The talk is the Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes are both interested in Joe Corvo.

While the Hurricanes want a puck-moving blueliner, the Oilers are trying to peddle either C Jarrett Stoll or LW Raffi Torres to the Senators.

But according to Sun columnist Bruce Garrioch, Senators GM Bryan Murray is just listening.

“I’m definitely not going to do something that affects us very much this year. Certainly, I’d give up a long-term project to get immediate help, but I’m not going to sacrifice that right now.”

Oilers GM Kevin Lowe has coveted Corvo since the summer after failing to get Wade Redden, who refused to waive his “no movement” clause.


  1. habsrock99 says:

    Why would the Sens trade Corvo? He's been playing very well this year (From what I've seen) and picking up Raffi Torres really wouldn't help the Sens because from every report I've read, Bryan Murray wants another Top 6 forward, something Torres is not. But if he gets Stoll, who is a Top 6 forward, then I guess trading Corvo wouldn't hurt so bad.

  2. leniwm1 says:

    if sens get stoll for corvo, its a steal for sens. Stoll will be like a Ryan Smyth type player, and corvo, will always be corvo…

  3. PuckNuts says:

    I can't see the Sens parting with Corvo as he is producing and Anton Volchenkov is out indefinitely with a nasty finger injury. Bryan Murray had said he is looking to add a "top six forward" but a little context is needed here. A top 6 guy on the Sens is a top 3 or 4 guy on many other teams. The Sens don't need a Jarret Stoll or a Raffi Torres, they want 30 goals from a 220 pound can of whop ass on the second line… They have roughly $3M in cap room and two goalies making over $3M a piece… stay tuned.

  4. Oil-Life says:

    The Oilers are NOT going to get another defencemen.  WE tried to bring him in before we had Souray Joni and Tarnstrom.  (as per Edmonton Sun I believe)  Now we have 8 D capable of playing in the NHL.  It would make no sense to get Corvo.

  5. Pronger44 says:

    If I were in Bryan Murray's shoes I would definetly try to pull off a deal with the Hurricanes like this:

    Ott: Vermette, Corvo
    Car: Cole

    I don't see how it would be a bad trade, sure the Sens might be giving up a little bit with a future 1st liner and a solid D in Corvo, but Eric Cole would be exactly what the Sens need, a 2nd line scorer, who ain't afraid to crash the net, and seems to play well in the East.

  6. cartino says:

    I wouldn't do anything until Volchenkov is back and then Brythan Murrah should still sit on this one as there are some questions that still need to be answered.

    Is Raffi Torres a 2nd or 3rd liner? We don't need any more 3rd liners. If Jarret Stoll gets picked up, will he be what we're looking for on the 2nd line to play with Alfie and a winger? Not sure yet.

    I wouldn't tamper with the team too much, I'd add via giving up a prospect or future draft picks to acquire what I'm lookin for, as far as I'm concerned in watching the Sens play this year… I've yelled out to the TV

    Another Give "A WADE" by REDDEN

    more than going

    Joe "Uh OH" Corvo!!!

    And besides if they trade Corvo, and likely lose Redden via UFA next summer, all we have coming back then are Volchenkov, Phillips, Schubert, Mezaros (unless K-Lowe RFA offer sheets him) and 2 empty spots. They'd probably have enough cap money to grab an average D-man for 3 million-ish and give a spot to Brian Lee but still will lose alot of strength/depth at that position.

  7. UWSensFan says:

    Giving up Vermette would ruin the PK…him and Kelly are crazy-good together.  That and I think Murray'll do the right thing and lock them both up long term before the off-season starts.

  8. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I agree with you I like your comment. I think that Erik Cole would be the perfect player for Bryan Murray to get as the top six forward.

  9. Senatorsfan78 says:

    You are wrong if it meant giving up Vermette to get Erik Cole then I would be all up for it.

  10. jarcpitre says:

    Not sure if I would take Stoll, he hasn't been the same since his concussion last year where he missed the last 30 games.

  11. wayne2 says:

    I'd rather see:
    Kelly,Corvo for Cole.

  12. Pronger44 says:

    Umm I don't think that would work… The Canes would expect a bit more talent coming there way and Kelly isn't exactly a 20-30 goal scorer like Cole. Anyways, to make this short, there's nothing wrong with the trade proposal, helps both teams, makes sense.

  13. CDyer says:

    The Sens need a centre to solidify that 2nd line and play with Alfie. Fisher is a third line mainstay with scoring upside but still isn't a 2nd liner. Torres would be a bad fit in Ottawa, as he is Schaeffer without the speed. Stoll would be an awesome fit in Ottawa but if I am Edmonton I am not trading Stoll as he is just one of those great team guys that you don't want to lose. If I am Edmonton I would be more looking to trade Horcoff and a pick for an upgrade for a top-line centre (although those are hard to come by).

  14. SensShark says:

    Corvo for Pitkannen…..done deal!

  15. Oil-Life says:

    NOOO Stoll would go before Horcoff!!

  16. Oil-Life says:

    Ha! No chance he's our best guy on the point!

  17. SensShark says:

    HAHA yeah someone compared their similar salaries
    Forgot to mention that corvo has the best hands on sens – seriously! only he is the worst 2-way forward on the team……;)

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