interferance penatlies.

  11. leafy says:

    I see. I missed the game because I was working, so I only saw the Orr play in the highlights.

  12. leafy says:

    Philly has lots of depth at center…Carter, Richards, and Brier, so maybe Carter's expendable. But every article I've read says all 3 of those guys are unavailable.

    I'll be the Leafs will make a deal with Jersey. A struggling team with lots of forwards. Travis Zajac is off to a slow start, so maybe he could be had. Meanwhile Zubrus, who most people didn't want last month, is actually leading Jersey in scoring.

  13. dumbassdoorman says:

    I don't want the first pairing broken up, however I am even less sure I want Komi with Phaneuf. Something about it strikes me as not good.

  14. hockey_lover says:

    soulstrum – Sjostrom

    Yep. Certainly looks like a “typo.” Looks nothing like a completely different word from someone who “at least know’s what he’s talking about.”

    Good call.

  15. reinjosh says:

    It might be really good for Phaneuf. The steadying presence could be a boon.

  16. DannyLeafs says:

    Yeah, I am not sure Philly would deal Carter, as they would likely sign him and deal with the cap issues later, but you never know with the way some of these cap problems are starting to catch up to teams taking this approach. I think you will see teams be much more conservative with their space in the coming years, and some good players will be allowed to just walk.

  17. MystifoLeafs says:

    Phaneauf and Schenn maybe for a test in a game or so BUT if they fail once they should just go back to the Kaberle and Schenn because I REALLY do not want to mess with a good thing and right now they are doing too well to just muck up.

  18. glotz_99 says:

    Alright here is a more likely trade:

    Jamie Lagenbruner for John Mitchell, Joey Crabb, 5th rd pick 

  19. TimTheBone says:

    So ok while it's still too early to be declaring a clear cut "winner" of the Phaneuf trade, I just find it rather funny how most leafs fans and others alike were saying how Burke "raped" Sutter on this trade…. yet at this particular moment that couldn't be further from the truth…. amd Leafs fans even seem to be unsure about Double Dion…. hahah …. I just find it funny how people sometimes feel like they have a strong understanding on how something so uncertain will play out….and its not just two games he had that were "bad"…. cause in order to get a -5 he'd most likely be on the ice for more than just 5 goals against seeing as how he's been on the ice for goals for…. not to mention the "-"s you don't see on the PK… if he plays there

  20. mojo19 says:

    I think Dion has been great on the PK.

    Also, Burkey still did rape Sutter on that trade. Dion is the captain and he's played well. His presence has really made a huge difference with this team and turned us around since his arrival.

    Guys like Stajan, White, Hagman, and Mayers are all very replaceable. ie Bozak, Lebda, MacArthur, Brown. All those secondary pieces are always going to be fairly attainable, but a guy like Phaneuf is hard to come by.

  21. FlamingHomer says:

    No one in Calgary would reverse that trade if they had the chance.
    I watched a couple of dozen of Phaneuf's games when he played in Red Deer plus all but a few of his games as a Flame. I have seen more of him than most people on this site. When he was nominated for the Calder I agreed. The year he was nominated for the Norris, I agreed with that too. But his last few years his development took a couple of steps backward and he wasn't interested in getting better. He still can't hit the net from the point. He makes his partner look bad by giving up two on ones due to bad decisions. He rarely hits anymore. He still just stands in front of the goal with one hand on the stick. Calgary has more responsible d-men in the minors than him.
    Ian White is a better offensive and defensive defenseman, especially at half the money.
    Robin Regehr sure doesn't miss him and neither do I.

  22. TimTheBone says:

    Yeah Mojo you are exactly the type of fan i was talking about…. Your saying the trade was a raping, now thats nothing more than your opinion because Phaneuf hasn't been living up to his billing the passed few years this one included… Thats not saying he'll never put it together again but it's looking bleak at this point in time…. Phaneuf being your captain has nothing to do with the matter…. Having a "C" on your shirt doesn't mean as much as it used to….. And as far as the pieces going to calgary being replacable… ok yeah sure that may be true but those main three pieces have been out-performing your main pieces since day one of the trade….There have been many instances of "big name" players being traded for lesser pieces and then fade away while the lessers become more integral to their team….. I'm not saying this will happen but you can't pretend to be so confident about such an uncertainty…. as far as being a "raping"… just by looks alone thus far… i'd say sutter did the raping…. but as with everything else… time will truly tell

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