Calgary and San Jose Coaching Jobs allready filled?’s Bob McKenzie is reporting the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks may have allready filled there coaching jobs.

McKenzie is reporting the Flames will name Saint John Flames coach Jim Playfair as coach of the Flames.Playfair 38 has been the coach of the AHL Flames for the last 3 years, and led the team to the calder cup in his first year behind the bench.Some arrangements have to be made, but its expected that he will be the new coach of the team.

As for the Sharks, McKenzie is reporting that they have only spoken to 1 man former Capitals coach Ron Wilson for the job. And that sources are reporting that Wilson is in San Jose, and talking to Sharks GM Dean Lombardi, and if it goes well he will be named coach by the end of the week if not sooner.

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  1. mikster says:

    I think the Flames should get a more experienced coach, but he can turn out just as good. He is young, and should handle this team quite well.

    As i said, the Sharks should go and get Ron Wilson. He is better than Ted Nolan. This is his type of team…and i can sense a huge turnaround.

  2. mikster says:

    Ted Nolan should be assistant coach. That would make this team a cup contender for real.

    Best of all would be hiring Larry Robinson. But, i think he just wants the year off.

  3. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    l do not think Nolan wants to be a assistant or a coach in the minors. He feels that he should get a head coaching job, or else he would have been hired by now some place.

  4. ball_buster says:

    i dont think they meant ass. coach in the minors, but ass coach with calgary in the n.h.l beside whoever they name. i hope it’s a coach with n.h.l experience, i think sutter or nolan

  5. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    I know they do not mean assistant coach in the Minors, thats as low as you can go, from coach of the year in the NHL to a minor league assistant coach. But I meant he could have been a coach in the AHL by now if he wanted it or a NHL assistant coach,

    And the Flames are looking for a experenced assistant coach to work with Playfair. (what a name for a coach, and does it bother Flames fan’s that this guy was a Oiler draft pick?)

  6. MossRocks says:

    Wilson better than Nolan?!?!?! Never!?!? Wilson is a moron who talks a good game with the media but doesn’t really get much done. Nolan is the #1 available coach out there right now. He is an excellent motivator and San Jose has some top notch character players like Ricci, Thornton, Harvey and Owen Nolan who would run through brick walls for him. He is the perfect fit for San Jose. He is not in the NHL because he has been black-balled by Muckler – not because he isn’t extremely capable.

  7. saiklo says:

    You are dead right, Wilson is a trap and clutch hack of a coach.

    Not the type that needs to coach a roster of stars like San Jose.

  8. wrightstuff77 says:

    I have wondered about Nolan everytime a coaching position has come up. Does anyone know why he was black-balled? Isn’t Muckler a little behind the times anyways, someone should give Nolan a shot!


  9. MantaRay says:

    I don’t see much a difference between Wilson and Sutter, both apply the same strategies and structure.

    I feel sorry that Sutter did a great job and became a scape goat because the management didn’t sign Nabokov and Stuart before the season.

    Nolan will probably never get another head coaching job in the NHL. He is blacklisted.

  10. Johnny_Canuck says:

    i heard Nolan has turned down alot of coaching jobs… if that is the case he has not been blacklisted. I could be wrong though. I’m not a huge fan of Wilson… I agree in regards to the flames that it’d be nice to see them get an experienced coach, like how about Ron Low… he’s got experience with a small market team… i think it’d be a nice fit.

  11. Tradedude says:

    does ted nolan even want to coach anymore.

  12. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    Yes he wanted the Rangers job but it did not go to him.

  13. jammer21 says:

    Ron Wilson is not by any means ready to handle a team with premier talent or the playing style of San Jose. I think that much is obvious. If he couldn’t hack it in Washington, a team that SHOULD win its division EVERY SINGLE YEAR based on talent, there is no way he is going to make the Sharks any more successful than they are already. San Jose needs a coach with snarl, to entice and berate the team into playing nasty – that is how they found success in the first place (they never would have beaten St. Louis in the first round a few years ago had they not played gritty, borderline dirty, hockey). Now that they have “supposedly” talked about hiring Wilson, will they also don skirts and purses? Wilson has never been known to coach “tough” teams. Both his Ducks and Caps teams made merangue (sp?) look like solid brick.

    PS Who was the 800-year old behind the Flames bench last night vs. the Avs?

  14. MantaRay says:

    He wants back in the NHL at any price, HE HAS been turned down.

  15. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    He wanted the ranger job, the Islander job, and any job he can get he would say ill take it real fast.

  16. MossRocks says:

    He had some kind of power play move in the Buffalo front office and tried to go above GM John Muckler’s head at some point in his final year in Buffalo. Anyway, I forget most of the details but he pissed off Muckler and then things started to go downhill. If you remember, Hasek (a huge Muckler supporter) started faking injuries and Barnaby (a Nolan guy) threatened in the media to run him in practice if he didn’t shape up. It was very ugly and it split the team up. It is a cardinal sin in the NHL for a coach to try and show up his GM and he is paying for it now.

    I have read many times that he is dying to coach in the NHL and he deserves another chance. He is too good to be out of the game and he has likely learned his lesson.

  17. MossRocks says:

    Yeah, it’s not that Wilson is that bad, but he is a dime-a-dozen guy with the same overly structured strategy and silly intimidation tactics that six or seven other NHL coaches use. His massive ego also drives me nuts.

    I don’t know what you think about Nolan, but somebody needs to show some guts and sign this guy. He has a different approach to the game and he is a proven winner.

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