Burke ready to deal

Brian Burke says he’d be willing to start the playoffs with the Maple Leafs’ roster as currently constituted, but intends to make a trade in the coming weeks to try and extend any post-season run.

Speaking on The Fan 590 radio Wednesday night, with his team in its best position to challenge for a berth since he arrived, the general manager said just qualifying for the first time in six years was not good enough.

“I’m not interested in getting our asses kicked in the first round,” he said. “I’m not paid just to get in the playoffs. We could have got in last year if we’d traded our kids for a couple of 30-year-olds.

“I want to get in with a reasonable chance to (advance deep) or bloody someone’s nose while doing it. I think we’ll be able to do something (trade-wise).”

Burke is being a little presumptuous, with the Leafs still having 40 games to go and sitting just five points from ninth place on Wednesday afternoon. But with a four-game win streak, five overall at home, a hot goalie and a favourable schedule the rest of this month, he’s ready to make his move.

“We’re a little small up front and we don’t have much playoff experience,” he noted. “If the playoffs started tomorrow, I would still like our chances. (But) we are looking to add and get better now.”

The trade he’s hinting at for a big centre or winger could come very soon, as he traditionally eschews the rush at the NHL deadline (Feb. 27 this year).

“I’m a January guy,” he reminded “I set my price and try and let my team play through the deadine (without worrying about trades). The math doesn’t work at the deadline when 24 teams are buying. There can only be one (Stanley Cup) parade.”


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  1. reinjosh says:

    Wow, I did not see that happening. WTF

    I'm not sure I like this deal for Calgary. At all. It's interesting, and I suppose the upside is there. Cammy had his best season playing with Iggy and playing Calgary. He's struggled with injuries since then, so he could very well heat up again playing with Iggy and hit 30 goals again. 
    But taking on 3 million dollars in salary? Plus giving up Holland and a 2nd? Ugh, what the hell Feaster? That's two years in a row the Flames don't have a 2nd, and your adding salary and giving up prospects? Yeah we grabbed Karri Ramo but he's looking like he will never come to North America. 
    I like this move from Montreal's perspective. They get grittier and bigger right away and they lose 3 million dollars in cap space. That's helps alot, plus they grabbed a decent prospect and a pick. I don't know about others but I really think this is a great step for Montreal. Size and toughness was arguably their biggest need and they just addressed it, while losing salary. 
  2. reinjosh says:

    I suppose the upside is pretty damn high. And really Cammy is only one and a half season removed from a pretty good injury shortened season. 

    I suppose its not terrible for either side. 
  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Holland's a 7th rounder? lol

  4. TheLeafNation91 says:

    The St. Louis Blues needs 2 things that can put them over the top…

    Tasarenko and Schwartz

  5. albertateams says:

    I really don't see this as a bad trade for Calgary. Its a side ways move at worst. The 2nd rounder sucks, but the tsn guys seem to like Ramo. As far as Holland the chance of him playing in the NHL is remote. 

    The return for Calgary is fine. I don't like the trade more for the fact that we aren't rebuilding and getting picks and prospects rather than established players. I have always like Cammy though his one season in Calgary was great. Here's hoping.  
  6. reinjosh says:

    I thought he was a 2nd rounder for some reason lol. Nevermind. 

  7. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Anaheim Holland?

  8. TheLeafNation91 says:

    But for this to occur, Joffrey will probably need to be between the 55-70 point area in the next few seasons?


  9. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, I'm mixing the two up. 

  10. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Yeah that plays a huge part in the match-up, we need him against the Bruins.

  11. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Does this mean the Flames are going for it now instead of selling???

    Last time Cammalleri played with Iginla, good things happened. So why not again?

    Cammy, as bad as he has been, is an upgrade over Bourque and does make the team a bit better.

    We'll see.

  12. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I wouldn't really say he is an upgrade over Bourque, they are different players.  You won't see Cammalleri on the PP but yes, he is an upgrade offensively.

    And I don't think that the flames were ever in selling mode, as much as they should be I don't know if that was ever the plan. As long as they have Iggy they won't be selling.

  13. frankinboltonleafs says:

    I was thinkin' the same thing….and if they make the playoffs….well that's a whole new game Cammalleri could take over. I think it's a good move for Calgary and keeping Iginla. Now if they could just keep the puck out of the net?

  14. glotz_99 says:

    I dont really see Burke making a huge trade before the deadline, probably something on a smaller scale, like a derick brassard or sami pahlsson and Burke wont have to give up much to get them.

    On another note I read Buffalo is interested in Getzlaf but would have to give up Myers to get him. That would be a crazy trade, if it actually happened.  

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    lol…that is such a funny song….hey you think Subban is an any holes a goal kinda guy? lol

  16. HABSSTAR says:

    It kills me to say it because it was a Gauthier trade, and I at no point am letting up on the "Fire Gauthier" button, but I initially liked this trade.  I then had doubts when I heard Gauthier's comments on RDS after the game and trade.  I know like it, but could conditionally like it even more. 

    I like this trade in that we lose 3 milly of the cap.  We get back a guy who outside of Cams 30 goal year has pretty much the same numbers offensive wise.  He brings a different skill set in that he's bigger and can play more physical.  We get the kid Holland, who apparently scouts would not be surprised to see in the NHL some day for a goalie who we may never see in the NHL and we get a 2nd for a 5th.  All this is good. 

    The bad: Gauthier said he's not given up on the playoffs and this trade is designed to make the team better right now for a playoff push.  This I don't like.  A it will likely mean he's going to pull some hair brained desperation trade instead of clearing away the veteran salaries and getting good picks.  He's shown he can move some pretty heavy contracts for a reasonable return with this trade but is basically saying he will not…  Fire Gauthier.

  17. HABSSTAR says:

    I think both teams are "going for it"…yawn…are they out yet? 

    In any event hope Cams finds his mojo back in Calgary.  I like what Bourque brings and outside of Cams one year in Calgary they're actually very similar in point production.  Bourque being 3 million cheaper and has a physical element that Cams doesn't.  I think it's pretty even trade.  I'm happy with it.  I'd be happier if Gauthier had said "We're done, shutting her down for the year and getting rid of high priced players.  Gonna rebuild this team the right way."  But instead he said he's still gunning for the playoffs….

  18. thisgamewelose says:

    "To Phl: Franson, Kadri, Bozak. (pick if needed)"

    I don't think that would work out well.

    They're not parting with JVR for Franson, and right now Schenn – Kadri is a wash with the argument split 50/50 on who will be better. Bozak is not really needed. I guess the pick will really determine whether or not Philly goes for something like that.

  19. albertateams says:

    I don't mind it for either team. Bourque has the tools to be a good player no doubt, but with 4 years left on his deal after this one its a consideration in the trade for sure. I would rather have Ramo than Holland although it depends on if Ramo comes back to NA, Holland is a long term project with 3-4 line upside at best. Ramo could probably be a back up right now in the NHL but might not come back NA.

    Personally I would prefer Cammy at 6 m cap hit for two years than Bourque at 3.33 for 4. Age is similar both bring different skill sets, both needed a change in scenery hopefully it works for both teams.

    I would have preferred Calgary pick up picks and prospects for Bourque but in terms of value I think the deal is fine. The discouraging part is it postpones the rebuild at least until the offseason.

    I do think Calgary will move out some UFA's once they get some healthy bodies back. Guys like Moss, Stempniak, Sarich, Jackman, Kostopolous, Morrison and Babchuk could be moved in the right cir*****stances for mid to late picks while not really affecting the teams performance with the likes of Jones, Bouma, Byron, Horak, Smith and Brodie  filling those minutes. The top six I would be surprised if it changed once Tanguay got back until the offseason. Glenx, Olli, Iggy, Tanguay, Backlund and Cammy.


  20. TmLeafan says:

    I would like to see the Leafs match up against the Flyers I think we would have a chance in that series.  Both have real young teams it would be exciting, and I would take our goaltending over the Flyers any day of the week.

  21. blaze says:

    Rosehill has beat him in a fight already. The best fighter in a draft of 18 year olds means nothing. As for full time players I think Aulie is the only guy that can match up with him.

  22. blaze says:

    Another thing that bugs me (and this isnt directed at you) is the flak Komo takes for getting beat by Looch. Lucic is tough as nails and Komo stood up for his team and not only squared up with him but didn't even ***** foot around. He grabbed on and traded shot for shot like a man. Losing a fight doesn't make you less of a man, you get my respect for having balls.

  23. blaze says:

    Probably not reasonable to expect 90pts seasons out of Loops but I think for the next 3-4 years he will be a fine top line support player potting ~70pts a season.

  24. blaze says:

    I really really hope Rosehill can round out his game a little more, enough to actually win a 4th line role. I love Boyce don`t get me wrong but Rosehill has shown fantastic growth in his pugilistic ability and has a good set of wheels but the rest of his game is big time lacking.

    If he can clean up his game becoming more defensively responsible without taking any penalties he is a punishing forechecker and he can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league.

  25. blaze says:

    Gunnarson is a guy not getting the respect he deserves. I`m not against trading him and I`m sure I`ve put him in a mock trade or two. I`m sure his percieved value hasn`t caught up with his actual value which is why I`d be somewhat hesistant.

    Gunnarson is second in ice time on the Leafs this year behind only Phaneuf and in the last few weeks he has been the ice time leader quite a few nights. He is the Leafs best two way defender plays a rock solid quiet sort of game at both ends. Clearly a Wilson favorite Gunnar eats up lots of crucial minutes in the 3rd period. A real gem for a 7th round pick.

  26. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah I heard that rumor too, doubt it happens but definitely would be an interesting swap.

  27. blaze says:

    I don`t want to give up much to help our playoff chances this year. Getting in is the goal, anything past that is gravvy. Any moves should still be beneficial to the long term.

    First line center is the top priority, after that grabbing young top notch talent such as a JVR would be a good second option. If no deals like this are available or two pricey then you can add a piece but only if it`s cheap.

    I would pay up to a second for Pahlsson but no more than that for playoff help. Our best prospects and first round pick are untouchable for guys that won`t be here for the long haul.

    Pahlsson would look nice centering a shutdown line though, MacArthur-Pahlsson-Armstrong, I like it.

  28. thisgamewelose says:

    Personally, I would love to get Franson on the Rangers.  The one thing they've lacked for years is the ability to get quick point shots…that actually get through.  I love the team, but I hate how they get the puck at the point and do nothing with it….nobody tries to blast it right away. 

    Unfortunately, I feel like the asking price for Franson might not be worth his value.

  29. reinjosh says:

    How many times is this Brassard rumor going to come up? In what world does getting him make any sense for the Leafs? He isn't an upgrade on any of the three (Bozak, Connolly, Grabovski). It just doesn't make any sense and for the life of me I can't figure out why it keeps popping up. 

  30. reinjosh says:

    Uh yeah you will. Cammalleri is a beautiful PP option. In fact both Bourque and Cammalleri see almost equal special teams time (both saw PK time on their respective teams). In terms of offensive skill, Cammalleri is a definite upgrade. 

    It's an interesting trade. I would agree that this probably signals they never had the intention to go into sell mode.
    Both teams got what they needed. Cammalleri gives the Flames some much needed skill in their top 6, and Bourque gives the Canadiens cap space and mcuh needed size. It has potential for both teams, but also has ptoential downside. 
  31. reinjosh says:

    To be fair this trade does leave the getting rid of high price players option open. 

    I could see Gauthier going for a quick retool. Grab a high pick in the upcoming draft, maybe sell of a few pieces and go into next year hoping for a better outcome. it could be done. 
  32. dumbassdoorman says:

    Outside of Connolly, he does have the highest upside….just can't stay healthy

  33. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Ahh typo, I meant to say PK.  Yes, cammy is great on the PP but I don't think you'll see him much on the PK with calgary.

  34. glotz_99 says:

    what if a deal with komisarek going the other way were on the table, tell me you wouldnt make that trade.

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