Cammalleri numbers revealed?

According to Rich Hammond of Inside The Kings ( ), Mike Cammalleri’s contract awarded by an arbitrator would be 3.1M$ for the first year and 3.6M$ for the second, with a cap hit of 3.35M$ per year.

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  1. allTheKINGSmen says:

    OK im sick and tired of idiot habs and leafs fan throwing in ridiculous trade offers that really only benefits their own team…we already HAVE a bad goalie in CLOUTIER why would u idiot toronto fans think that we need another one in RAYCROFT !?!?! and KUBINA? have u seen our D !? we need KUBINA?!? get the F*** OUT OF HERE….and cammy to mtl have u guys have anything decent to give us??? Yann Danis ? Kovalev ? Jamie Rivers…no wait…send us back Kostopolous right?? …just stick with ur recently acquired Brisebois and shut the hell up…

    u think because this is LA that we're just waiting here to get screwed by u guys??? dream on..CAMMY ISNT GOING ANYWHERE,…and if he is…its certainly NOT old washed up loser teams like mtl and toronto…u guys get a life and i hope Ottawa, Buffalo and Boston cream u guys good…

    GOOD THING AVERY IS IN NEW YORK….i cant wait to see him eat some habs up!

  2. Shatterday says:

    Old washed up teams like montreal?..Isnt montreal like one of the youngest teams in the league? Higgins, Latendress, Kostsitsyn, Ryder, Plekanec, Komisarek, Lapierre, Halak…

  3. allTheKINGSmen says:

    montreal and toronto have been there from the early 1900s

    this is 2007…30teams in the nhl…
    no more cups in toronto
    no more in montreal

    get over it

    and ur cammalleri rumors shove it up ur asssss!

    oh this just in…

    Tomas Kaberle , Kyle Wellwood , Vesa Toskala, and 1st rd pic in 2008

    for Cammalleri…

    i think this would help both teams…. or better yet!

    Kostitsyn , Higgins, Price and 1st rd pick

    for Cammalleri

    once again i think this would help both teams…

    UR DUMBASSS RUMORS SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME…they are insulting and ridiculous…no one wants MONTREAL'S RYDER and no one wants TORONTO'S RAYCROFT


    btw DL said he doesnt want to trade Cammy at all at all at all !!!

    get a life toronto
    get a life montreal
    and face the fact that ur teams wont land big names and arent able to..

  4. Pony says:

    Right, cause a 4 million dollar Handzus is huge.

  5. my_sphincter says:

    Cammalleri… an 80 point young guy who has tons of potential for Raycroft… an underachieving, overpaid goaltender and Stajan, another underachiever.

    Then yo actually think that the Sharks would take Kubina's salary off your hands for Marleau?!?


    Raycroft won the Calder before the new pads and rules and has sucked since.  Would you trade your best young star for Theodore?  Hell, he won the Vezina and the Hart… one good year doesn't mean he's a good goaltender!

  6. loco42 says:

    We would have to count. But I wouldn't be surprised they they were neck in neck. You know, Habs and Leafs fans are the majority on this site. Anyway, I'll never start a rumor unless I "hear it from sources". My sources are the same as Eklund, you know? Yeah, the little devil on my left shoulder tells me everything.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    tone down the language.

  8. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Sorry whats that about not being able to land big names? This coming from a team who's highest scoring, and most well known player is Mike Cammaleri. Hmm, I guess Doug Gilmour, Wendel Clark, Dave Andrechuk, Joe Nieuwendyk, Gary Roberts, Bryan Leetch, Owen Noalan, Alexander Mogilny, Darcy Tucker, Curtis Joseph, Ed Belfour, Mats Sundin, Vessa Toskala, Jason Blake, Pavel Kubina, and several other players are not considered big name players (and that's just mentioning players in my recent memory – and I'm only 19 years old). Compared to LA who has attracted Wayne Gretzky, Rob Blake, Jari Kuri, Ladislav Naggy, and Zigmund Palffy (perhaps Luc Robitaille – if you can consider him a big name). Granted, this is in recent history, as to compare the LA Kings to the Toronto Maple Leafs, in overall team history, would be absolutely propostrous, as they have never won a Stanley Cup, nor have they ever had the plethor of talent Toronto has seen. This is without mentioning up-and-coming rookies such as Kyle Wellwood, Alexei Ponikarovski, Alex Steen, Matt Stajan, John Pohl, Ian White, Carlo Colaiacovo, Anton Strahlman, Jiri Tlusty, Justin Pogge, Jeremy Williams, Stafan Kronwall, Nikolai Kulemin, John Mitchell, Andy Wozniewski, Jay Harrison, and many more. Who do you have? Oh thats right, Jason Labarbera and Mike Cammaleri.

  9. JuicemaN says:

    I'm sure they wouldn't, but I think leaf fans are finally getting a chance to watch a drafted and developed forward turn into something special…perhaps I'm over-valuing that.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    which is why (1) a leaf-kings trade isn't happening (2) cammalleri deserves more respect – if you love wellwood for his 42 points and as a fan that's the right thing to do – cammalleri's 80+ points deserves more love from LA mgmt. 

    i agree entirely you should enjoy watching  your prospects do well, even if they are not the best in the league.  just like wellwood isn't yet scoring like cammalleri, cammalleri isn't in crosby or ovechkin's league.  but fans should enjoy what they have. 

  11. Pony says:

    As nice as it is that your defending the Leafs please try to remain sensible. If you don't consider Luc Robitaille a big name, espcially putting him behind Palffy and Nagy, then maybe this argument isn't for you. Lucky Luc is 10th all time in goals.

    Gretzky needs no mention, Dionne who you didn't mention is 4th all time in goals.

    Worst of all please don't bring up prospects, which Toronto is relatively weak with. The Kings are currently ranked first by HF with such notables as Bernier, O'Sullivan, Boyle, Tukonnen and Kopitar who just graduated. Not meaning to rip your post apart but if you're going to argue his points do it right.

  12. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Actually, if you read and analyzed my post, I was referring to players who were part of the organization, at one point, recently (meaning around 10-15 years –  although this is a long shot, I was more meaning players within the last 7 years). Luc Robitaille hasn't been half decent since 2000-2001, and was drafted by the organization. I had made one mistake in my list by including Wendel Clark as he was also drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, and was not drawn to Toronto (as you may remember my response was towards an individual claiming Toronto cannot attract 'big' name players – or else we can also include Thomas Kaberle, etc.). As well, if you want to include Marcel Dionne (who last played in the nhl in 1989, and hadn't played well since 1987), how about we include leaf greats like Ace Bailey, Bob Baun, Johnny Bower, Turk Broda, King Clancy, Vincent Damphousse, Dick Duff, Ron Ellis, George Hainsworth, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Frank Mahovalich, Lanny McDonald, Terry Sawchuck, Darryl Sittler, and Ian Turnbull, just to name a few (I have left a LOT out). You may say, 'oh but that's ages ago', but compared to the leafs long history (beginning in 1917), comparing a player from the 1980's in an organization which only began in 1967 (the LA Kings), it is similar to comparing players from the leafs 1967 roster.

    Now lets talk prospects. I will start off by stating that I was not claiming the LA Kings had a crappy rookie or prospect roster, however, I was praising Toronto's. But, since you want to go picking apart things, let's go. Bernier, has no more potential than just Pogge. Boyle is 6'7, slow, has no heart (loafs) and doesn't know how to use his size. As well, Tukonnen is severely injury prone, and has only mustered 36 points in 62 games in 2005-2006, and 32 points in 61 games in 2006-2007 (both of these seasons being in the AHL). However, I will give you Kopitar and O'Sullivan. Although, your list seemed to stop at 5. I gave you how many? And still could've kept going.

  13. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Its crappy compared to Toronto's list of prospects. I don't care who's rated as what by whom.

  14. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Just because you have high-end draft picks, or because certain players are ranked particularly high, doesn't necessarily mean they are the best choice. There is no guarantee that these players will become something.

  15. leaffansareajoke says:

    You're my new Favorite poster. 

    Seriously, i loved it.

  16. leaffansareajoke says:

    TOronto can land big name players?  This is news to me….

  17. Shorts_Pimp says:


  18. JuicemaN says:

    CaptainAvery, you forgot to swear and make fun of him.

  19. Pony says:

    Nice responding to your own comment not only once but twice. For starters I bleed blue as much as anyone and do not even have much interest in defending the Kings but more in showing you how foolish your reply was.

    Since you didn't state what exactly qualifies as landing big names, sorry it was so hard to analyze. Not only that but in the last 10-15 years the Leafs were also one of the highest spending teams in the league.

    The list of Leafs you put up originally were not overly impressive, most near the end of their careers or only average talent which is equal to what you listed for LA. That goes without mention if you include players like Kubina, Tucker and Blake you can add LA's offseason moves of Stuart and Preissing. In the years LA has been around there has been some big names that have both drafted and been acquired and they've come closer to a cup then the Leafs have.

    Your argument for prospects is much weaker. The only point you did get somewhat right is that yes there's no garuntee for anyone, but as it is stands LA's has more to be excited about then the Leafs.

    Let's look at your list again, Kyle Wellwood, Alexei Ponikarovski, Alex Steen, Matt Stajan, John Pohl, Ian White, Carlo Colaiacovo, Anton Strahlman, Jiri Tlusty, Justin Pogge, Jeremy Williams, Stafan Kronwall, Nikolai Kulemin, John Mitchell, Andy Wozniewski and Jay Harrison. Pretty easy to pick apart and considering your oldest up and commer is Pohl at 28. Let's start the picking.

    – Wellwood: Easily outdone by Cammalleri
    – Ponikarovski: Dustin Brown is already as good at the age of 22, compared to 27
    – Steen: Is a third liner with only one year left to truly prove himself, Im willing to bet Tukonen at the very least matches Steen's career
    – Stajan: A solid third liner easily replaced by Trevor Lewis
    – Pohl: Not even a prospect, traded to the Leafs for future considerations
    -White: Good offensive upside, not near as much as Hickey (4th overall)
    – Cola: Excellent upside, possibly top pairing, still vastly overshadowed by likely franchise defensemen Jack Johnson
    – Stralman: Longshot with loads of potential, could be as at most as effective as Petiot (top 4 potential) and Boyle who actually is a pretty good skater and (how you judge heart is beyond me) has loads of potential
    – Tlusty: It's a toss up but if I had the choice I would take O'Sullivan
    – Pogge: Bernier and Pogge are about equal
    – Williams: At the age of 23 it's not even certain if he'll even make a career in the NHL, Oscar Moller easily replaces Williams
    – Kulemin: Likely an excellent future ahead of him, also likely that he will not match Frolov in talent
    – Kronvall: A depth defensemen, outshown by Joe Ryan
    – Woz: Another 6th-7th man already 27 who again is easily replaced by prospect Patrik Hersley
    – Mitchell: Will be lucky to make the NHL
    – Harrison: Career is already going downhill fast, lucky to ever land a full time role in the NHL

    All of these excellent prospects and young players drafted by LA easily outgun every player you mentioned and I didn't even include Kopitar or LaBarbera and I could continue.

    Quite a long post but proves how flawed your arguments are.

  20. IKovalchuk17 says:

    Finally, you took the words out of my mouth, are you kidding me the kings trade cammalleri and brown to MTL for an unproven goalie and Ryder, who I'm sure the Kings would rather have both Cam & Brown than Ryder.
    And the Kings didnt offer him this contract tards he was awarded it, so to say "rule number one don't be at odds with your best player"… well number one, both sides knew what was coming with arbitration, and number two… everyone seems to forget the SuperStar Kopitar is going to be a *****ing monster for years to come.

  21. loco42 says:

    Like the Theodore analogy. Great stuff.

  22. I_hate_LA says:

    That's what he's supposed to get, but Edmonton's offer to Penner makes it look like a bargain. LA still sucks and will continue sucking for another century mark my words. LA is cursed and will never win.

  23. leaffansareajoke says:

    Lol not you…


  24. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Well it seems like this has become quite a subjective account of talent, with me criticizing LA's, and you criticizing Toronto's. Somehow, I doubt your true enthusiasm or loyalty towards the Maple Leafs organization, but I think it's quite propostrous to compare a club which has been in the league for 40 years, and only been in a conference final once, to a team who has been around for 90+years. We have Stanley Cups (13 times: the second most – only behind montreal – something LA does not), and to accuse players such as Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Terry Sawchuck, Borje Salming, and all the other players who were members of the Maple Leafs Organization, which I mentioned, average or declining talent, is a baseless claim. These players are hall-of-famer's, with several Stanley Cup's under their belts, who had grit along with skill, which is what truly makes a great player. It's not how many goals or points you can score, but when you can score them, and how you can single handedly lead your team to a championship. Statistics are important, but they usually do not tell a detailed story.

    As for prospects. I guess we can bicker all we want, but only the coming seasons will tell. Although I think it's quite a long shot to compare several prospects in the LA organization, who are still playing in the minor leagues, to Maple Leaf prospects, who are already playing in the NHL. And just to close. Comparing Cammaleri to Wellwood wouldn't exactly be the best choice, as, Cammaleri has more NHL experience, and has only reached this 80 point plateau once (his previous high being 50-something points). Kyle Wellwood is just beginning to develop, having only played 48 games last year, and scoring 42 points, and was at one time a higher scorer than Jason Spezza in the minors (and I don't think anyone would argue that Jason Spezza is a better player than Mike Cammaleri). Although I don't expect Wellwood to become a Jason Spezza, I believe he definitely has the potential to become a number one, play-making center, capable of competing with number posted by the best in the NHL. Although I do think Cammaleri is a good player, I believe he is overrated, and his statistics are inflated by the reliance and amount of ice time the organization has given him, due to the lack of talent and success the LA Kings have had in the last couple of seasons.

    P.S. no need for the saucy attitude about me not stating my requirements in my previous post. Notice in my response I stated that I had made a mistake.

  25. Shorts_Pimp says:

    As well, please don't use the excuse of a high spending team as an excuse. The reason why LA didn't have the same amount of money to spend as Toronto, is because they haven't been around the league as long, and haven't had near as much success. It's part of the game, so suck it up. The fans in LA have given up on the team, and won't return until it is a legitimate cup contender. That's how the U.S. works. They knew it when they opened a franchise in that city. No sense in crying about it now. Move the franchise to Canada, I bet it'll get a bit more fan support.

    And your prospect analysis. Mine is flawed?

    -Pogge, by far, dominates Bernier
    -I'll take Kronwall over Ryan any day
    -Kulemin was rookie of the year in the Russian Elite League, and has just as much potential as Frolov
    -O'Sullivan easily beats out Tlusty (Yes, I know he's from the Kings – you cannot compare the two)
    -Stralman is a better prospect than Boyle and Petiot combined (most ice time and top pairing in the World's and Swedish Elite League – I've already stated my displeasures with Boyle, and will nto repeat them) P.S. if you don't know how to evaluate a players heart (meaning grit) you really need to, rather, start watching basketball
    -Tukonen is SHIT. So unbelievably SHIT. Mee Krob worthy. To compare him to Steen or Stajan is a joke
    -Jack Johnson and Hickey will DEFINITELY be excellent players, I agree
    -Dustin Brown, as good as Ponikarovski? WHAT? Are you mad? Poni only started playing at his best mid-way through the season when he was paired with Antropov and Sundin. As well, please do not underestimate Ponikarovski's skills in the defensive zone.
    -Pohl, while not a prospect, is just plain nasty. He has a ridiculous amount of skill, and kill it in the shootout/penalty shots. If he was on any line, besides the fourth line, he could easily be one of Toronto's top scorers.
    -Were forgetting Robbie Early, who will skate circles around any one of these prospects. Lightningly quick.

  26. my_sphincter says:

    Wasn't it you who was recently whining and moaning about people trying to "start things" and about people not talking hockey here?  Seems to me that Avery made a valid hockey comment. 

    So what you are saying is "do as I say, not as I do"!

    That truely does fit the definition of a hypocrite.

  27. JuicemaN says:

    that was a simple joking tease…I didn't jump in and say "what are you some kind of retard you f*cking idiot a$$hole moron" like others do.

    It was my way of saying "good job Avery, you posted without going overboard."

  28. JuicemaN says:

    Dude…settle down….maybe relax!

  29. my_sphincter says:

    Nice condescending way to say it if that is what you meant.

  30. JuicemaN says:

    It was a little bit of everything…avery and I have butted heads before and it was my way of saying “you always swear” and “good for you for keeping it clean” there’s no need to dig into it.

  31. my_sphincter says:

    I am just saying… don't criticize others for what you do yourself.  I have no problem with the comment, really.  It just looks to me like you were trying to start something after moaning in another thread about people doing exactly the same thing.  That is all.

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