Canadiens Re-sign Higgins Komisarek

Once again GM Bob Gainey is up to his old self by re-signing key players. Bob Gainey has just re-signed Forward Christopher Higgins and Defenceman Mike Komisarek. They were both re-signed to two year contracts each. Terms of the deal were not disclosed as per team policy.

Good Job Bob!

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  1. Jeff198 says:

    Komisarek was signed for 1.5 this year and 1.9 in 2008-2009

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Wish they were signed for longer (esp. Komi), but 2 years is pretty good, next is Plex, Ryder and hopefully Johnson.

  3. CaptainAvery says:

    All I can say is awesome, Higgy and Komi are getting better every year. Higgy is a great sniper and will put up solid numbers again this season, and Komi will definetly show another strong defensive season as like last year, great signings Gainey, the future is looking bright in Montreal.

  4. ferron says:

       Great! Now if we sign Yashin like everybody seems to think so ? Do we even have space for anyone else? I also think that Emelin is more than ready for NHL debut!



    Huet/Halak/Danis/Price/Desjardins ect. ect……

    Montreal has too many NHL ready players, they can't  and won't sign anybody else till they make some space, the question is , whoes gonna hit the road? Does anyone see a spot for a UFA, i don't!

  5. Habroller says:

    Just remove the S & Y from SKY, and you got yourself two top-line spots for the little brother and/or a key UFA.

    Plekanec will play a lot more than Lapierre btw, whatever your line orders are…

  6. HockeyLuver says:

    i hope yashin doesnt sign with the habs i mean thats just crossing our fingers and hoping he does well! Yashin is a gamble, he can either do well with Saku because he knows him well and Kovalev. Obviously that wouldn't be a line but he's a gamble. And thats what his whole career has been!

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

     We are not signing Yashin, not gonna happen ever. We have already wasted too much money on Russian FA's.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Weren't there reports saying Samsonov was to be bought out?

    PS< That top line frightens me.

  9. passionch says:

    Good signing, can't ask more for this!

  10. HiggyMan89 says:

    NICE!!!!!!!! I think that Higgy will have a 30 GOal season if we sign someone useful like Brière, Karya, Drury etc.

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